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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How Thy Black Man Can Stay Happy And Healthy.

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(ThyBlackMan.comThere is so much focus on the health care system at the moment, what with Obamacare getting torn apart and Trump realizing that healthcare is a little more complex than he first thought. But whatever comes out of Washington in the next couple of weeks, the best way to stay fit and healthy is going to stay the same; live a healthy life.

So screw the prescription-popping society we live in and read how you can live a healthy life without having to make any drastic changes to your life.

Get Out More. Everyday.

Most blogs will tell you that you need to exercise more, which is true. But exercise doesn’t have to mean getting all strenuous in the gym, it just means being more active. Something as simple as a brisk walk around the blog, around town, or through the park can have an incredible impact on your body. It will reduce your chances of heart disease and diabetes, both of which are more prone among African American men than anyone else. Regular activity also helps you think smarter because it increases brain activity, and that can be pretty helpful in later life. So get out there and walk more.

Smoke Way Less. Like None.

How many times have you got here about the negative effects of smoking? Seriously. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer and premature death. You only get one shot at living, so why risk cutting it short for the sake of a cigarette. It’s not even like it’s a slight risk either because 90% of cancers are directly caused by smoking. Now we’re not saying it’s easy, but a quick stop at and you’ll be able to replace your cigarette habit for a vape, which has been proved to be better. It could even be the very thing that helps you quit everything, forever. Quitting is easier than ever, you just have to make that first step, which is wanting to live.

Screens And Shots

The flu is getting stronger and stronger with each passing year, and that means it is more important than ever to stay healthy through the means of a flu shot. The flu may sound pretty weak, but they can have life-threatening complications, so why take the risk. The other thing you should start doing annually is getting screened. This could prove to be a lifesaver. The experts at It could catch early signs of cancer, or it could just be that wake-up call that says cholesterol levels are way too high, or your blood pressure, both of which affect black males more.

Sleep Longer

This has got to be the more attractive way to improve health and fitness, and you may be thinking is too good to be true. But this is no lie. Our body’s need to get a solid sleep in, and so do our brains. By doing so you are allowing yourself to recover, thus reducing the chances of any mental health issues or physical complication. But this means sleep. Not relaxing on the sofa with the TV on, and not laying in bed with your phone, looking through Facebook. We mean sleep. Old school sleep with snoring and everything.

Staff Writer: George Stewart

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