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Monday, June 18, 2018

The Reality of Black Reality Shows.

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( Black reality shows have made a huge impact on society, specifically the African American community. Most of these shows depict an African American man, woman or couple as one who has achieved success through their artistic talent, or their talent in marrying into the right financial situation. Their everyday struggles makes us empathetic to their plight as we tune in every week to see how they manage to overcome their obstacles.

The imprint these shows leave its audience is that of delusions of grandeur, immaturity when it comes to conflict resolution, childish women who parade around in full makeup and formal attire, and men who take pride in being creeps and irresponsible fathers.

Although the term for these shows are called ‘reality’, do these shows have to show the truth regarding how the majority of black America exist?

Black America knows it has a hood fetish, and shows like this show feeds them their poison every week.

Blacks in the hood and public housing know these characters well, even with their facade of living a fast life with trendy clothing and money overflowing from their bank accounts.

Black Americans of this thread are used to living the same way: living fast, using their money (the lump sums usually come from tax refunds) so they can look (hood) rich, solidifying a relationship by having a baby, creating a plethora of what they call baby mamas or baby daddies, fighting instead of discussing issues like grown ups… And in the end still being broke with nothing to show the next generation for their talent and hard work.

On a positive note, these shows do show the entrepreneurial spirit of these people. It seems that every person on a black reality show is pushing a product of some sort. Call it tacky if you want, but these reality stars know how to hustle themselves… Just like their hood counterparts hustle in the streets.

Though it is alarming that shows like the ones aforementioned are used to represent the black community rather than shows that show a more sophisticated, educated bunch like ‘Sorority Sisters’, it must be the consensus of the black community to keep money in these types of people’s pockets.

This is obvious because there was a consensus from the black community to call, boycott and harrass advertisers that were linked to that ‘Sorority Sisters’ show and black America essentially forced them off the airwaves in preference to hood people with loose morals and zero communication skills.

This is also the reality of ghetto black America. In the streets there’s a sense of respect for those who go against the law, who are blatantly ignorant and ready to ‘go to jail’ at a moment’s notice in lieu of those who wish to assimilate into a sophisticated society.

Squares, as they are called in the hood, receive little appreciation for having common sense and integrity.

Some would say that reality TV has shown black America in a bad light.

The reality, however, is that’s exactly how black America likes it. The fact is, black America would rather be seen in a bad light than an enlightening light. The proof’s in black Americas actions and the way they carry themselves on and off screen.

Needless to say, I’ll be tuning in to all of the black reality shows this season, as that’s as close as I can come to my people without feeling like a square going through a round hole.

Happy viewing!

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