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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Blacks For Trump; The Forgotten Nig-gro.

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( The other day, during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, a few brothers and myself were sitting in front of the TV, making friendly wages on the upcoming game. Ironically, hours before the game aired, President Donald J. Trump was holding a televised rally down in Melbourne, Fl.

As we watched the rally, we noticed that there were a small group of African-Americans holding up huge placards that read: BLACKS FOR TRUMP 2020! And, they occupied extremely good and visible seats; in fact, they were perched right behind the President. If the rally was held on the Senate floor, one of them would’ve been occupying Vice President’s Pence’s seat.

Many media outlets, including Black Star News, identified one of the African-American sign holders as a fellow called: “Michael the Blackman.” Then, like a lot white media outlets, they referenced his murky past as if that was the nexus, the connection, which brings him and other African American Trump supporters to the forefront of these rallies.

As soon as the rally started, one friend said, pointing, “Look at those House Nig-gros. They’ll do anything for a dollar. They’ll do anything to sit next to Master.”

Another friend chimed in: “They’re not House Nig-gros. Those are Field Nig-gros. House Nig-gros are like Clarence Thomas. Or better yet, Ben Carson. He’s supposed to be the head of H.U.D.; yet, the White House fired his top aid, Shermichael Singleton, without alerting him. And, he ain’t say a word. Not a peep. Just that silly smirk.

“Field Nig-gros are rebellious!” he stated. “Trump is rebelling against the status quo. And, they decided to stand with a rebel.”

Then, my other two comrades joined the debate. One agreed that the Trump supporters were House Nig-gros, while the other believed they were Field Nig-gros. Soon thereafter, a friendly argument ensued.

“Hey, Saint Solomon. Why don’t you break the tie?” one buddy asked. “Are they House Nig-gros or Field Nig-gros?”

I thought about it, seriously. “I don’t think they’re connected to the House or Field. You have to remember during slavery, you had the House Nig-gro who worked inside the House. You had the Field Nig-gro who worked in the field. And, then you had the Forgotten Nig-gro.”

“What Forgotten Nig-gro?” they wanted to know.

“The Nig-gro who was too Black to work in the house and too weak to plow the field. S/he was considered worthless. No one wanted her/him, not even for a slave. Even the field slaves teased her/him because they, too, needed someone to look down upon. Or, their self-worth would have been diminished to nothingness.

S/he had no one to get her/him back to Africa. Consequently, they wandered aimlessly, which usually resulted in their rape and/or castration, depending on their gender; and, then, subsequently, their violent death. House and/or Field Nig-gros weren’t going to protect them. I mean, even nowadays we see them. Many of these adult orphans are handicapped, mentally, physically and spiritually.

And, when slavery was abolished and the KKK and other alt-right organizations terrorized our ancestors, stole their land, and chased them northward; we must keep in the forefront of our self-centered minds, that all of us didn’t make it north of the border.

However, in NY, we used to see the prototypes. They were sleeping in train stations or bus depots. They beg for change. We tell them to get a job. We know employers are not reaching out to some poor, shabbily dressed, foul odor ridden, mentally, physically, and spiritually handicapped addicts.

And, NY is a liberal state. Imagine these unfortunate lost Blacker than Black African American souls abiding in Alabama or Louisiana or Mississippi. Jail may have been the best thing that has ever happened to them. Just walk a mile in their shoes.”

The foursome looked at me; and said, collectively, “Damn, I’ve never thought about the Forgotten Nig-gros.”

“Well, evidently, Trump has!”

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