Alabama’s $800 Million Dollar “Prison Reform Plan” – A Front To Build More Prisons To Lock Up More African People, Particularly African Men. : ThyBlackMan

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Alabama’s $800 Million Dollar “Prison Reform Plan” – A Front To Build More Prisons To Lock Up More African People, Particularly African Men.

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( Recently here in Alabama, a bill to authorize the bond of $800 million to build four new state prisons as part of the new legislative session that just started on Tuesday.

Under this “prison reform plan“, 13 of the states 15 prisons including the state’s two oldest prisons in Draper Correctional and Julia Tutwiler Prison For Women will be closed.

Here’s my take: This “prison reform plan” in my view is really another way for these parasitic capitalists to continue to profit off of the mass incarceration of African people, particularly African men in The State Of Alabama.

These parasitic capitalists here in Alabama extract over $300 million a year from our community through the prison system because to them, they only care about profits over the lives of people, especially the brothers and sisters that are currently incarcerated in The Pen.

Because in a very toxically corrupt parasitic capitalistic society, the extremely rich bourgeoisie aka The 1% stay at the top while living their so-called “good life” at the expense of the poor and the working class aka The 99%. And I myself have seen many cases that really proves that parasitic capitalism is very toxic and destructive to the entire world.

Overcrowding is definitely a huge problem in a lot of prisons across the country, especially here in Alabama. But what the mainstream news media won’t say is that one of the main reasons for the overcrowding is not to “cut down on crime” as politicians and lawmakers claim to care about.

The main reason for the overcrowding is directly tied to the mass incarceration epidemic that is basically a modern day holocaust in America, even in southern states like Alabama and also Louisiana which is the prison capital of the world.

Like other southern states, Alabama also has a long notorious history of slavery in this country which hasn’t died, but is still continuing to this very day mainly in the form of mass incarceration where most of the inmates that are currently incarcerated in Alabama are African men.

The mass incarceration and The War On Drugs have severely decimated our community and our family structure over the past few decades. It’s where inner city people like myself have seen my 5 older brothers, some of my other relatives and even old homies that I grew up in the neighborhood went to prison for mostly nonviolent drug related offenses.

Last year, I remember reading articles about inmate strikes and revolts that happened here in Alabama because of horrible, unhealthy living conditions as well as severe overcrowding in Alabama’s prisons. The prison system in Alabama has never treated the inmates with a fair shake because they have the “Money Over Everything” mentality when it comes to what really matters most to them.

America wants to shame other countries like China and North Korea for it’s human rights violations, but the biggest violators of human rights are right here in America because everyday, we are often disrespected and violated by parasitic capitalists alike due to their toxic obsession for not only harming and financially exploiting us in many destructive ways from the music, TV, and movies industry to the prison system.

The Conclusion – From the looks of this “prison reform plan” the overcrowding problem won’t be solved by building more prisons. It will only be solved by taking a stand against parasitic capitalism.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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