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Several Reasons Why The “Money Over Everything” Mentality Is Harmful To The African Community In America.

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( More and more these days whenever I go to my social media page, I see urban celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, and others love to floss and stunt their wealth like it’s something that’s supposed to be celebrated in our community.

People like myself are tired of seeing certain urban celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, and others flossing and stunting their wealth like “they made it“.

What’s even worse is that there are a lot of young brothers and sisters in the hood that emulate this type of very toxic, destructive behavior they see in mainstream media by either flossing or stunting their wealth, materialistic possessions and mainly making it rain at the club.

The celebrity, materialistic, “Money Over Everything” culture in America had exploded in the 1980s, many people in America started to become addicted to celebrities and materialism. And it started to become the tremendous curse in our community that exists today amongst a lot of young brothers and sisters in particular.

Intro: Here are several reasons why The “Money Over Everything” mentality is harmful to The African Community In America.

1. Low Self-Esteem – Because the overall self-esteem level in our community is very low, a lot of brothers and sisters, particularly the young ones would rather floss and stunt their wealth and material possessions just to not only “feel good about themselves, but also tell Mainstream America “Y’all didn’t want us to make it, so we made it whether y’all like it or not“. This is very indicative of brothers and sisters, particularly the young ones who have very low self-esteem.

2. Kids Not Having Inherited Wealth – One of the biggest downsides to this “Money Over Everything” mentality is that many kids in our community grow up not being able to have financial stability to start their own business and create their own jobs later on because their parent(s) decided to throw away all their money by either buying overpriced Eurocentric stuff they don’t need as well as making bad investments, and making it rain at the club every weekend.

3. Financial Irresponsibility – Most corporate sponsored bastardized rap songs that are played on the corporate owned urban radio stations these days often promote messages of financial Irresponsibility when you hear urban artists say “I blow through my money” or “I make it rain at the club“. When a lot of young people in the hood hear these types of messages from the corporate radio, they are gonna emulate it and then they end up losing all their wealth because they were told by corporate rappers to “make it rain at the club” (waste all their money). This is among the main reasons why many urban athletes and entertainers in this country go broke is because of extreme financial Irresponsibility.

The Conclusion – It’s really time to change the paradigm in our community by teaching our youth about the importance of financial literacy so that they won’t engage in financial Irresponsibility nor develop the “Money Over Everything” mentality.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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One Response to “Several Reasons Why The “Money Over Everything” Mentality Is Harmful To The African Community In America.”
  1. Douglas Loss says:

    You are so right, Kwame. As Thomas Dorsey said:

    “Money doesn’t make the man. Some people have money, and some people are rich.”

    Making and having money shouldn’t be an end in itself; people need to have more uplifting goals than just that. There’s nothing wrong with making money and using it to try to achieve those uplifting goals (supporting a family, making your community safe, etc.), but just having money for its own sake is kind of pointless.

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