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Finding Yourself Through Travel.

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( For many people, the word of advice from our peers and elders is: Get a job and keep it.

There’s a couple of ways of seeing how the people around you are right. You do need money in order to have a stable home life, and to buy you the things you need, as well as desire for yourself. However, what if you just don’t want to stay in the same place until retirement age?
 What if you desire to see new faces and places? What if you would like to find yourself without having people who have known you all your life telling you how you should live and who you should be?
Those of us who feel despondent working a menial or mundane job, are called lazy and ‘don’t want to do nothing’, and feel hopeless knowing that our environment has an expectation for us to conform to its will and hold down gainful employment and secure housing.
The expectation is to keep up the facade that you are a responsible adult and can handle life by yourself. When one fails to accomplish these goals, they’re looked down upon.
Think of the creative types in your life and around town. They tend to dance to the beat of their own drum, spending hours on end honing their craft, while neglecting to keep a job and maybe even spend months on end ‘couchsurfing’. Yet they’re the happiest people you’ve ever met, right? Could their joy stem from them actually following their hearts and pursuing hobbies that give them life?
I mention these people because somewhere along the line, you will have to find time to work on yourself, rather than work for others. If you feel that staying in your hometown would prevent you from happily pursuing yourself, why not hit the road in order to do so?
FInd yourself through traveling.
Traveling can broaden your mind and help you see the world as it is, rather than what people who have only vacationed in a city, only seeing the tourist attractions tell you what life is like outside of that they’ve grown to find normal.
What’s wrong with getting a second opinion as to who you are, what your likes are, and how you should live?
 Isn’t life about living, anyway?
If you are feeling ‘cabin fever’ in your hometown, why not see the money you earn from the job you hate, as travel funds, rather than money to keep a roof over your head? Every city in every state and country has plenty of roofs in which you can dwell under while you find yourself. You could make friends in the process and find new hobbies to pursue.
Pursue happiness.
Trust yourself and take a chance on yourself and treat yourself to a year of traveling. It can’t hurt you. It can only show you that life is school and you can find many teachers from all walks of life who are willing to show you a new way of thinking and living
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