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2017 for HBCUs A Time for Content and Blogging Development.

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( A new semester teaching Educational Technology and Social Media, new opportunity to share the empowerment and collaboration of technology. The joy is opening my student’s eyes and minds to new avenues to create and share positive content. The challenge is getting past the preconceived ideas that Blacks don’t use technology along with higher order and critical thinking skills. This if further from the truth.

Somewhere along the way student’s minds are being screwed up and messed up that they cannot be skilled with technological abilities that allow them to be leaders in the fields of technology and involved in STEM. The movie “Hidden Figures” is an avenue that shows  that African American men and women can be influential in positive and productive ways in STEM and STEAM.

I had to recently on the second day of my Educational Technology class “teach” my adult students what STEM and STEAM are and why it is important.

I did not get angry with them, because if you’re not exposed or see the value in STEM you will not realize the value of understanding what a thing is nor how to apply it. This is the travesty in areas of education, too many students are lacking information and too many do not see the relevancy in applying these to making a better life for themselves.

If Mass Communications and other Media courses, other tech courses at HBCUs are not  using “Hidden Figures” and even TEDx and TEDTALKS to instill pride and empowerment in their students then there is something wrong some place. These resources are great opportunities to have students “talk” about their ideas, dreams and abilities to apply learning to build their self-esteem and self-respect.

HBCU students lack exposure not intelligence, if you listen to the media HBCU students are ignorant and in poverty. This is why HBCUs need to be their own media companies and Social Media force to share what they are doing to empower students.

Digital content creation is prevalent on the web and HBCU students need to be content creators and digital innovators. They should be blogging, microblogging, podcasting and using other forms of digital media. The evolution of technology has opened opportunities for students to tell their stories, spread their entrepreneurial wings and expand their networks from local to global.

The application of power is what brings about change not just power itself.”

Anthony Butler E3 Business Group –

Social Media provides a unique power of projecting with content that is as diverse as the cognitive abilities of HBCU students. If HBCU instructors themselves are ignorant to the use of Social Media they are missing wonderful instructional opportunities. The importance of Blogging and use of Social Media can be seen in the engagement, connectivity and networking opportunities.

HBCU students of all levels are learning to create content based on their learning experiences and developing their Brands. This explosion of digital content has created a challenge in determining what is important to read and the importance of comprehension.

If students are not exposed to new technologies, innovative instructional methods and building dynamic content, HBCU students are put at another disadvantage. Building thought leaders, smart creatives and digital natives benefits not only the student, but prepares them for careers that embrace the application of technology and the ability to solve diverse problems.

Educational Technology and Social Media – Edward Waters College

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

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