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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why I Could NEVER Respect Young Thug.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I guess anyone with an album that claims to be a rap artist can be considered a “lyricist”. Maybe having some degree of money means one can degrade other working people. I guess disrespecting black women simply trying to do their job is okay when you consider yourself a rapper…regardless of how low grade you are. If you disagree then we must ask Young Thug exactly what in hell made him feel he was entitled to decide who is an “ant” or a “peasant” in the world. I am no fan of his music and as a human being I have absolutely no respect for him.

Mr. Young Thug you must be accountable for making your flights…not the women that work for the airline. They are not responsible for you sir. To throw money at these women then call them “ants” and “peasants” for not taking it is absurd and foolish. Yes, you are a fool indeed. It’s amazing that he has survived in his field thus far, and it speaks to exactly how low our standards have become.

He did of course speak out stating that his comments degrading these women, saying they look like Africans and berating their hair was not a slap to all black women. Young Thug insists that his comments are just for those two black women that he continues to verbally disrespect by calling them out their name. NO YOUNG THUG you don’t get to decide how we view your foolish rant! Those women are someone’s daughter, maybe someone’s sister, wife or mom. No, it’s not okay. Brother look at you! You have absolutely NO RIGHT to speak upon the looks of another human being as you yourself look as though you could use some help. You spoke against their hair…is that some deep rooted self-hatred? I must ask because have you looked at the texture of your own hair?

The bottom line is Young Thug was out of line. He is not in the upper echelons of Hip Hop neither lyrically nor financially. However, regardless of that disrespecting anyone for simply doing their job is never ok. He should have been accountable regarding catching his flight on time. If he felt, he wasn’t handled properly there is a way to deal with that situation that doesn’t involve any of the behavior he displayed. I will say I was very happy to see other black men speak out against him. The legendary Pete Rock’s commentary is one I hope he visits one day in reflection…though I doubt it.

THEY LOOK LIKE AFRICANS???????” Pete Rock wrote. “These the people y’all make famous!! The people yall chose to empower!! You belittle black women because you got money?? Hardworking women are ants and peasants because you got money? At what point do we realize that we have a responsibility? These people aren’t pushing our culture forward, they are destroying it!! They are creating a false narrative which is that character and integrity aren’t as important as money!! Stop supporting sucker shit!!! These dudes don’t represent me or my culture and I won’t allow them to keep doing sucka shit on my watch!! #iworkforthepeople.”

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