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Monday, June 18, 2018

The University Of Alabama In Tuscaloosa – 50 Years Of Bigotry And Still Counting.

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( Just recently, The University Of Alabama In Tuscaloosa had announced that they will erect the statues of Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry, two examples of well behaved black athletes that predominate white institutions (aka PWIs) like The University Of Alabama In Tuscaloosa have a long history of celebrating well behaved black athletes for kissing the university’s ass and aligning themselves with their agenda to sell the illusion that they’re “not bigots“, but that’s far from the truth.

It is also well known that PWIs don’t celebrate certain black athletes who take a stand and speak out on social issues, commanding their self-respect, fighting for what’s theirs like Jim Brown for example, as great of an athlete he was during the 50s and 60s, he’s never been portrayed very well by the mainstream media because in the film The Express: The Ernie Davis Story, they portrayed Jim Brown as this “angry radical negro” because he refused to remain silent on the social injustices around him.

PWIs like The University Of Alabama are modern day breeding grounds that feed off the severe mental illness of bigotry because several black students that actually attend or did attend the university recounted their experiences with bigotry on that campus, but the bigotry on the campus is nothing new.

Back in 1956, a black woman named Autherine Lucy became the first black student to actually attend The University Of Alabama In Tuscaloosa and upon her arrival, bigots made her life a living hell by spewing racial slurs, sending her hate mail and death threats. The University later banned her from campus they later claimed “for her own safety”, but I don’t buy their be explanation, they actually banned her because they really didn’t even want her there and the fact it to them 32 long years to even apologize to her for what they did is downright embrassing and humiliating. If I was her, I would’ve never ever accepted their apology nor forgiven them for all the hell they personally put me through.

Then in the 60s, then-Alabama George Wallace, infamously stood in front of the campus in large part because he said that “segregation now, segregation forever”, because many years before that infamous incident, Brown vs Board Of Education meant that The University of Alabama had to be desegregated, after that, with the exception of Autherine Lucy, many other black students applied for enrollment at The University Of Alabama, they were all denied and this racially discriminative practice happens to this day.

Fast forward to today, the university’s racially hostile atmosphere really hasn’t changed much since the days of Autherine Lucy.

Along with other PWIs, The University Of Alabama has extracted billions of dollars out of the black community through black athletes and their families since Wilbur Jackson became the first black football player to actually play for the university 45 years ago in 1971.

Diversity for big corporations and PWIs like Alabama is a buzzword just to make them feel good, but when it comes time to implement it, they fall extremely short of that goal.

Currently at Alabama, black faculty make up a 6% of all the faculty on that campus and black students make up 12% of the student population on the campus, that is NOT true diversity because it’s barely scratching the surface. But black athletes make up more than two-third of the football and basketball teams. That is egregious.

PWIs always come up with excuses as to why they can’t admit anymore black students and can’t hire anymore black faculty members, but will gladly bring in black athletes (many of them can’t read, write, or do math) by the boatload only because they can dribble a basketball or throw a football that will bring in revenue for those PWIs.

Most of the athletes that are putting in the work in football and basketball are black and most of the coaches making the money from this unpaid athletic labor are caucasoid men and this is an example of the huge extraction of wealth from the black community by these PWIs that happens each year.

The idea of not admitting more black students and not hiring more black faculty members, but admit black athletes by the boatloads is a very egregiously racialized discriminative practice that is unregulated that allows PWIs to get away with it.

The Conclusion – PWIs need to do a much better job of improving the faculty and student body by being more diverse in admissions and hiring, not just only bringing in athletes.

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