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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Krazy Kanye West.

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( In recent news, it has been reported that Kanye West has been on a ranting binge. It has been said that nearly twenty thousand people, regularly, pay thousands of dollars to buy outfits, tickets, albums, clothes and other musical paraphernalia related to the Hip-Hop genius. However, now, many of his loyalists are rumored to believe that Mr. West has lost his sanity.

I remember when I first heard, The College Drop-out. There were two songs which inspired me: “Through the Wire” and “Jesus Walks.” I was like, Yes, the lost children of American needs an artist like Kanye. He can be like a Pied Piper to unlearned/miseducated African-Americans. I immediately began introducing his music to all of my friends/associates.

An album or two later, I stopped listen to Kanye. He started harmonizing about money, hoes, and clothes. With all of my singlesadkaynewest sistas who desperately need a strong man to guide them through terrible times, this brother is running around with light, bright and white bitches. In fact, I saw him and Jay riding around in a dune buggy with the lightest of the whitest. Don’t misunderstand me, I like women of all races. My thing is don’t Pop that Black shit, if you don’t live that Black shit.

So, correct me if I’m wrong; but he started to remind me of a miniature Jay-Z as opposed to a lyrical Malcolm-X. Subsequently, recently, when news broke that Kanye West was interrupting his shows, because he alter ego had morphed into a serial ranter, I wanted to listen to his rants, closely. I was thinking that he may be having a psychotic break, finally coming to terms with his demons.

He ranted about racism, politics, his Trumping for stump. He raved about Beyonce fixing the awards, Jay-Z ‘s refusal to reach out to him. How did I unpuzzle his rant? It’s appears to this writer that Kanye is finally coming into his own. Yes, he’ rich. Yes, he’s famous. So, why is seemingly so unhappy. Because as Shakespeare said long ago, “To Thine Own Self Be True.”

As some point, all of us, must be true to ourselves; or we will spiritually self-destruct. If you don’t believe me, then look out your window. You see the hunger. You see the poverty. You see the misery. You see the ignorance. You see the racism. You see the white hunters hunting for Black game. You see the white cops who remind us, daily, that Black Lives will never matter. You see, the Black cops who remind us, daily, that Black Lives will never matter.

I think Kanye West has seen all of this too. And, like Lebron and Wade and Carmelo and Chris Paul, his spirit is telling him, if you SEE something SAY something. Are his concerts the best place for a racial/political rant? Of Course is! That many niggas ain’t coming to no speech. It’s the place where most of his fans unite. Will he have some defectors? Of course! But, who doesn’t?

Don’t worry, Kanye! You have my vote! Shit. I gave my last vote to someone who called me a super predator! Why not give it to a serial ranter?

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