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Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Biggest Financial Rapists To The Black Community In America.

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( We are in the middle of a battle for economic survival in a game of economic warfare that has left many of us in America unprepared and unready for battle to compete in this economic system because we’re being financially raped at every turn by some of the biggest entities outside of our community in America each year.

Intro: Here are the biggest financial rapists to the black community in America.

1. The Prison System – The vast majority of inmates in America are black men (most of them are in prison for nonviolent drug offenses which resulted in egregious sentences). The prison system extracts several billion dollars a year from the black community by

1) profiting of cheap/unpaid inmate labor

2) overcharging inmates and their families for phone calls as well as talk time on the phones.

2. The NCAA – This corrupt organization extracts over a billion dollars a year in wealth each year from the black community because we know the black athletes are the biggest money makers for The NCAA and then there are these greedy money hungry coaches like Nick Saban making $7 million a year off all this unpaid athletic labor while that star athlete who is generating millions for that university has his mother in the projects trying to survive by putting good food on the table and constantly avoiding being shot by111money bullets. The system is sick, corrupt, and racist all at the same time.

3. Corporate America – During the hol-lie-day season, particularly during Eurocentric hol-lie-days of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Corporate America is very good in putting out their shopping propaganda to psychologically convince many black people through sales papers, radio, TV, even the internet not to shop at black businesses (they have better products than non-black businesses). They also take advantage of the low self-esteem of many young black people in particular who engage in conspicuous consumption by buying a pair of Jordans, Gucci, flashy Eurocentric cars, and all this other crap that they really don’t even need nor even make their lives any better.

4. Pimp Pastors – Many of these pastors in the church as well as some within the conscious community basically exploit us financially by preaching that “feel good” stuff to the rest of us and when it’s time to give back and help out the community, they become so mentally enslaved by the money that they have this “Money Over Everything” mentality and it’s very destructive to our community. They love to basically sell us lies in order to financially exploit us.

5. Non-Black Neighborhood Businesses – In many areas in our community, you’ll see a non-black business like a non-black hair shop. These businesses are very good at psychologically convincing many young black women to not go to a black owned hair salon or black owned hair shop (they have better hair care products than non-black hair shops) because they know once these sistas become very proud of their natural hair, their business dies.

The Conclusion – To change the trajectory in our community from an economic standpoint, more and more of us must redirect our spending power and push back these financial rapists so that we can be a very strong player in the game of economic warfare.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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