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Top 4 Map Applications.


(ThyBlackMan.com) If you’re using the default app for directions on your phone, you may want to rethink this decision. Some are pretty bad. For as good as Apple is at everything, their maps are notorious for sending people off cliffs and into lakes when they’re just trying to figure out how to get to their kid’s friend’s party (read: slight exaggeration.) Anyway, check out our top 5 apps so you can actually get where you’re going.

1. Waze

Coming in at number 1, Waze is just awesome. It’s crowd-sourced so it can tell you where to avoid cops, traffic and even road kill in real time. It works when all of the users are invested in the system, so you have to be willing to update fellow drivers about the accident you just saw or the speed trap you just passed. What’s great is that it even lets you know how long you’ll be in traffic, and whether or not that traffic was caused by a stalled vehicle or a collision. Waze allows you to turn off the directions and only alert you of the events on the road, meaning if you already know where you’re going, from the top Texas destinations from east to west, you’re only getting relevant information about what roads to avoid and when to slow down. The only bad thing about Waze is that it doesn’t tell you which lane you need to be in, nor does it tell you which side of the road your destination will be on.

2. Google Maps

Google owns Waze, but their app works differently. Google will tell you which lane to be in when you’re getting off the road and which side of the road to be on, and it will still route you around traffic too. However, it won’t tell you where the police are, or what’s happening with the hazards on the road. Still an excellent choice though for those in new cities who don’t know very much about how the streets work and where exactly they need to be. There is nothing worse than needing to get over 6 lanes in a half mile, and Google does a great job at preparing you for your next move.

3. MotionX GPS Drive

You can have some fun with Waze, as they have celebs like Neil Patrick Harris and Steven Colbert give you directions in their famous voices, but this app takes the concept a bit farther. You can get practically any voice you want on this app, from sultry to silly. It gives you also directions back to your car when you inevitably forget which garage you parked in or cross streets you’re on. This is good for those who get bored by the voices on their driving apps, and want to mix it up a little bit or make their friends laugh when on a road trip. The only downside is that this app costs a few bucks a month rather than the first two choices which are both free.

4. Scout

Constantly on the go, but never know exactly where to go? This app is for people who have lots of social engagements, possibly checking out the top 7 CA destinations for couples, but aren’t necessarily the best at narrowing down the options of what to do. Scout tells you where to find a burger place when you’re in an unfamiliar area, and then lets your friends both know where it is and where you are too. Comes with a calendar so you can keep track of everything you’ve got going on (and where all of those locations are.) There is a free version of this and an upgraded one with more features and less ads.

Staff Writer; James White

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