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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Several Reasons Why The Black Community In America Needs To Reengage in Community Policing.

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( Back in the 1960s during the height of black nationalism, groups like The Original Black Panther Party practiced community policing because they decided to protect their communities from among the biggest domestic terrorists in America: The Police.

As corrupt bigoted cops continues to kill innocent black men and black women across the country and only get paid administrative leaves for “doing their job inprotecting and serving” the general public which I feel is only to protect and serve the rich suburban guys.

This modern day lynching of black people in America particularly black men is nothing new because it’s been going on for over 400 blackcommunityyears from the beginning of slave catching patrols and it still today with black people like Alton Sterling, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, and Korryn Gaines, etc.

Many of us pay taxes for specific reasons, to pay for military defense and to fund corrupt racist police organizations like Baltimore, New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. And that’s gotta stop too.

Intro: Here are several reasons why the black community needs to reengage in community policing.

1. They Only Protect Rich Suburban Families – One of the main rules of every police department in America is don’t go shooting up innocent suburban people, only go into inner city neighborhoods and shoot at the “real criminals and thugs” that are “menaces to society“. They’re not paid to protect us at all.

2. Institutionalized Racial Biases – Many police departments across America have racial biases towards certain groups of people where they specifically target them with stop & frisk, false searches, false warrants, calling black men “subjects, criminals, thugs, and super predators”. And this has led to many black men being falsely incarcerated for things they didn’t even do.

3. Drug Raids Only Happen To Inner City Communities – I seen an interview with a former DEA agent had revealed that they were told to only carry out drug raids specially in the inner city communities because that’s where “the biggest drug dealers and kingpins” are. But actually the biggest drug dealers and abusers in America are mostly suburban people, but of course you’ll never hear that in the mainstream media while thousands of black men each year are given draconian sentences for mostly nonviolent offenses like possessing a gram of street weed or false allegations of rape against them.

4. The Police Are Among The Biggest Gangs Of Criminals In America – The Police Departments across America have a very long notorious history of corruption, bribery, extortion, murder, rape, violence, and just lawless bloodshed. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

5. Mental Illness – Many of these police officers have mental illness because many of them engage in very unethical and corruptive practices while wearing the uniform behind the badge. Not only that they also have the mental illness of racial bias when it comes to dealing with black people, particularly black men when they beat and shoot black men during an intense moment, but suburban men often get arrested without being harmed.

The Conclusion – By reengaging in policing our own communities again, this will help improve the conditions as well as improving the quality of life not only for our community, but also for our kids.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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2 Responses to “Several Reasons Why The Black Community In America Needs To Reengage in Community Policing.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    Be careful not to put all police in one basket of stereotypes. there are many, many good and dedicated law abiding police officer who keep their oath and protect the public regardless of color. but there are also many more bad, racist, bully, mentally unstable and poorly trained officers that this country will admit.

    Police are sometimes severely and solely at fault. But sometimes citizens are as well. Let’s keep balance and all the facts straight in this discussion. the side I take is the side of the WHOLE truth.

    I suggest you also reference

  2. Marque Anthony says:


    The Metro Atlanta Crime Commission ( has just unveiled the strongest, most comprehensive and collaborative strategic NATIONWIDE plan available to END POLICE BRUTALITY. We address all sides of this issue. Our lawful solutions include strategies and methods of prevention, intervention and curative solutions for victims and their families. PLEASE DO NOT COMPETE WITH US. WE ARE ABOUT SAVING LIVES. Help us in this effort. It is not about who gets the credit. Many of you are soldiers but we are strategists who plan and advise the commanders. There is a strategic war being waged against you and if you do not know how to fight that war, you will lose.

    Instead of ignoring this plan, creating your own, criticizing us, insulting us or spamming our emails (as some have), GET INVOLVED. We are experts in this area, we can tell you what attorneys, courts and police departments do not want you to know. Our staff is comprised of
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    NOBODY ELSE HAS THE SOLUTIONS WE HAVE DEVELOPED with the help of over 100 honest law enforcement officials. We have the research and thee solutions that will end police brutality. But instead too many groups, attorneys, nonprofits and opportunists without even half of these solutions are competing with us or ignoring what we have to offer. Yet they cannot produce the same results.

    The primary reason police brutality is not stopping is simple. Bad officers are more dedicated to police brutality than we are at stopping them. As long as this is true, it will continue.

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