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(ThyBlackMan.comWhy Not Use That Free Billboard Space?

Imagine flying your own mobile billboard across town. It’s not a static structure on a hillside somewhere there’s high traffic, it flows with the traffic, and can be seen by people close-up on an intimate level. Not only that, it travels town to town, following you wherever you’re driving. Additionally, the only cost involved is the design and application process; the space has no monthly charges attached to it. Sound too good to be true? Well, does your business have any kind of vans?

Using Your Full Potential

There are many different kinds of vans for many different kinds of companies, but they all have one thing in common: lots of empty blackmanvanspace on their sides and back. Most company vans aren’t driven in a vacation motif, they’re designed to be utilitarian and don’t even have windows on the sides. Sometimes there’s just a big blank space. Now, if your company vehicle does any driving throughout the day, shouldn’t there be some information on its side which allows those who see it to contact you if their needs are in line with your provisions? If there is no such provision, there should be.

Well, as a matter of fact, technology is catching up to man’s ingenuity. Where before, such a solution would require a cumbersome paint job, with modern techniques the quality seen on a computer screen can be printed across the empty space on your van, reaching thousands—even tens of thousands—during a given work day.

Consider Some Numbers

The city of Sacramento, California has just under 500,000 people in it; 479,000+, according to—though that likely doesn’t enumerate indigent populations. How many of those people do you think you pass in a single mile with your work vehicle on a daily basis? Would 100 be a high number, or a low one?

Well, if you’re in three lanes of traffic with five vehicles in each lane waiting for a stoplight, that’s fifteen vehicles. If there are any behind you or that turn into the same intersection, the number goes up. Passerby will also see the wrap on your van, as will tourists. The key is getting a design that catches the eye and affects people at a core level. This will induce them to at the very least contact your organization. During a one mile drive, it isn’t without the realm of possibility that 100 people could see your van.

What To Look For

The right van wraps will be hard to ignore! If you drive twenty miles in a day, that’s 2,000 potential views. If only 1% of that number who see your van end up buying something, that’s twenty new clients a day. Certainly, numbers probably wouldn’t regularly be that high; but one a day isn’t something beyond expectation, and that equates to at least 365 new clients a year.

If the average profit from those new clients is only $20 a head, that works out to $7,300 in the first year alone. That’s double the cost of a $3000 paint job, meaning if you paid as much for a print on the side of your van, you increased on your investment. At a conversion rate like that, going for a top-of-the line $20k paint job may not be a bad idea, either.

Remember: the more eye-popping your van wrap is, the more likely it will be to attract attention. The more attention it attracts, the greater statistical likelihood of increased sales. Can you afford not to take every profitable lead in today’s economy? There’s a reason many vehicles are choosing this effective method of marketing: the proof is in the pudding.

Staff Writer; Harry Wall

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