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Helpful Financial Advice For Black People In America, Especially Young Black Millenials.

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( We have a 1.2 trillion dollar wealth that’s mostly spent on stuff that doesn’t have much value in our lives as well as many young black millennials engage in very unhealthy habits like making it rain at the club every weekend.

Most rappers give pathetic financial advice because in most songs you hear on the corporate radio stations nowadays, you hear them saying “I make it rain at the strip club“, “I gotta make that money everyday” or “Money Over Everything“.

Intro: Here are some very helpful financial tips that should help you avoid the financial pitfalls.

1. Invest In The Stock Market – We are often told that investing in the stock market is for Caucasoid men on Wall St. I reject that false notion because any black person who is smart enough with commonblack-national-millennials-2016 sense knows if they save enough money, they can invest about $100 a week in the stock market for their child and when their child gets older, they will already have over $100,000 waiting for them to start off with so they can build the next Google or Apple.

2. Live Below Your Means – I have seen many cases where athletes and rappers as well as other rich people where they would too often live above their means by buying overpriced Eurocentric stuff like Gucci, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Givenchy, etc. They also live above their means by buying other overpriced things like very expensive cars and houses and then when the money runs out, they cry like little two year olds wanting us to feel sorry for them.

By living below your means like buying stuff you really need instead of wanting to have as well as buying a modest cost home and car so you won’t have to worry about burning through very ridiculous amounts of money at one time. That will definitely save you from potential financial headaches.

3. Invest In Programs That Will Be Beneficial For Your Child’s Future – Too often, many of us invest in our kids to do things that are very consistent with our stereotypes (athlete, entertainer, rapper), that mentality’s gotta change because it’s been very detrimental to the futures of our kids and I am a firm believer that we can change the paradigm that makes us invest in better things for our kids in the long run.

I strongly believe that we should actually take the time to invest in programs that will be very beneficial to our kids in the long run so that they can have the knowledge and tools they can use to be a major player in the global economic warfare

The Conclusion – By being smart with our money, we can become a major force of players in this game of global economic warfare.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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