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The Incredible Benefits Of Riding A Bike.

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(ThyBlackMan.comIf you are looking for a cheap, easy, and enjoyable way of getting fit, why not take up bicycling? There is nothing better than jumping on two wheels and heading out across America’s many great biking trails. But as well as being the best way to enjoy incredible views, there are many other benefits of getting on your bike. We’re going to explore some of them with you today – so read on and let’s see if we can persuade you to get cycling.

You get to experience the great outdoors

First of all, we live in a beautiful country with almost every type of scenery you can imagine. And, as we mentioned in the opening paragraph, there is no better way of seeing it than by bike. There are excellent cycle paths in every state, so start somewhere local and see how many you can tick off your list.

It saves you money

Sure, your brand new 4×4 might get you from A to B in comfort. But it also costs you in gas, depreciation, and taxes. A bicycle? Just look for some road bikes for sale, and hand over your money. Al that’s left to do is buy some safety equipment, and pay for the occasional bit of maintenance. Other than that, you can travel through a city, state or across the whole country for free if you want.

It burns the calories

Cycling does, however, cost something else – your calories. It’s a great way to burn off any excess weight, and it’s a lot kinder to your joints than running. Let’s say you are of a larger build. When you are out jogging, your entire weight comes crashing down on each leg a2016black-man-on-bicycle_exclus you run, making it more likely you will cause yourself damage. On a bike, however, you have a saddle to support your weight, meaning you won’t be punishing your bones and joints so much.

It’s great cardio

Regular bicycling can also improve the condition of your heart. It’s a wonderful cardio exercise that cuts your risk of heart disease by up to fifty percent. So, not only will you enjoy fantastic scenery, you are more likely to enjoy it for many years to come. In fact, three 45-minute bike rides a week can shave up to nine years off your biological age – not a bad return for a minor investment.

It makes you brighter

The fitter you are, the more you can improve your mental ability. How? When you hit the age of thirty, your hippocampus starts to deteriorate. However, exercises like cycling can actually help you build new brain cells, which slows down the process. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that deals with your memory. So expect to retain facts and information a lot longer from the day you start cycling.

It makes you look younger

Exercise such as cycling improves your circulation. It is this process that helps your body deliver more oxygen around the body, and provides nutrients to the skin. The effect can be remarkable, and you might start to look younger.

You will be saving the planet

From the day they come off the factory line, a bicycle has zero carbon cost. Forget about electric cars and hybrids, if you are serious about the environment, get on your bike. Don’t worry about breathing in fumes from other cars and vehicles on the roads, either. The vast majority of evidence shows that people in cars and buses inhale far more than cyclists. Polluted air enters a car and concentrates when windows are closed, meaning it has far more effect than you in the open air.

It’s a great family activity

Once your kids are old enough to cycle, why not get out and enjoy your local area together as a family? It’s a great activity that everyone can do. In fact, even those with younger kids can make use of a wide selection of trailers, sidecars, and baby seats. Not only will you have a great time being out and about, but you will also be teaching your kids valuable lessons. They will learn the importance of fitness, and learn a lot more about their surrounding environment. The world looks a much different place when you see it by saddle rather than a car seat.

It’s inspiring and creative

Do you work in a creative industry? If so, there’s a good chance you will have experienced some form of creative block. Well, why not take inspiration from other musicians and artists and head out for a bike ride? Half an hour of exercise increases the flow of oxygen to your brain and starts firing more neurons into life. It might just give you the creative spark you have been looking for.

It’s addictive

We always think of addiction as a bad thing. But the truth is that it is the source of the addiction that is often the problem. Once you start riding a bike, you will find you crave it – just as you might a cigarette or another bar of chocolate. The difference being, of course, is that you are doing your body favors, rather than poisoning yourself. Exercising – whether by bike or in a gym – gives you a high, too. It releases endorphins into the brain, just like taking certain drugs might. But, again, it is completely natural, safe, and is perfect for wellbeing.

It’s social

One of the great things about cycling is that you can do it by yourself, with a friend or with an entire group. It can be as social as you want it to be – and there is an element of safety in numbers, too. Why not think about joining one of the many cycling clubs that are springing up all over the place? You might find yourself getting involved with charitable events, or even starting to cycle in competitions.

Have we sold you on the benefits of riding a bike more often? All you need to do is head out for a 45-minute ride three times a week, and you will start to feel the benefits. Let us know your thoughts!

Staff Writer; Ron Davis


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  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for sharing these insights!
    I am starting to do workout for health improvement. I do a lot of biking for starter. This would really help me.

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