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Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend.

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(ThyBlackMan.comRelationships are very special indeed; we all know this to be true. Every single couple out there is different and no two relationships are ever exactly the same, just as no two people in the world are ever exactly the same.

This is especially true when it comes to romantic relationships, since that is the most intimate, particular and passionate bond that can exist between two people in love. 

For many people, it is important to cultivate a sense of loving tenderness with their boyfriend, a little touch of something extra to make the conversations and / or messages with that special man something different and more romantic than every other person you speak to… And this is where “special” names come into play.

Now, some of us might at times find ourselves at a loss for words (literally) when trying to figure out just the right thing to say, or the best name to use when addressing our partner in a sweet way.

Because you can never have too many sweet romantic things to say to your significant other, here are some interesting ideas and considerations to keep in mind when it comes to cute names to call your boyfriend, according to some of the top relationship advice sites on the web (there are in no particular order, although the first few are some of the most classic names):

* “Darling”: if you deeply cherish and love him.

* “Baby”: one of the all-time classics, valid also for girls. While you 2017-young-black-couple-in-lovemay think that guys won’t appreciate being called this (and certainly a few of them don’t, as a general principle), the truth is that most guys do enjoy it, if you say it in a genuinely sweet and loving way.

* “Baby boy”: a variant of “baby”, might be more appropriate for some guys, but generally the same applies here.

* “Babe”: now this, although it is basically just an abbreviated version of “baby”, it does come across in a slightly less intense way, and for this reason many find it the most commonly usable term.

* “Baby Boo”: another variant on the same theme, with a little urban twist to it. Conveys a sense of deep caring for your man.

* “Baby Cakes”: a more silly version, for when you just wanna be a little cheeky and have some fun!

* “Angel”: one of the more touching names to call a man, it reflects upon just how special and important the guy is to you.

* “Champ”: an encouraging term, particularly if you’re looking to enhance your boyfriend’s sense of manly pride and morale.

* “(My) Love”: this is the most romantic thing you could probably call him, and it leave’s no doubt as to who is king of you heart!

* “Baby Face”: another playful variant on the “baby”-theme, this time with special emphasis on his looks. Can be a sweet compliment to say, given the right moment and circumstances.

* “Big Guy”: this is one to keep in mind, especially for those times you want your man to know you value him as a man, since most guys want to feel like their manly qualities are appreciated and cherished, along with his other traits. Also serves to boost morale. Generally, one of the cutest and most useful names. Men enjoy being sometimes thought of as big and strong.

* “Sweetie”: this one is a true classic also, a more lighthearted name that still conveys a very real commitment and caring.

* “Sweetheart”: essentially the same, only slightly more serious and romantic. Should always be used with a genuinely loving tone, since this is a very common word nowadays and it can easily sound meaningless or banal if not used in a compelling way.

* “Hot Stuff”: this is one of the more sexually oriented names on this list, one you could definitely use whenever you feel like complimenting him on his looks, his body, his sexual skills or just to express a general sense of sensual desire for him.

* “Studd”: similar to the previous one, maybe a bit more explicit. Can also serve to express a sense of satisfaction / physical attachment to your boyfriend.

* “My Everything” or “My All”: one of the most poetic and beautiful things you can ever call somebody, should only be used if you truly feel like he is the most important thing in your life. Expresses deep yearning and undying devotion, this is truly a romantic statement in and of itself.

* “Good-looking”: a fun but very sensual thing to call a man, and guaranteed to instantly boost his masculine sense of self!

* “Casanova”: a quirky thing to say, but can be cute… if you want to draw attention to how smooth, manly and seductive you feel your man is. Also, comes across as a clever remark, so that won’t hurt either.

* “Champ” / “Chief” / “Captain”: there are not that romantic, but depending on how you use them they can be very encouraging and serve to express your admiration and trust in your boyfriend, and to let him know he is a winner in your eyes.

* “Honey” / “Hun”: one of the classic names, a very intimate and somewhat sensual word. Will create a sense of deep connection and romantic investment toward your partner.

* “Lover”: now this is something a little special, since it places the emphasis on your most intimate moments together. Should probably be used mostly in, during or after sex, although can be used as a sweet name in other contexts too. Just remember that it does carry a pretty explicit sexual tone.

* “Cutie”: everybody will enjoy this one!

* “Dear”: a very traditional name, reflects a deeper sense of commitment and admiration toward your boyfriend.

* “Darling”: similar to “dear”, but softer in tone and more intimate. Let’s him know how special he is!

* “Gorgeous” or “Handsome” / “Sexy”: these are all fun and nice things to call him, if you wish to make him feel wanted.

* “(My) King”: you know how girls dream about being treated like a princess? Well, men also like to feel like a royalty sometimes… especially in the arms of their partner.

In addition to these, there are many more out there, and ultimately it’s just comes down to your own imagination.

Always remember, you should only use names that you yourself feel comfortable saying, and that you suspect your boyfriend will appreciate too.

Not everything is good for everyone, but the most important thing is usually HOW you say it, more than WHAT you say. Tone, body language and facial expressions (plus the context of the situation) can speak volumes to how you really feel.

Staff Writer; Roy Rainey  

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