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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez pregnant, Stevie J. father or not.

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( We all know that when it comes to the Joseline aka the Puerto Rican princess and Stevie J there is always a rumble in the jungle. The pair began to date began dating in 2010, and the relationship has been toxic from the start. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J. born Steven Aaron Jordan is a songwriter, producer, musician, and television personality. Joseline Hernandez born Shenellica Bettencourt is an aspiring musician, model, and tv personality as well. The two are both apart of VH1’s reality television show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where they air out their dirty laundry.

Since the very beginning Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez have had a rocky relationship. The relationship between Joseline and Stevie began while he was already in a relationship with then girlfriend Mimi. The two have a daughter together by the name of Eva. Stevie J. eventually left to pursue a StevieJ-Joseline-2016-pregnantmore serious and public relationship with Joseline. Mimi has said on several occasions that Stevie J. has hurt her beyond measures, when he left her to be with Joseline Hernandez. Despite their broken relationship Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J. and Mimi still maintain a co-parenting relationship for the sake of their daughter.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline and Stevie J. were supposedly married in 2012, prior to their relationship Joseline Hernandez was a stripper and rumored to be a prostitute. The pair have always had issues since their rumored marriage, the two have slandered each other with allegations of infidelity. The two had been separated for six months when Stevie officially wanted to call it quits. After photos of Joseline and Rick Ross surfaced with him obviously having his hand on her thigh in a photo, Stevie spoke out on instagram calling her a “ho”. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J. then went on to say that he and Joseline were in fact never married anyways, so there was nothing lost.

There have also been pictures on the internet of a marriage certificate stating that Joseline is married but not to Stevie. Boom! Boom! Shots have been fired, after the marriage certificate surfaced Joseline Hernandez got a polygraph done saying that she and Stevie separated because he has jealousy and control issues and also that he watches gay porn and the polygraph turned out to be true. These two will do anything to tarnish and destroy one another, is this a publicity stunt or is it all what it seems? On top of that now Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez is posting pics on “the gram” saying that she is with child and that Stevie J. is the father.

Is he the papi or is it her accused “new fling” Young Dro ? When Dro was asked about the unborn allegedly being his he only said “no comment”. Now tell me this isn’t suspect? Only time will tell what will happen in this “situationship”.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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