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Top Tips To Help You Feel Better About Dating.

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( If you’ve been single for a while, chances are you’ve already made a couple of tentative steps toward the dating scene. Coming out of a long-term relationship is always going to feel weird. It’s not pleasant to end things, and whether there is love or hate left over, you may feel guilty about moving on. But then comes the next unpleasant part of your break up. Finding a date can be hard to do too. And having a successful date that leaves you feeling good about yourself can feel like an impossibility.

If you’re on a dating website or using a matchmaker service, have a long look at your profile. What does your photo say about you? Does it accurately reflect who you are? This all depends on how you define yourself. Do you see yourself as a Doctor or Engineer? Or do you see yourself as a Father or Son? What do you identify with in life? These are the things that you want to communicate in your profile. If you don’t want women dating the Doctor, then amend your profile to show the Father that you are.

You should also consider your style. After being in a relationship2016-black-couple for a while, you may have become a little complacent or relaxed about your appearance. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. But is what you look like a fair representation of who you are? We all like to look smart when we meet new people. And if you’re going out to a nice restaurant, chances are there is a dress code. So what will you choose to wear, and will that outfit make a better profile photo on your matchmaker site?

When you’re starting to see each other, your date will notice what you’re wearing. You might choose to buy high-quality custom dress shirts online to go with those incredible leather shoes and dress pants. You may spend an hour or so at the barber’s before you go on your date, and pick up a new cologne. Looking good helps boost our confidence which is ideal when you’re nervous about meeting someone.

While we all might reach for a drink of courage on a date, alcohol will alter you. Sure, you might feel a little more confident and relaxed. But that isn’t the real you. If you want to date someone that wants to be with you for who you are, you’ve got to be the real you from the beginning. If they aren’t keen on that, then they’re not the right person for you. And there are plenty more single people to meet that could be right.

A successful date will always be one where you could just be yourself. And whoever you’ve shared that date with will be happy to spend time with that person. Sure, you’ve dressed up and become the best version of yourself. But it’s still you. No lies, no grandeur, no misconceptions. If this date doesn’t work out, that’s fine. Why waste time with someone that doesn’t appreciate the person in front of them? Love who you are and you’ll enjoy your dates even more.

Staff Writer; Shawn Johnson

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