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The Demasculation Of Black Men In America.

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( For negropeans, especially black feminists that say that “A black man doesn’t need to be at home” and defends this anti-nature, anti-family, systemic agenda is ignorant and hate themselves.

When I was a child, I grew up being surrounded by strong black men in my life like my brothers, uncles, and other male relatives in my family. I learned the importance of manhood from being around them very much.

I also grew up seeing strong black men in mainstream media like Cable from X-Men, Jax from Mortal Kombat, TJ Combo from Killer Instinct and many others.

But what I see in public and on social media nowadays are a lot of black men being demasculized little punks. Those images are constantly being shown from shows like Empire/The Prancing EIMG_5276lites to movies like Madea and it’s so secret that The System wants to water down not only the masculinity of other people, particularly the black man because strong black men are the biggest threats to the system.

Here are several reasons why a lot of black men are being demasculized little punks these days.

1. Molestation – A lot of them are being vulnerable to being molested by their mother’s boyfriends or other relatives because the mother isn’t even aware in many cases of this even happening. I’ve seen this in a lot of crime stories.

2. Despises Strong Black Women – A lot of them despise the idea of dealing with strong black women because they fear that they’ll not only be the breadwinner of the house, but the fear of her standing up against him. He’s also afraid of her telling him how to be a real man.

3. The Poisoning Of Food Supply – Our food supply in constantly being poisonef by The System deliberately to destroy the high testosterone levels of black men that turns a lot of them into something that they were never meant to be.

4. To get “validation” from people that are neurologically wired to destroy them – People like Lee Daniels and Don Lemon, who are two of the biggest bootlickers for The System will gladly bend, fold, and buck dance by throwing us under the bus to get that “validation” they so badly want from caucasoids.

5. The Propaganda Machine – During Nazi Germany, Hitler used negative propaganda tactics against The Jews by putting out negative images, negative music, and other propaganda to “conquer” The Jews. Nowadays, we’re portayed in many negative images in The Mainstream Media: gangsters, thugs, drags, bad b*****s, welfare queens, messy, violent, ratchet, trappers, druggies, alcoholics, real n****s, poverty, inner city violence, and all these other negative stereotypes that caucasoids often view us as.

The Solution – We have to teach our boys the importance of strong black manhood and not allowing him to be exposed to images that are the complete opposite of which is shown on Empire and The Prancing Elites.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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2 Responses to “The Demasculation Of Black Men In America.”
  1. Joe Davis says:

    No, and stop throwing that word “homophobic” around loosely. Read the article to understand it

  2. Derrick Mathis says:

    Really Joe? All this to say that you’re homophobic?

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