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The State Of Religion In The Black Community In America.

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( I have made a post on social media that is very true: Saturdays & Sundays are the worst days for The Black Community in America.

Everywhere in the black community that you go to or every corner you turn to, there is always some church being there in The Hood.

I am not religious, but that doesn’t mean that I’m an atheist either. I identify myself as a spiritualist & is proud of being one.

Here’s the story of how I became a spiritualist:

I became a spiritualist when I was a young boy growing up in The Hood & the very rare times that I did attend The Church, I saw all sorts of cooning & buck dancing as well as financial exploitation2016-BlackChurch going on during the service & I was appalled & disgusted with what I had seen, so I basically turned by back on The Church & religion all together & became a spiritualist.

For most blacks in America who are religious & refuse to seek the real history of religion outside their religion is either ignorant or in denial.

I have some very personal issues with religion myself & here are some of them

Religion is nothing but a weapon the oppressors use to incite fear, hatred, racism, & violence against others & establish control over the masses.

Religion was forced on our ancestors during the days of slavery as a way to control slaves & by turning them into cheek turners & pacifists. ISIS represents Islam & KKK represents Christianity.

Another problem that I have with religion is that the business called The Church financially exploits 420 billion out of the black community & goes into non-black banks that won’t even offer them business loans in America each year.

And then you got these pimp pastors like TD Jakes, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, & many others who are financially exploiting their congregation by funding their “lavish lifestyle” fantasy that they’re living.”

It greatly angers me when a brotha & sista tell me dumb stuff like “I was born to be a Christian“, “Without God, I’m nothing“, or “If you don’t believe, you’re going to Hell” because basically what they’re saying is that they’re happy brainwashed negroes worshipping a falsified deity and those statements personally disgusts me.

These are the same black people that love to spew these poisonous, toxic, & self-destructive religious fairy tales in your face, but when you ask them if they knew how religion was created & copied, they can’t tell you that though. It shows how deep the psychological poison has been detrimental to our community.

Religion is very detrimental to the advancement, empowerment, & progression as a community. It’s also one of the biggest weapons The Enemy uses to keep many blacks in America mentally enslaved to it.

But these days, there are slowly more & more black people, especially the young ones that are freeing themselves from the mental shackles of religion.

The Conclusion – Seek the real knowledge of self that you ain’t gonna find in religion or The Church.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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5 Responses to “The State Of Religion In The Black Community In America.”
  1. Mr. SUNA D'LO says:

    Christianity, the bible..both the New Testament and the Old Testament are intolerant books full of war crimes and molestation in the name of a War God, an evil one.

    Dim-witted “Followers” always try to justify the war, the intolerance, the slavery, the burning down of innocent domains because they have bought in to it.

    There’s a reason ministers don’t preach these I dare say SATANIC verses of greed, mental illness and slaughter.

  2. The_Shrine says:

    Christianity was forced upon us via corrupt pro-slavery tribes in Africa and the White Man.

    I (and my community I influence) have the right to NOT believe in the faith that raped by grandmother until she died and poured boiling hot water down her throat.

    If the White Man isn’t superior…then NO RELIGION IS SUPERIOR.

    I want to dismantle SUPREMACY not just WHITE SUPREMACY.

  3. Shawn says:

    Thank you brother, God doesn’t have a “chosen people”.

    This leads to supremacy, and thus White Supremacy.

    We are all equal in God’s eyes!

  4. Marque Anthony says:


    There are good places where one can go to worship. Don’t stereotype all “Churches”.

  5. Marque Anthony says:

    How can you expect the truth to set you free if you buy into the lie that we are black? Look at your colors. We were never black. We are Brown. And we are the only ethnic group on the planet that allows ourselves to be defined by color by somebody else. A color attached to negatives in the American dictionary and a color that is inaccurate. Wake up.

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