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A Genius In Search Of Himself: Kanye West Has Made Us Forget About His Genius.

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( Not since Michael Jackson has a pop star so gifted has had his persona tainted via his actions by the public. Also, not since Jackson, has an artist with such profound gifts let his public persona get in the way of his genius that is spread among his musical catalog. That artist name? Kanye Omari West. To the rest of America and perhaps, the world, his name is probably idiot or arrogant prick.

But it shouldn’t be like that, though, right? We should be appreciating West’s brilliance as an artist, beat maker and curator of music, right? Conventional wisdom says yes. Unfortunately, West’s latest antics and comments say no. In today’s social media age, beef, e-beefs and controversial statements aren’t anything out of the norm. It’s the way to get the social crowds attention the quickest, with the artist keeping their name circulating while a few songs of theirs catches the audience’s ear. For Kanye West, his mouth and Twitter rants over the past few years have made him the most despised musical artist on the planet. And for someone of his musical caliber, it’s the worst thing that could happen.

He believes he is Walt Disney, Picasso and Steve Jobs. He’s the most important living rock star on the planet. Wiz Khalifa’s k'The Jonathan Ross Show' TV Programme, London, Britain. - 28 Feb 2015id wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. The artist Beck should respect Beyonce and give his Grammy award to her. Let’s not forget Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Paige should donate a billion dollars to fund his ideas, he’s a God and that he believed at one point his latest album, The Life Of Pablo was the greatest album in history. Obviously, arrogance is West’s strength personality wise. But it could also blur the line between truth, burgeoning insecurities, or obvious lack of mental stability.

I get it, as a rapper, featured artist and producer, West has been apart of 20 top ten singles and 5 number one pop hits. As a rapper and urban artist, he should definitely feel a surge of joy for his accomplishments and abilities as a creator. Not to mention his 21 Grammy wins and his desire to shift pop music on its heels. But sadly, since his infamous Taylor Swift incident in 2009, West hasn’t understood or grasped the concept of the power of perception.

No matter how great his music will be past or present, his consistent foot-in-mouth comments and tirades will remind the general public that Kanye West is merely an idiot; someone so self-absorbed with himself that he turns people away with his ill-advised comments and counter-productive behavior. It’s definitely worth noting when West’s former collaborator Rhymefest, refuses to continue working with him until he gets in a better space mentally and emotionally. As a fan of West’s production and artistry since his career took to the mainstream In the early 2000’s, I’ve always admired him as a musician first. And even since post-Swift, I’ve stuck by that notion. But, the time has come to realize that maybe one of the greatest innovators in music has officially lost it. West needs an intervention, or his career will spiral further into oblivion.

The biggest fear Kanye West should worry about? That his music, productions and overall artistry won’t be remembered until after he’s no longer with us. Remember, pre-June 25th, 2009, Michael Jackson was known as a sicko or Wacko Jacko; according to public perception, just someone who was perverted and destroyed his face with numerous plastic surgeries. His public persona consumed his brilliance as a entertainer. This in turn made him a target of endless scrutiny by the media and general public.

After his death, the public seemed to re-discover Jackson’s catalog as an artist and songwriter. This in turn, his sales exploded. He has made over 2 billion dollars since his death and his musicianship has now been respected and documented in books, documentaries and coverage of his classic albums. Of course, Kanye West doesn’t have the depth catalog-wise that Jackson has so he won’t generate as much money. But, does West want to have to wait until something tragic happens for the world to remember him for the talent he is? If the correct measures are enforced, maybe that answer will be a no.

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