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Country Roads: Safety Tips for Rural Drivers.

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( Driving in the city and driving in the country are two very different things. While you may assume that city driving presents more hazards because there are more vehicles and people to contend with, driving in the country also has its risks. Here are some of the main things to remember when driving in the country to ensure you stay safe.

Livestock and Wildlife

One fact of life when driving in the country is that you are going to encounter animals. Often you will find yourself encountering livestock crossing the road, so you should always stay alert.

An even greater risk is posed by wildlife. Deer, elk, and moose can easily appear out of nowhere when you are driving in the countryside, and a collision can be dangerous for you and your passengers.

Be very careful when driving in the morning and evening because Daughter driving mother in carwild animals are more active at these times of day. Also drive at a reasonable speed and keep your eyes on the edges of the road for signs of activity so that you can slow down in time should an animal jump out (you can read up on some more wildlife safety tips here).

Poor Road Condition

Most country roads are in a good condition, but sometimes you will come across a road that is less than perfect. Snow can cause potholes, and sometimes you may not see these coming. You may also come across loose stones on the road, and unpaved roads are harder to drive on.

The rule as always is to drive with caution and to keep a close eye on the road to spot these hazards coming before it’s too late.

Unmarked Entrances

One of the big hazards of rural driving is that many entrances to driveways and fields are not marked, so you don’t see them coming. Sometimes they are completely hidden by trees or crops. Make sure you look out for these at all times because vehicles can come out of nowhere. This means driving slowly and keeping your eyes open for any signs of activity at the side of the road so you can slow down or stop in time.

Other Common Hazards

Other common hazards you may encounter on rural roads include narrow roads, steep hills, very sharp corners, and blind curves. You may also come across slow-moving vehicles like tractors, and sometimes these will be left parked on the roads.

The Danger of Boredom

One potential danger of driving on long, straight roads for a long time is that you can become bored. Sometimes this can make you tired, and this can affect your concentration. Take regular breaks if you are driving on such roads to ensure you stay alert, and read up on some more tips for avoiding drowsy driving.

Know What to Do in the Event of an Accident

With all the hazards on rural roads, it’s important to always take care behind the wheel. If you are involved in an accident, however, remember that it may take slightly longer for the emergency services to reach you, depending on how far you are from the nearest big town.

Also, if you are injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you may need to contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer like to help you claim compensation.

Drive Safely in the Country

Rural roads present a number of hazards that you won’t find in urban areas. So drive safely when you head into the country and be alert to the potential hazards to avoid accidents.

Staff Writer; Charles Burns

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