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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rihanna, Chris Brown back together, no break up here in 2016.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Seems like the streets are heating up as recently we’ve gotten word of Chris Brown chilling at Mr. Chow with no other then Rihanna… The two were spotted cuddling, Chris Brown had on a Lakers cap so not to be recognize by the paparazzi… To his dismay TMZ photographers were able to snap a few pictures…

With that we have to wonder what Rihanna current boo has to say about this new revelation… For a moment it seemed like Travis Scott had locked down the singer… Even so tight that the two have collab and did a few shows…

Still we know deep down Chris Brown has always been 1# on Rihanna list… They had some good and bad times… It even seem chris-brown-rihanna-dating-again-travis-scott-2015like wedding bells were in their future… Then out of no where pictures of Rihanna all bruised up hit the news… One has to ask why would a grown man every hit a woman… Breezy being young is never an excuse… 2016 Chris Brown seems to have grown up… Now a proud father and just staying out of trouble literally… Off the drugs, and back to making great music…

We hope Rihanna will just enjoy this new fling she has with Chris Brown… Both are still young and see no reason to rush into another relationship… And what about Travis Scott? Maybe he is in on this whole thing… Just a friend who could play it off with the bloggers, media in general while Rihanna chills with Breezy on the low low… Either way stans need to rejoice, as I for one hope they fight for L-O-V-E…

Music Industry needs some good news at this time… Our queen Beyonce is happily married, and YM Nicki Minaj sadly is running behind street rapper Meek Mill… Seems like he would have came straight by now after literally getting played by Drizzy Drake…. Rihanna & Chris Brown is something new which was once old…

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14 Responses to “Rihanna, Chris Brown back together, no break up here in 2016.”
  1. Varney A. Kamara says:

    Happy to see the two lover back together

  2. Tasha says:

    Yes….yes, I have been waiting on them to
    hang them other people up and get to the
    Happier ever after, along with marriage and that
    Chris jr. in the baby carriage. Face it you two
    are meant
    For each other.

  3. christina bekele says:

    They are so cute together.. Luv u chris and riri

  4. christina bekele says:

    U so cute together.. Luv u chris and riri

  5. yamip says:

    cul guys u rily dzerv each other

  6. yamip says:

    cul guy u rily dzerv each other

  7. Justin says:

    Dumb and Dumber

  8. Rick says:

    How do you go from dating Leonardo Dicaprio like 5 months ago to back with Chris Brown lol. #ROCKBOTTOM

  9. blackmagic says:

    They wasn’t at Mr.Chows we’re the pictures tmz had he’s in Miami as of yesterday,stop lying!!!

  10. why says:

    ok nevermind I see it is an archived article.

  11. why says:

    This is so fake, it makes no sense.

  12. Jiselle says:

    So happy for the two.
    Luv in the air!! *C Brown & Riri*

  13. C-breezy gal says:

    Love you Chris Brown.

    Rihanna is a lucky woman..

  14. Rihanna Chica says:

    True Love. I’m happy for ya Rihanna!!

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