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Top Notch Tech Updates in 2015.


(ThyBlackMan.com) 2015 was such a techno-savvy year until the Consumer Electronic Show 2016 highlighted tablets encompassing three extra modules and alternatives to charging your iPhone, including in mid-air. Virtual reality is banging down doors with tech updates.

Computerized Heating System

For instance, Qarnot Computing has developed a computer that controls your heater at no extra cost. As such, the computer takes the place of your radiator and adjusts the temperature in your apartment. This technology has already found its way to big budget operating institutions like banks with an aim of reducing energy costs.

Hydrogen-fuelled cell drone

Google announced that in a year or so, goods could be delivered to customers using drones. While that is still in the trials stage, Intelligent Energy has developed a hydrogen-fuelled cell drone that flies for hours, hence solving the battery power problem. Considering Google is working with NASA to come up with an air control system for this service, it will not take long before the prototypes are in the market.

These tech updates provide longer flight time has opened new possibilities for drones to be used for offshore inspection, precision agriculture, search and rescue functions, and longer periods of aerial photography.

Skin Sensors on a Thermometer

Nobody likes a nurse putting a thermometer in his mouth or ear, and a solution that would mean no more sticking of thermometers in people’s mouths or ears is long overdue. The Withings Thermo has developed a skin-timed thermometer with infrared sensors that take your temperature once the gadget is placed on your forehead.
Also, the gadget comes with a Smartphone app that displays the different times of the day your temperature was recorded. You can also write a note each time you take a new record.

The Keyboard with Interoperable Keys

There is no significant difference on the piano keyboard since Mozart came up with his first opera, which happens to be in the mid-1700s. Roli has provided tech updates on the keyboard by integrating interoperable keys. This keyboard has simplified its language into five dimensions namely strike, lift, glide, press and slide, and is available on iOS as a mobile app. This keyboard is also compatible with OS X operating system; it is portable, battery-powered and usable over MIDI Bluetooth.

A 3-Module Tablet

You may not have seen this much versatility with a tablet until the invention of ThinkPad X1 that is transformable to a laptop, the 3D camera and a projector when needed. This tablet offers tech updates by allowing users to engage optional extension modules.

For instance, the presenter module makes it a Pico projector with a 60-inch display over 2 meters away and with full-size HDMI ports. The productivity module comes with a One Link+ docking connector and a battery life lasting up to 15 hours, and the 3D imaging module comes with a Real Sense R200 3D camera that makes the tablet a 3D scanner.

Online Timesheets

With the digital world changing virtually everything in commercial circles, you don’t have to be left out regardless of the size your business is. The use of physical timesheets for payrolls has become tiresome and boring, and besides, you are never sure with physical time sheets unless you have a trustworthy supervisor, or you are always at work monitoring the business. An example of online timesheets are provided by Clockspot.com that you can review and approve virtually.

These top-notch, headline-making tech updates float the idea that technology is trending to the future and nobody should miss out.

Staff Writer; William Johnson

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