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The Effects Of Iran’s Nuclear Deal With The P5+1 Countries.

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( A historic moment got written just a few days ago. When Iran’s international sanctions got lifted, it marked a turning point for the nation.

The P5+1 world superpowers are happy that Iran is no longer building nuclear weapons. They feel the threat to the West and neighboring countries is now much lower. But, what effects will both Iran and the rest of the world feel now?

The world is (possibly) a much safer place

One threat to both the Middle East and the rest of the world was Iran. Many countries stated Iran was enriching uranium to build nuclear weapons. Of course, Iran always denied that claim, saying it was doing so for peaceful reasons.

Many nations didn’t believe Iran, especially given the 1979 revolution. As a result, the U.S. applied sanctions to the country over twenty years ago. Other world powers soon followed suit. This crippled Iran from a financial perspective with trade effectively cut 2016-Iran-Nuclear-Dealoff.

Now that those sanctions got lifted, Iran is free to import and export goods and services once again. So, why was Iran enriching uranium? They claimed they were doing that as part of their nuclear development program. Iran also said its program was to build nuclear power stations, not weapons.

Still, the West didn’t want to take any chances with the clandestine nation. After much negotiation and nuclear inspections, the West is more or less happy. Excess stockpiles of enriched uranium got sold to Russia, in case you wondered.

Opposers of the Iranian nuclear deal worry about terrorism

Iran is a country plagued with controversy and human rights violations. Many people like Mark Dubowitz worry about the fact that we are becoming friends with the nation.

Despite the nuclear deal, the threat of terrorism from Iran remains high. The country will now have more money getting pumped into their country. And that means they can fund terrorist activities abroad.

Iran can start making money again

While Iran won’t be “best friends forever” with the West anytime soon, they are happy for one reason. The lifted sanctions mean they can export oil and gas to other countries. In the past, they had to do so on the black market. Now the country can legitimately trade with Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Iran is a country that needs a lot of infrastructure and engineering investment. The West froze their international assets some years ago. As part of the nuclear deal, they can expect to claw back around $500 billion dollars. Aside from that, their oil revenue will also put extra money in the country.

The Middle East is more worried about Iran

For many Arab countries, the nuclear deal with Iran is worrying them. The U.S. is keen to enlist the help of Iran to fight against the so-called Islamic State. The problem Arab countries have with Iran is to do with religion.

Iran is a Shia Muslim nation while the Middle East is mostly Sunni Muslim. Tensions are already high with Saudi Arabia due to the execution of Iranian Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr.

Some see the West’s developing relationship with Iran as a move away from its dependence on Saudi oil.

Staff Writer; Roy Holmes

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