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Why This Black Man Has No Sympathy For Comedian Bill Cosby.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) When I first heard the allegations against Bill Cosby it literally made my stomach go weak. I listened for undated reports hoping to hear that it was all some kind of scam initiated by an irate or greedy woman who was simply trying to get into his pocket. I felt what I can only call a vested interest in that being the case, just as I suspect that many of his defenders and apologists are feeling today.
After all, this was a Black man who was world renown as “America’s favorite dad.” That was saying something – even many bigots liked and respected him. He commanded much of the moral stature of President Barack Obama, before there was a President Barack Obama. He was one of the few Black men in the media who was portrayed in a positive light, and his very presence gave me the feeling that maybe there was hope for America after all.
But I learned early on as both a writer, and twenty years as a paralegal, that I must always give truth priority over what I want to believe, and to always follow truth wherever it leads and regardless to whose ox it gores – that’s one of the primary reasons that at one point or another I offend almost everybody. But I have to think that way in order to be an effective and creditable writer, otherwise all I would be is a liberal-leaning imitation of Fox News. So while I recognize that I don’t corner the market on either wisdom, intellect, or knowledge, I want the reader to have confidence in the fact that I’m writing what I truly believe to be the facts – whether I’m right or wrong – and not trying to bend the facts to promote some kind of pet agenda.
So regardless to what I previously thought of Bill Cosby, it has been reported that as many as sixty women (count ‘em SIXTY!) have come forward and alleged that he either raped, attempted to rape, or abused them in some way. In civil law,2016-billcosby if they’re found to be credible, that would constitute the “preponderance of the evidence,” and in criminal law, “beyond a reasonable doubt.” So that alone would be grounds to convict him. Thus, as much as I would love to wake up and find that this was all a dream and see Bill restored to his former spotless stature, I’m not going to try to delude myself to make that happen, and that’s exactly what I think many of Bill’s defenders are trying to do, much like the Republicans did with the “birther conspiracy.” They just couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that America had elected a Black man President of the United States, so instead of accepting it, they slipped into a state of delusion.
That’s exactly what Cosby’s defenders are doing. They just can’t believe that the man that they’ve loved and respected all these years is some kind of sexual pervert, and that’s exactly what I think he is, because with all of his wealth and fame, Bill didn’t have to get sex that way. Many of these women might have given it to him willingly, but he didn’t want consensual sex – his sexual perversion required him to steal it.
Nevertheless, his defenders are insisting that America is jumping the gun in condemning him. They claim that none of the allegations have been substantiated, but at the very same time, many of them would have us believe the totally unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that a powerful cartel of bigots set this up to bring Bill Cosby down in order to prevent him from buying NBC. Now I’m not saying that the White elitist establishment is not capable of such conduct, but even if they tried, one would think that they’d have had sense enough to use just two, three, or maybe even five women, who could be effectively managed, but not sixty! With that many people involved, what are the chances that the conspiracy wouldn’t be leaked by at least one of them who came down with an attack of conscience, or for some other reason? In addition, it would give Cosby’s legal team many more opportunities to poke holes in the scam. So to use sixty women in a conspiracy would be both dumb, and ridiculously over the top. I think any good lawyer would have told them that, and presumably, they’d be able to obtain the very best legal advice available.
Another flaw in the conspiracy theory is it’s designed to suggest that we should take the word of ONE man over SIXTY women. That’s not only ridiculous, but it clearly demonstrates this society’s sexist mentality. So to even suggest that all of these women are lying as part of a conspiracy that “they” cooked up in order to bring Bill down could be shot down in flames with just one question – Who is this “they” you keep talking about?” Give me a name – just one.
So while I would really love to support this Black man, my sense of truth tells me that he’s lying, he’s guilty, and as a people we have a responsibility to protect the very womb of our society. And once again – because this bears repeating over and over again – to even suggest that we should take the word of one man over sixty women is a prime example of just how sexist we are in this society. It’s also a prime example of just how effective our media is in shaping our attitudes and opinions. Think about it.  Most of us have been loved, raised, and nurtured by a woman, so how can we grow up to feel that just one man’s word should have more value than the word of sixty women!!!? And what really makes me scratch my head is how many women are buying into this “horrible women, poor little innocent billionaire” mentality!!! We certainly couldn’t have form this attitude regarding the relative worth of men and women due to the character of men, because if many of us had to depend on our father’s to feed, clothe, and raise us, we would have starved to death in childhood. So as a society, this should be a teaching moment that causes us to re-examine not only our attitude toward women, but all of our attitudes.
Now, I might be wrong, because as I pointed out above, I don’t claim to corner the market on either knowledge or intellect, but personally, I think Bill’s legal team knows he’s guilty, and they also know he’s going to be convicted. That’s why he’s going to court unshaven, walking with a cane, and acting like he can barely get up the steps without help from his attorneys. They’re already preparing for his sentencing hearing. They’re going to claim that Bill is so sickly that he can’t survive a stint in the joint, so to sentence him to prison would amount to the death penalty, and therefore, constitute cruel and unusual punishment.
But when I try to explain these things to Bill’s defenders, they say that I’m being unfair to Bill because I’m convicting him without a trial. Thus, all of a sudden they seem to have found Jesus in our judicial system – the very same judicial system that declared George Zimmerman innocent, and treat many of the rogue cops who are shooting our kids down on the street like rabid dogs like they’re performing a public service. So when, and why, have they all of a sudden developed this new-found faith in the courts? Black lives matter, and so do female vaginas. Our children weren’t born to be used as target practice for rogue cops, and a woman’s vagina is not a toy designed for the entertainment of big shot billionaires, and society has got to be firm in making that message abundantly clear – court, or no court.
So I don’t think I’m being unfair in making up my own mind at all. I’m merely measuring Bill with his own yardstick, and you can’t be any more fair than that, can you?  And in that regard, when Bill was flying high and deluding himself into believing that he was an honorary member of the White Elitist Society, he said the following in his infamous “Pound Cake” rant:
“Looking at the incarcerated, these are not political criminals. These are people going around stealing Coca-Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake! And then we all run out and are outraged, ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him!’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?”
Well, maybe he was hungry, Bill.  Does that warrant the death penalty? But now let me ask you the same question – what the hell were you doing with Quaaludes in your hand?

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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4 Responses to “Why This Black Man Has No Sympathy For Comedian Bill Cosby.”
  1. CosbyMonger says:

    Thank you for listening to facts and logic of this known drugger, adulterer-rapist.

  2. Adele,

    I meant to say,

    “So believe me, it would not only be close to impossible, if not amazing, if someone of Bill Cosby’s wealth and stature could NOT get someone to willingly have sex with him out of sixty women.”

  3. Adele,

    Many of these women were not teenagers. They were aspiring actresses looking for a break. My woman is a jazz singer and I’m a lifelong jazz musician, so I do know something about the entertainment business. So believe me, it would not only be close to impossible, if not amazing, if someone of Bill Cosby’s wealth and stature could get someone to willingly have sex with him out of sixty women. That would be absolutely unheard of in the entertainment business. These were not little run-of-the-mill high school girls. many of these WOMEN were very sophisticated. That’s why he’s still around to be tried, and he didn’t have a father like myself already having exacted street justice.

  4. adele binghamton says:

    Well I agree that it looks like Bill Cosby is guilty as sin. Some of the women still seem honestly upset talking about it. Others as if they’re still in some kind of zombie-state concerning the abuse. And Others still offer almost clinically dispassionate views of the assaults — as if their minds have had to distance them to preserve their sanity.

    But to the author’s claim that many of the women would have allegedly “given it up” to Cosby, I don’t concur at all. Many of the “women” were TEENAGERS when Cosby assaulted them. I suspect their innocence was part of their appeal. Some had never seen a naked man. Having been an innocent teenager — and even an innocent 20-something myself, I can assure the author that innocent girls who were raised right would not, as a rule, willingly “give themselves” to an older man they knew to be married — regardless of how much money and status he had. Cosby wanted innocence. The kind of woman who would have “given herself” regardless, might have been the same kind of woman to “give” him a disease.

    I think that’s one reason that Mike Tyson set his sights on the youngest, most vulnerable-looking beauty pageant contestant he went to prison for raping.

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