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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Why African-Americans Smoke Weed: The Root of the Problem.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I am going to hit this topic hard – but hard, fair and accurately. If you smoke weed recreationally and do not like the assertions I am about to make, too bad. But I dare you to keep reading and I dare you to share this article with everyone you know. The day of denial is over and recreational use of marijuana is a detriment to the African American community. I have heard all the defenses and excuses before as a counselor so let’s tackle them one by one.

You may say weed (marijuana) is harmless, but that is simply not true. You may pull up studies conducted by people who use marijuana or done by those who justify it, but the motives of those people are highly suspect. You can say our ancestors and the Native Americans smoked Cannabis, but you need to know that neither reverses nor nullifies the fact that THC in marijuana is addictive. Plus, the weed on the streets today is everything but pure hemp, marijuana or cannabis. Street weed today is laced with everything from feces to rat poison to embalming fluid. Oh yes it is. Thus it amazes me how almost no African American would eat a teaspoon of rat poison, yet so many would smoke it in a blunt or joint.


You may say I am judging, but you must still admit the body is a temple and a temple should not be filled with smoke that kills brain cells, clouds judgment and throws off your focus and equilibrium. There is simply no justification for that, not at all, recreationally speaking. You may say I am placing all weed heads in one box, but that is not true either because I am going to examine several reasons – not just one. Therefore I am going to address every possible excuse I have encountered as a counselor regarding why our people smoke marijuana – and what we should be doing instead.


You may be thinking cigarettes and alcohol are drugs too. And that isweed-2015-black-people correct. So look at the devastating effects of cigarettes and the statistics on alcoholism. Then tell me you still want to use cigarettes and alcohol to defeat my arguments. If you do, look in the mirror and introduce yourself to Mr. or Ms. Denial. And while you can in fact do what you want to do because you are “grown“, remember those who were arrested for DUI or those who got cancer from cigarette smoking once defended their positions just as many of you do with marijuana. But once they were sent to jail or admitted to the hospital, it was a different story.


If you use recreational marijuana, you are getting pimped, punked and bent over by the little “blunt” god that takes your money, gives you a temporary break from life then leaves you with nothing. How dumb is that? Is it very smart to defend a drug that trades a short term of escape from reality in exchange for your concentration, your brain cells, your health, your memory and a host of other problems? News flash, laced marijuana was dropped in our communities just like crack was decades ago. But this drug is lulling you to sleep, slowly altering your consciousness and getting you to defend its side affects to the death. Doctors know it. The health department knows marijuana is harmful and addictive. The federal government knows it. The CDC knows it. Only those who are hooked on marijuana don’t know it – or won’t admit it. But why not?

Life is tough and many African Americans are using marijuana as a means of temporary escape. But guess what? Weed does not solve the problem, it just makes you temporary ambivalent. Yet when you come off your high, surprise, the problems are still there. There are also those who smoke weed because of peer pressure, everybody seems to be doing it. But people who blindly and blanketly follow the crowd are people who refuse to think for themselves.


Then there are people who smoke weed because they swear its harmless and that all the research saying it’s harmful is fake. How could states all over this country legalize pot smoking if it was dangerous? How could they dare do that when they are supposed to look out for us? Did you really ask those questions in your mind? Really? Since when has the government looked out for us? Think about it. No, really think about it. Or is there a deeper plan at play which will create an entirely new rehab industry only a few years from now?


Then there are those African Americans who say they will smoke “hemp” because their ancestors did. First I say to you, we can’t go back and look at their medical reports and charts, can we? Secondly, as advances in medicine grow by leaps and bounds every year, we now know that some things done long ago were bad for us – very bad. Thirdly, emulation of your ancestor’s behavior is not the best reason to do something. Your ancestors also picked cotton and went back in the barn to be chained up at night. Would you like to do that too? Our ancestors also had rights of passage where they went out and killed lions and bears barehanded. Maybe you would like to do that as well. Do you have to follow the crowd?

Some African Americans (black is the color of our car tires, not our skin) smoke weed because they have seen it done by those they trust – parents, close friends, older siblings etc. But that simply means there are even more people who are misled and who will not dare look at both sides of the coin. They will not read the health reports and the research. They only stick with whatever information supports what they want to do. Can you say “DENIAL“?

It is ironic that so many African Americans are smoking weed in order to mask their depression when weed is in fact a depressant. Why do you think people who smoke weed feel “chilled out“, laid back and as if nothing matters? These behaviors are the results of a depressant, not a stimulant. Hello, the alarm clock is going off but will you wake up?

Other African Americans smoke weed yet have no idea why they do it. These are the zombies who are more lost and on destructive autopilot than they realize. It’s very interesting that in 2011/2012 the CDC released a “zombie control plan”. Everybody laughed it off but what were they really saying? A zombie’s mind is gone. It has no sense of identity and very little awareness. It can function on a primal, primitive level but that’s about all. If you smoke weed, how far away are you from becoming that zombie? And could that be the plan put in place by those who flooded our communities with weed in the first place?


There is a reason employers do not accept employees being under the influence of marijuana at work – even in the states where it is legal. How would you like the police officer who is following you to be under the influence – especially in this current climate? How would you like the doctor operating on your mother or the ambulance drive to be under the influence of marijuana? Impairment happens at different levels with different people, but you really wouldn’t know if the police officer, doctor or ambulance driver miscalculated, now would you? Wow use a little common sense, just a little.

So you see we can debate about side effects, purity levels, case studies and recreational use all day long. But in the end, proof is proof and facts are facts. So if you smoke weed and you have not experienced the devastation, it is likely on the way. And while you may disagree with me now, let’s have this conversation again when the devastation, addiction and consequences hit home. At that point in your life, I will not have to convince you. STOP SMOKING WEED AND WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


23 Responses to “Why African-Americans Smoke Weed: The Root of the Problem.”
  1. Jerome Peterson says:

    THC is addictive.

    Sugars are addictive, Glucose is addictive, Junk food is addictive, water for some people can be addictive. Even eating dirt. Even Hip-Hop in terms of murder or rape could be addictive. Some say sexual “looseness” in television is addictive. Religion for especially cultists and general extremists and heart-hatred people as well.

    Lets not pretend that for people who visit Clubs or Social Events that drinking Alcohol even on a 2-3 time weekly basis turns you into a drunk.

    We live in a free society that deals primarily with self control. There is “nothing” in this world that can’t be turned into an addiction. Spiritually and by raw endurance is how you never make it so.

    What we will NOT do, is make weed out to be this big scary virus rampaging through our community with the likes of opioids or crack.

    I don’t even blame white people for the crack epidemic. If you “knowingly” will take THAT drug or abuse weed to the extent your a drug addict, then I have no sympathy for you.

    Let the true recreational, completely functional drug users stand HIGH!

  2. Rita says:

    Thank you sir. I respect your observations and find great insight and value in it. Your views obviously aren’t for everyone, but I hope that some will choose to put the weed down and pick a book up, some will convene to discuss deeper issues & plans and not blaze out. Some only smoke for recreation and handle their life’s affairs in flying colors, but some do mask their depression with this and other vices and have chosen this as a habit that takes up idle time, when other gifts and talents may be possible for them. It is a choice, and I am choosing to see the love for our people as alert and conscious beings, which is what I believe is the root and motivating factor of Mr. Anthony’s comments.

  3. Rick says:

    I am a white conservative, and I’m not an alcoholic.

    The article is basically accurate. And the knee-jerk, Pavlovian responses prove his point.

    What the author didn’t focus on are the numerous studies (Northwestern/Harvard medical and so on) done recently by neurological researchers and psychiatrists, using the latest brain-imaging technology. In a nutshell, if you think that casual marijuana use that permanently damages the hippocampus is “harmless,” then smoke away.

    When African American women smoke pot during pregnancy, and during child-rearing, they are perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  4. Harry says:

    Wass up,

    Fact is the Reggin is getting dumber by the day.
    Most of them can’t study in school, so they disrupt it for everyone else!
    He thinks books are WMD and won’t go near them. You should keep your money in books, where the Reggin is known to break into houses!
    From the STDs his Momma had, when she conceived him, during a drug/alcohol night out, and 9 months inhaling weed, his brain is retarded by the time he is born. Then his Momma feeds him with HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) products, which puts the nail in his coffin.
    The REAL enemy of the Reggin, is his Momma.

  5. joe hunter says:

    even if this is satire it’s not good satire, it makes you look like an idiot

  6. Satanic blood orgy says:

    This is hands down the funnesit and most in detail troll I’ve ever met.
    Guys chill the fuck out, this person is just fucking with you.

  7. James Madison says:

    Another college student here… drugs have nothing to do with the downfall…. abuse of drugs is for financial, educational and personal problems. I see people who smoke weed all the time and make stellar grades. Millions of brain cells die daily regardless of weed or no drugs. Weed is nothing compared to the stuff that is in these “FOODS” these days. Weed is not addictive… not in the alcoholic or cocaine way (physical need)

  8. Hermajesty says:

    It’s just astounding how many drug addicts have replied with assinine, self-deceptive/destructive responses…DEFENDING DRUG ADDICTION/USE!! Marijuana is destroying black communities; especially poor ones. As if ghettoes weren’t already hell! I will disagree with the author’s assertion that “black are being shot down like dogs”: yeah…BY OTHER BLACKS!!

    You dumb bastards won’t see the New World Order coming that’s for damned sure. You’ll be too FRIED then!!!

  9. Cloud Johnson says:

    I will first address you intro.You are correct that cannabis can become addictive over time.That’s why anything you do that affects the body should be in moderation.IF MARIJUANA SMOKING IS HARMLESS, WHY CAN’T WOMEN SMOKE IT WHILE PREGNANT?There’s no trial studies to conclude if the fetus will be affected by cannabis use.WHY YOU DO SOMETHING IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!Unlike Alcohol and cigarettes,no one has died from consuming cannabis.IF USING RECREATIONAL WEED IS HARMLESS, WHY ISN’T IT ALLOWED WHILE YOU ARE ON THE JOB?Simply put,because it is a scheduled drug.Certain strains of cannabis can increase focus and alertness mainly sativa strains.The stigma of cannabis is fueled by the notion that cannabis users are dim witted and slow.This is far from true.THE POWERS THAT BE ARE PROGRAMMING WEED HEADS ON A SELF-DESTRUCTIVE PATH:The government has created one strain of cannabis so far called g-13.Cannabis use in the United States goes back to the founding fathers of this country sir.MARIJUANA HAS BEEN PUMPED INTO OUR COMMUNITY TO ALTER OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, REDUCE OUR AWARENESS, RESTRAIN OUR UPRISINGS AND ELIMINATE OUR RESISTANCE! WAKE UP!!!Blaming cannabis for the lack of mobility in the black community is ridiculous.Black people don’t want to stand up because they fear white supremacy period.

    Now that I have answered your questions let’s get into actual facts.Medicinal cannabis consumption and dosage should be between 6 to 10mgs.THC is a cannabinoid in fact it is one of many.THC is one side of a coin.It’s equalizer is CBD or Cannabidiol.The potency of cannabis has become so high because of breeding by growers who were looking for specific genetics that they found to be desirable.Cross breeding with other similar cannabis strains have created high potency cannabis strains.Rec users aren’t using cannabis responsibly.Once you are high you can’t become higher.I’m writing a book right now on African Americans and cannabis and how we fit into this new cash crop.Our group has a host of illnesses that are under managed.I hope to educate our people and yourself on the subject of cannabis.

  10. toomanygrandkids says:

    Oh yeah, it was a very high concentration of THC that was found in Sandra Bland’s system.

  11. toomanygrandkids says:

    For years now, people are adding more potent chemicals (embalming fluid) and other drugs (crack) to marijuana. That may make it addictive but most importantly, it makes smokers very dangerous individuals. But weed isn’t as addictive as crack. That shit has been destroying black people and black neighborhoods since the late 70’s. Heroin is also just as addictive and dangerous. Till this day, blacks refuse to let go of their crack/crack cocaine.

  12. Matthew Sparks says:

    WTF… black people and their stupidity it never ceases to amuse me. Marque anthony starts a fake “conspiracy of thy goverment” and then uses trolls he funds to emphasize his…”points”

  13. Marque Anthony says:

    I smoked weed many of times dear beloved brothers. Only if you are married should you smoke weed. That is written in the Prototype Testament..(P.T) by Buddha.

    Merry Christmas, we must act like the white man and not call ourselves black dear beloved brother.

  14. Jessie Smith says:

    You all have serious mental problems….GOD IS ACTUALLY WEED. Anthonnnnyx is fiting against Gawwwwd. RaRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  15. David Mccoy says:

    Marque Anthony has serious issues…and is losing in the comments sections…yes my friends go to the WEB LINKS HE DISCUSES. They aren’t even all that bad and tacitly SUPPORT weed in extenuating circumstances.

    Marque Anthony, the new Tommy Sotomayor…I pity the fools! What a terrible attempt your conspiracy-theory argument was…

    We need more educated black men, not online generals such as the likes of you

  16. Shamaya Anderson says:

    1) Marque Anthony believes in these lies, sad…weed is not addictive, nothing is addictive unless you are a fiend. Their are people who drink Alcohol sparingly and don’t turn to drunks so yes “medically” speaking its addictive, but that means nothing your body/mind must not satiate it. Otherwise you could be sugar addict with lots of enhanced beyond-tasty sugary sweets/cereals. such as 100 boxes of stuff..you could easily develop diabetes…Of course nobody is calling for a “blockade” against those sugary things either…If you are going to call weed on “addiction”, then well EVERYTHING is addictive..too much sex and you could turn into a rapist. Jesus Christ man. Some people have self-control, others don’t. Not my or anybody elses problem. To pretend street drugs or drugs at all are the only things severely addicting is hilarious….don’t make me laugh…at you

    2) Also you are right, about street weed, but those same chemicals don’t come from growing your own or legalized weed in multiple states. So yea, no extra chemicals there..only a crazed loon would by weed on the street lol (Their are some *trusted sources as well just don’t let it be any bloe-joe.

    3) “Weed is a depressant”…its not my friend, otherwise the entire purpose of taking it would be void.

    4) As bother Alcopte said, Weed is not a government conspiracy, such nonsense…the goverment doesn’t pump in weed. (It may be lax on ‘the border’, but if you don’t live on border states you’ll have to find a local producer)

    5)Weed is by far not the only thing that a pregnant woman shouldn’t have. This doesn’t make weed “stand out”

    6)”Your ancestors also picked cotton and went back in the barn to be chained up at night.” Thats the most crass, disrespectful, irrelevant thing I’ve ever heard…how you think is acceptable is beyond me.

    7) “We are not black” I don’t subscribe to the white mans term of “blackness”..black, african american, unless its not N it really doesn’t matter. You obviously worship the white mans definition of it, otherwise you wouldn’t be protesting and chanting time and time again

  17. Marque Anthony says:


    Listen, to those who are weed heads, look at all the research, not just the research that you want to accept. THC is addictive. But this article is not a medical discussion, it is a discussion about motives – psychology and sociology. Yet some of you want to set up straw man arguments to divert from the reason why you do what you do. If you do this, you are either addicted, deceived, in denial or simply ignorant of the truth – or all of the above.

    This who are commenting are not addressing nearly any of the points I am making. Nice try.

    THE ENTIRE MEDICAL INDUSTRY KNOWS WHAT I AM SAYING IS TRUE. The U.S. Government knows it. The CDC knows it. Your doctor knows it. And upper level mental health professionals know it. WAKE UP!

  18. Marque Anthony says:

    To Alcopte Ren,
    I have read the data on both sides of the coin. I dare you to.
    I dare you to let ALL the facts determine the truth, not just the ones you want to accept.

    Feel free to email me at brainstormonline@yahoo.com and I will send you the research – if you have the courage to read it.

  19. Marque Anthony says:

    To Scott,
    Read more closely. I did not say marijuana was addictive. I said THC was addictive and it is. Secondly, all cannabis is NOT medical. Where did you get that from? I could have a medical discussion with you and show you three reputable sources to support my points for every one you showed against my points, but that is not the purpose of this article. I have written other articles to that affect.

    THE ROOT OF WHY PEOPLE SMOKE WEED IS THE ISSUE OF THIS ARTICLE. So don’t try to set up straw man arguments to divert people away from the issue.
    As for your comments about our foods having pesticides as well, that has nothing to do with the HUNDREDS of chemicals and trash that street weed is laced with. If that many detrimental things were in our foods, I would say don’t eat those either. But nobody is smoking apples and oranges. And if you know anything about chemistry, when the trash in street weed burns, it causes chemical reactions and forms new compounds. Read a chemistry book or speak to a biochemist.

    To EJ, I agree with you.

    To Alcopte, did you hear anything I just said? Addiction in moderation? And how would you accomplish that? Stop ignoring the whole truth just because it clashed with something you want to do.

  20. 1. Cannabis is NOT ADDICTIVE. Habit-forming yes , addictive NO!

    2. All cannabis is medical. THC and the 400 plus compounds we can identify play a vital role in the prevention of cancer, inflammation, and a myriad of other conditions that are impacted by the endocannabinoid system.

    3. Today’s cannabis may have pesticides and feces but so does the rest of our fruits and vegetables that come in processed foods.

    We can agree that a clear head is important, many people smoke too much, and that can be mitgated with proper education.

    But calling marijuana addictive is total hogwash. The nicotine in the blunt wraps are, but dont compare the two, method of delivery is the choice of the user. Stop blaming cannabis.

  21. Dremonte Higgins says:

    EJ Isreal, when you assume you make an ass out of me and you. Hows somebody smoking make them an uncle tom or white? lol Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Africans, Europeans, Middle Easterns, Isreali, Russian…everybody likes that loud lol

    Brother Alcopte makes since and brings out key points…the next thing you know it’ll be adultry…as long as you good with your scholar-work, not being a deadbeat dad, and cause no harm and HELP people, while not abusin’ then u O.K

    Those are my goals…I know plenty of religious non drug-using, African “conscious” people that are the scum of the earth and gotz no drive.

  22. EJ Israel says:

    The comment above is more than likely a white guy or some coon with white friends trying to justify weed addiction. Smh

  23. Alcopte Ren says:

    * One must do things in moderation…drinking too much water can kill you, we all know where too much religion gets you….I know many people, intellectual geniuses who smoke. I know losers and aimless people who are clean. This isn’t good vs evil for crying out loud. Weed THEORETICALLY and realistically doesn’t produce the depth perception of Alchol, so driving is o.k (plus you wouldn’t want to drive if you are high…it defeats the purpose of weed) !


    * Many sources indicate White People use drugs more then blacks. There is no specific targeting of drugs to the black community. Sure they prosecute us more, but you plant it as a grand “white man conspiracy to pump weed in” which doesn’t exist.

    “Weed is unhealthy myth”

    *Your body fights cancers, stress which can be compared to as dangerous as liquid cocaine, and our artificial foods. Compared to these three, Weed is nothing but a drop in the Caspian Sea my friend. (Except people with existing and especially severe health problems) Then again…weed on the flip side could also help those problems…speaking of cancers, weed does have a good affect AGAINST cancers.

    *”Cancer for cigarette smoking”? The majority of cases are chain-smokers life-time, and it affects your LUNGS..the brain is durable and can survive far worse things then mere weed. Also cancer is more genetic according to practically all present scientific accords…there are people who develop cancer who never touched a cigaratte and there are people who chain smoke all their life and have no cancer.

    “is a detriment to the African American community”

    *The above comes from 3/5ths of a people and slave-drone like mindset. Why is it we never here of the Caucasian community? Excactly…forget our colored brothers they are immigrants. Naturally you’ll say they stick together, which is what all IMMIGRANTS do (which translates to their families).. their are millions of these who are worthless lazy people back at their homelands. (and increasingly in America as well.)

    Now more then ever there is no such thing as an “African American community”..its as stupid believing and praying on Obama’s every word. Will you get out of your slave-mindset of the Black… Rebel Alliance vs the White ‘Empire’ its disgusting…we are not monolithic.

    I smoked weed in college, got A’s, slept around and stuff…attended “revolution” rallies and stuff with friends both black and white. It actually HELPED me study in several instances (although admittingly it damaged my athleticism) You don’t get us young folks…if you fail its on you…not drugs, not the white man.

    Anybody knows Weed is far less dangerous then Alcohol and Cigarettes…

    According to you I’ll turn into a monstrous weed-head, but I got my life straight…I’ll agree with you shouldn’t do it if your in a hard rut (internally or externally) but I’m fine.

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