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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Drake: bringing authenticity back to Hip-Hop.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Drake appears to be a breath of fresh air when it comes to the attractive music that lures and entrances millions of viewers. Hip hop is a billion dollar magnet that appears to attract every greedy, conniving, amoral capitalistic brother or sister who has a musical bone in his/her body. These rhythmical hip-hop con artists will grab a microphone and blatantly fabricate tall tales to the American public in exchange for dollars, like paid informants. They’re willing to blemish and defame their characters in exchange for enticing fruit that is attached to a poisonous tree.

I’ve heard some of these musicians solemnly swear that they are murderers, thieves, gun molls, marauders, rapists, and the like. But, not Drake. He admits to being a dissatisfied actor. He claims to be in tune with music. Drake raps his lyrics and sings his hooks like a multi-talented schizophrenic. Unfortunately, his unique style, mild-mannerisms, and choir-boy appearance seem to make him fairDrizzy-Drake-bringing-authenticity-back-to-ol-Hip-Hop-2015 game for the blood thirsty lyrical sharks who will do or say anything in effort to secure a crown that is as evasive as a slimy, slippery Chameleon and as loyal as a Benedict Arnold.

I instantly became a fan once I heard, “Look what you done for me.” Instead of using his platform as a vehicle to publicly and continuously bash his dead-beat-dad, he drove on the high-road and capitalized on the opportunity to thank his uncle for picking up the slack. Looking back, I remember viewing Drake as a light-skinned sheep dwelling in the valley of the shadow of musical death. I knew that this particular lowland was saturated with amoral wolves and unethical foxes, all of them hungrily salivating.

In recent news, I heard that Killa-delphia’s own Meek Mills attempted to slaughter the Canadian lamb. It was only a matter of time, I thought. Drake must’ve been thinking the same thing, too. To my amazement, the little lamb was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He attacked Meek with a song called, “Charged up.”

It was an okay melody; but, not enough to chase Meek into the hills and mountains of Pennsylvania. I think Drake realized that, too. Therefore, instead of waiting on Meek’s counter attack, Drake extracted a page out of President Bush’s playbook and shocked and awed the world with another song called, “Back to Back.”

Now that the cat or sheep is out of the bag, I think other rappers, old and young, who are vying for that crown, better prepare themselves for this new form of hip-hop. To put it bluntly, you better come right when you come at Mr. Wrong.

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2 Responses to “Drake: bringing authenticity back to Hip-Hop.”
  1. jdean says:

    He gets it from his daddy but his daddy was never around? Valuable lesson time to grow up” So your daddy wasnt around and promised to come through but you get it from you daddy. I’m confused as much as this confused mulatto Drake is. LOL

  2. jdean says:

    Saint Solomon, where have you been? The beef between him and Meek started because he found out Drake didn’t write his own rhymes. That’s bringing authenticity back to hip hop? Get off this dudes swipe. Him being an actor shows he does just that in his rhymes and videos, act. He gets around some thugs and then starts talkin that. ” you dont wanna me to catch a body like that” “one of my homies got three kids and they all 3” wanna be ghetto, when really not crap. Its a negative cycle bec he has kids in the burbs and country tryin to think they can be or act hard without merit. Its sad how people cant see this dude is one of the fakest dudes ever. Another example is that he tries to be the new Spike Lee at Toronto Raptors games now and says he is a huge Kentucky fan but when he guest appeared in the warm up line he didnt know how had to make a layup in the layup line. True B Ball fraud/ Saint Solomon, have you ever met a thug or gangster from Toronto. Please email me if you find one……………I’m waiting.

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