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Monday, October 15, 2018

Republican Leadership Trumped Again.

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( The political story of the year by far is the sudden resignation of House Speaker, John Boehner.  His announcement last Friday sent tectonic shock waves throughout the body politic.

Boehner’s resignation was a direct result of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy; not Trump the person, but rather what Trump represents.

In many ways, as a candidate, Trump is very flawed; but what he represents is very much real.

Trump’s unconventional approach to campaigning and his theatrics are wearing very thin on the voters.  He must now begin to address the American people with substantive policy initiatives.  We know he is  very wealthy, we know he loves Mexicans and they love him too, and we know his hair is real, etc.

But now Trump has to convince the electorate that he has a plan to deal with ISIS, that he has a plan to reduce government spending, and that he has a plan to create jobs in this anemic economy, etc.

That’s Trump the candidate.  Trump the symbol is totally different.

Trump is the vessel the Republican base has chosen to represent their anger and disillusionment with the party.  The party establishment refused to listen to the base when they quietly voiced their dissatisfaction.  They were simply told to write a check, vote for them, and just shut the hell up.

Many in the party no longer know what we stand for as Republicans; other than Trump (illegal immigration), can you name the signature issue of any other candidates for president?  The world is falling 2016-gop-dark-horse-candidatesapart right in front of us, both domestically and internationally and Republicans are not putting forth any solutions; just caving in to Obama at every chance.

I think it is extremely condescending for some to attempt to chide the base of the party for having “unrealistic” expectations from the Republican Congress.  Well, if this be true, the fault clearly falls on these same people for raising the expectations thusly.

The base was told last year that if they voted for Republicans, they would stop Obama’s amnesty; repeal Obamacare, and cut spending.  Congress has not done nor attempted to do any of these things.

The base doesn’t need lecturing and condescension; they are fully aware that Obama has the power of the veto.  The base doesn’t mind losing a vote, but they at least want to see Congress put up a fight for the principles that they claim to believe in.  Make Obama veto a border bill or make Obama veto a spending bill.

The base will respect and support loses when the leadership stands by their (and our) principles.

The unwillingness of our leaders to fight for our values has led to the creation of Donald Trump.  Trump would have no raison d’etre for his candidacy if Republicans had fought against Obama’s liberal agenda.

So, replacing Boehner with someone who is going to continue the status quo is not the solution.  Republicans should pick up to three issues that they are going to focus on like a laser beam for the rest of the year.  I would choose national security, a border bill, and decreasing spending as the three priorities for the rest of this year.  Force Obama to come our way on these issues or use the power of the purse to force his hand and use the nuclear option in the senate.

Even if the party’s establishment is successful at getting rid of Trump, who will address the issues that he represents?  The American people don’t want amnesty, yet it seems the Republican Party’s leadership is hell-bent on giving it to those in the country illegally.

The American people want us to take a tougher stand on China’s hacking and espionage; but instead they get a state dinner.

Again, Trump is not the problem, so take him down if you must; but then what?  To be very candid, several of our guys running in the presidential primary could legitimately be running in the Democratic primary based on where they stand on the issues.

We know we can’t count on the mainstream media to fairly portray the Republican message.  But there are over two hundred Black newspapers begging the Republican leadership to engage with them.  There are many Black reporters who can’t get Republican leaders or their staffs to return their calls.

The Black media is not hostile to Republicans; they don’t know Republicans.  How many Republican presidential candidates have engaged with the Black media?  When has the House/Senate leadership ever engaged with the Black media?

When oil companies have depleted the oil from their known reserves; they begin to engage in “exploratory” drilling to find that new source of reserves.

To my Republican Party, the Black community is that new source of oil.  You have thoroughly depleted your proven reserves (the White, male vote).  When will you start drilling for “Black gold” (pun intended)?

If you don’t want to engage with the Black community because it’s the smart thing to do; at least do it for political survival.  Please, don’t get trumped again by your ego.

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.


One Response to “Republican Leadership Trumped Again.”
  1. Dave Francis says:


    The dishonor that has been brought upon our great nation is at times too much to bear. Obama has demonstrated complete disrespect for the law and We the People throughout his presidency. And now he has shown the same utter disregard and disrespect for rule of law and the US Constitution. These administration Big Lies are getting tougher to cover up. With the future help of patriotic citizens like you, less Democratic and liberalized press outlets are publicizing treacherous tactic this government attempts and exposing Obama’s anti-American agenda showing Americans the wilting economy and bad policies.

    People, this man has blood on his hands. Remember Kate Steinle–the American woman allegedly killed by an illegal alien with SEVEN felony convictions and FIVE deportations! He’d found protection in the “sanctuary” city of San Francisco–which openly defies cooperation with federal immigration enforcement. Righteously indignant elected officials advanced “Kate’s Law” to reveal the truth and deny sanctuary cities federal funding.

    But this is just one blood drop in the ocean of the pain and suffering of unknown numbers of citizens an lawful residents murdered by illegal aliens and the facts hidden from us all by the mainstream press or some lesser known state law. I think the national Press whose encompassing presents dominates the internet and hide the truth about the mayhem on city streets or highways by illegal immigrants.

    However, friends this is one of the most important messages that’s ever delivered–we have a major problem that’s even bigger than Obama’s lax enforcement at the border or in the interior of our country. Lurking in the shadows is an even greater risk to liberty. That through Obama’s executive orders and the failure of the judiciary to stop the illegal alien amnesty, we will be inundated with even more illegal aliens trying to gain entrance through illegal means, knowing that once here, deportation will be out of the question especially women with children.

    Government already feeds the needs of business owners with 1 million plus most legal immigrants a year, so we can least afford to allow more when we have 90 million American in part time, unemployed situations. The only I see for a less reckless future that is entertained by both the GOP establishment and Democrats is the emergence of Mr. Donald Trump. My family and friends see that ONLY Senator Ted Cruz that is willing to stop another path to citizenship as was unfortunately granted in 1986.

    Being honest is essential for the next President, as the American people have been lied to, by the political parties and Donald Trump is the ONLY one trusted alleviate the damage done to the American economy by illegal welfare recipients, who has paid nothing into the system. I do not even believe that their are only 12 million illegal aliens in the United States. Numbers I have heard range in the 30 million? The cost also I have heard is about $$100 billion annually, with taxes some people pay around $$13 Billion.

    Like a lottery win I wish for Donald Trump to be President; to build his wall and being to an end to ‘Optional’ E-verify law. The American people must insist of the 100 Senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives introduce MANDATORY E-VERIFY, that nobody escapes in the workplace. Every person in any working environment must be screened–everybody, including ALL hires–not just new hires. That this is a crime against the American people of illegal immigrants stealing jobs in complicity with US companies. A reward and a need for informants to contact ICE, furnishing details of a felony being committed and not a misdemeanor. With heavy duty fines and even prison for untrustworthy business owners who pay no heed to the MANDATED law. Just for once the law under Trump as President will be unable to manipulated by Special Interests and Cronyism.

    During this campaign season John Boehner, McConnell and his fellow lapdog establishment Republicans promised to lay to rest Obama’s proposals. Trust us, they whispered, we’re with the American People, So they were voted back in there seats, as a majority. They waited for Americans to ease back to inanimate slumber. Then these calculating morons and white haired hacks scurried about to implement Obamacare, amnesty, tax hikes and gross deficit spending nervous that they might have to deal with a government shut down? I think Americans realized they had been taken to the cleaners, because these career insider politicians have caught the wrath of promoting Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina to top of the polls. The analysis of Senate actions under McConnell shows the majority voting with Obama as high as 82 percent of the time. Once again the American People came last.

    McConnell has the same behavior pattern as Harry Reid in more ways than one. Just like Reid, he’s abusing Senate procedures to manipulate votes, policy and members of his own party. Thank God for Senator Ted Cruz who rightfully called McConnell a “liar.” Some establishment Republicans condemn Cruz for the breaking of decorum, but he was right. We should applaud Ted Cruz his heroic self-control, under impossible circumstances.

    Donald Trump could do no better than Senator Cruz as Vice President?

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