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What Is a Blood Moon and How Does it Benefit You?

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( On Sunday, September 27th we will be experiencing a Super Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. Supermoon occur when the moon is closest to earth. A Total Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth’s shadow swallows the moon. The next event of this kind will be in 2033., the last was in 1982.

Full moons are a time of wholeness and self-reflection. At this time of the month, we are full of the intentions set during the new moon giving way for the full moon energies to provide clarity, the releasing of what is no longer needed and openings to make necessary adjustments.

Aries is the sign of optimism, spontaneity, courage, independence and magnetism. Aries rules the 1st house in astrology, our house of self. This house deals with self-awareness, personality, attitude, physical appearance, soul purpose, the aura, inner motivation and how others see you. Aries motto is “I AM, therefore I AM”.

We have enfettered a time of great transformation in the Universe. 123-lunarWe are being pushed, pulled and in some cases dragged in a verity of directions. Confusion, frustration, anger and sorrow are at an all time high as most of us do not fully understand what is happening within ourselves let alone the world around us. 

Those who choose to shifft their lives by using these powerful energies will find great comfort, wisdom and progression after the storm has passed. There can be pain involved in change. When your shoes no longer fit, you experience pain and discomfort yet it doesn’t impair you from taking the necessary steps to get better fitting shoes.

Consider this energy tight shoes and in order to find comfort you must work through your issues as they arise, whether it’s beliefs, past experiences, current difficulties, damaged relationships, illness, addiction or judgments. This work muat be done with grace.

This is not the time for pointing fingers! Trust that most people are self-sabotaging by beating themselves down mentally, emotionally and spiritually so your assistance increasing the negative energy is not needed and will create greater difficulties for you.

This time is about YOU! Everyone on this planet is responsible for their own elevation, expansion and ascension at this time.

This energy is available for us to use as needed. Be very clear on what it is you desire (healing, releasing, attracting, etc.). Always set clear intentions! Also, be clear on what receiving what you desire looks like and how it will for into your current life experience.

What is your mental self pulling your attention towards? Why?
What is your personality begging you to do OR accept?
What is your heart center craving?
Are you your authentic self? How do you know?

Aries energy is magnetic and thus attracts to itself a variety of energies. If you are one who is indecisive or changes your mind often, understand this energy is going to require you make a decision and sit in it. Aries energy is impulsive, it charges forth Ram style so you will not be granted days to make up your mind. NOW is the time you’ve been putting off for months, if not years. NOW is the moment of “I Am that I Am“.

While we sit in this energy we are going to learn much about our true self, our capacity to persevere, our ability to forgive, our gifts and how to let go of what’s no longer needed or self destruct.

What is falling apart in your life? Why?
What still feels or looks impossible?
How do you present yourself to the world?
Where are you stuck, fighting or resisting? What happens if you accept/submit?
What is worth self destructing?

Welcome to a new phase of self belief, self acceptance, trust and purpose.

Do not turn back! Do not attempt to run away! For everywhere you go, there YOU are.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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