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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rwanda: The New Leadership We Need.

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When the name “Rwanda” is mentionned,what comes to mind is the tragic events that led to the 1994 alleged genocide against the Tutsis.

Many people start to imagine the bodies of innocent children and women that were lying on the roads for months whilst others were being butchered.

What people tend to forget is the impact that the 1994 Massacres had on the Rwandan Youths(Both living in Rwanda and diaspora).

Below are some of the thoughts expressed by Rwandan Youths on how best the Rwandan case is to be solved;

Candidate 1(name withheld for security reasons):

“I am a Hutu but I refuse to ascribe to the propaganda imposed on us by our elders to deny that Hutu civilians killed innocent Tutsi counterparts in 1994.

We need to accept our mistakes in order for us to heal.Playing the victim is not helping anyone.We cannot claim to be better than Paul Kagame when we are still using the same methods-deception to gain public sympathy.”

Another Candidate(a Tutsi this time) had this to say;

“People always blame Tutsi for every Hutu deaths but not every Tutsi is evil.

The Rwandan Patriotic Front(RPF) killed innocent Hutu civilians in rwanda-2015Kibeho(Kibeho Massacres) and in DR Congo(Congo War 1996-97) but they did not have the blessings of the general Tutsi population.

At the time,our parents were naïve and selfish.They followed Paul Kagame blindly without reprimanding him for the atrocities he was committing.”

The message these two gentlemen who are now refugees are trying to put across is that the youths ought to own the Rwandan struggle.

Their predecessors have failed them entirely and as Future Leaders of Rwanda,a new front is needed.

What is the new front?


Rwanda is bigger than our sentiments.

We must forgive one another and move on.

Time has come to show Paul Kagame that predestination is real and he too can be forgiven if he steps down and apologise for all his mistakes.


We need to unify regardless of who we are and our past.

Everyone is a victim.We must learn to be patient with eachother at all times.

Let us find a common goal and work together.


Many Rwandans suffer from the ‘illusion of knowledge’.They think that they understand what transpired in 1994 better than others.

However,most of these people do not have a clue on what really transpired and why Rwanda had to go through such a crisis.

They believe in conspiracy theories which do not make any scientific/academic sense.

We must endeavour to propagate the correct version of history as it were.We must start by correcting the fallacy that there was “genocide” in Rwanda during the year 1994.

Legalistically,what transpired was a civil war in which Tutsi,Twa and Hutu lives were lost.

Evidence will show that the Rwandan Government was not capable of planning such a massacre.

They had been subjected to an Arms Embargo and UNAMIR was present in Rwanda to ensure that the Rwandan Government was carrying out the said agreement.

The UNAMIR was in control of all strategic military positions in Kigali.

As soon as the President’s plane was shot down-these military grounds fell in the hands of the Kagame led RPF.

So the question is : who planned the 1994 alleged Genocide?


Life is BINARY.One either a ONE(1) or ZERO(0).It is either you stand for something or fall for anything.

The past has shown that the lack of convictions drove us apart.We killed our own neighbours for very preposterous reasons.

As Future Leaders of Rwanda-it is incumbent on us to rise above the mistakes of our father and create a relationship amongst Rwanda based on MUTUAL RESPECT,MUTUAL TRUST,POLITICAL TOLERANCE AND TRUE/REAL RECONCILIATION driven by the truth as it were,not as we want the world to believe.


Staff Writer; Lionel Nishimwe

We are an ‘ ADVOCACY AGENCY’ that specialises in DISPUTE SETTLEMENT in liaison with relevant ‘LEGAL ADVOCATES’. Can visit our official “fanpage” over at Facebook; Lionel Nishimwe & Ngandu Consultancy.


One Response to “Rwanda: The New Leadership We Need.”
  1. John Gatugyi says:

    if you can deny that there was no genocide in Rwanda in 1994 orchestrated by the Hutu regime that existed at that time then I wonder what reconciliation you are talking about.
    there is no chance that you cleanse babies, children, women in hundreds of thousands every month for 3 months without a state machinery involved, that level of organization can not be achieved by individuals without state backing.
    if the state did not back it up how come they did not stop it?
    the French, Belgians financed the plan and execution of the genocide a gender via the government,
    there was continuous purchase of machetes from China in their millions, using government money,
    what were the training camps for?
    you can deny as much as you wish but the truth will prevail at all times

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