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COPS GONE WILD: Here Are The Shocking Hidden Facts.

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( We have read about police brutality cases that have gained national attention month after month. But what you are probably not aware of is how many cases there actually are that have not reached the mainstream media. Be prepared to be shocked and maybe even upset, but not discouraged. There are solutions and they system is working but far too slowly.

Before we get to the numerous cases of police officers out of control all over this country, I have to share something with you. Like many of you and especially as a former detective, executive protection agent, crime prevention and security specialist, I was under the impression that the cases of police brutality and officers breaking the law were awful but not widespread. My perception was there were a few bad apples. Boy was I wrong. My research shows not just bad apples, but rather bad barrels of apples almost everywhere I turn and I am almost speechless.


There are cover-ups happening at almost every turn, cases that are not being prosecuted, grand juries that are failing to indict officers, prosecutors that are failing to charge and/or prosecute police misconduct, departments that are losing evidence, witnesses afraid to testify, unreported cases, internal affairs departments, disciplinary boards and police certification counsels that are not closing monitoring or disciplining rogue officers.riot-cops-2015

Believe it or not, with all that deception al chaos, the system is working to prosecute officers. But enough prosecutors are not prosecuting officers, the system is working too slowly and rogue or renegade officers outnumber the courts and D.A. offices going after them. And even if the rogue officers do not outnumber them, they soon will. It is therefore my suggestion that all citizens call for federal regulation and oversite of all police departments. It may seem aggressive but every dog man storage locker needs to be looked into. I say this hesitantly because such an action could mean that our federal government would eventually gain control of a domestic army patrolling our streets every day of the week – a sort of martial law that would never stop. That is very dangerous.

Here is just a small bit of information being tracked by the CATO Institute from their 2015 National Police Misconduct Reporting Project. The website is and all the cases below are updates from only a 7 day period. This is only a small portion of the data. Unbelievable! Shocking!

The CATO Institute: National Police Misconduct Reporting Project

Here are the ten reports of misconduct tracked for Wednesday, August 19, 2015:

  • Braselton, Georgia: A lieutenant was arrested for battery and kidnapping after a three-hour standoff with police.
  • Update: Worthington, Pennsylvania (First reported 01-23-14): The now-former chief’s criminal case for theft of a firearm and money has been dismissed.
  • Evansville, Indiana: An officer was suspended after a domestic violence arrest.
  • Fayetteville, Tennessee: An officer was arrested for stealing government funds through fraud.
  • Update: Oakland, Florida (First reported 03-19-15): A now-former officer had child pornography charges added to his molestation charges.
  • Update: Cuero, Texas (First reported 04-28-14): A now-former officer confessed and pled no contest to running over his wife with his car after a drunken argument. In exchange for the plea, the prosecutor lowered the offense level to a second-degree felony. He will be sentenced at a later date.
  • Miami, Florida: An officer was removed from duty after he was shown on camera punching a handcuffed suspect in a squad car. The investigation is ongoing.
  • Montgomery, Alabama: An officer was arrested for child abuse.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: An officer was charged with attempted first degree murder for a December shooting of a robbery suspect. Officers shot the suspect when he failed to comply with orders. Their actions were deemed justifiable, but the charged officer allegedly cursed at the suspect and shot him after he had been subdued by the first gunfire.
  • Update: Albuquerque, New Mexico (First reported 03-27-14): One officer and one now-retired officer were charged with murder for the shooting death of James Boyd. The City has already settled a wrongful death suit regarding the case.

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, August 18, 2015:

  • Update: Kiowa, Oklahoma (First reported 06-26-15): An officer has been charged and fired for the abduction and sexual seduction of a 15-year-old girl.
  • California Highway Patrol: Three officers were among nine people arrested for the suspicious 2012 death of a man found in a national forest.
  • Loudoun County, Virginia: An officer was accused of assaulting an arrestee.
  • Memphis, Tennessee: An officer was placed on leave after his arrest during a drug sting. He was wearing MPD t-shirt when he allegedly bought the drugs.
  • Update: Massachusetts State Police (First reported 10-27-15): A trooper who was charged with indecent assault against a person he met online in 2014 is scheduled to face trial in November.
  • San Francisco County, California: The sheriff’s drivers’ license was suspended for failure to report a crash he was involved in. He was already on probation for misdemeanor domestic violence.
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina: A school resource officer was charged with indecent liberties with a minor.
  • Update: East Point, Georgia: Two now-former officers were indicted for Tasing death of Gregory Towns.
  • Clinton Township, Ohio: An officer was arrested for domestic violence and intimidation as he awaited a hearing on a previous domestic violence arrest.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology: A now-former officer was charged for trying to produce methamphetamine. He is alleged to have caused an explosion at the NIST labratory.

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, August 15 through Monday, August 17, 2015:

  • Update: Emmett Township, Michigan (First reported 08-18-14): An officer was arrested for sexual assault while on bond for previous sexual assault charges.
  • Marshall County, Alabama: The sheriff is under investigation by state ethics commission. Criminal charges are possible.
  • Update: Alamance County, North Carolina (First reported 07-08-14): A judge threw out a U.S. Department of Justice discrimination lawsuit against the sheriff.
  • San Felipe, Texas: The police chief was indicted for unlawfully hiring security officer, who he knew to be a felon. The chief remains on active duty as his case is pending.
  • Dallas, Texas: An officer was placed on leave after he was involved in a hit-and-run on his way into work. He was arrested for the crash one week later.
  • Newton, Iowa: An officer was placed on paid leave after he was charged with domestic abuse for allegedly slamming his fianceé’s arm in a door.
  • Update: Carencro, Louisiana (First reported 02-12-14): A now-former officer was sentenced to 18 months in prison for extorting money from an exotic dance club owner.
  • Columbus, Ohio: An undercover officer was placed on leave after allegedly assaulting two people at an Irish festival.
  • Greece, New York: An officer was fired after his arrest for stalking and sexual harassment.
  • Update: Fairfax, Virginia (First reported 08-15-13): A now-former officer has been indicted for fatally shooting John Geer.

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, August 14, 2015:

  • Update: Sevier County, Tennessee (First reported 05-26-15): A now-former deputy was sentenced to house arrest and put under a restraining order after he pled guilty to misconduct.
  • Update: Algona, Washington (First reported 03-27-15): A now-former interim police chief has been charged with theft for stealing $7,300 from a youth program at the department.
  • Maryland State Police: A trooper was arrested for assaulting a woman and threatening to kill her.
  • Leland, North Carolina: An officer was fired and charged with embezzlement.
  • Update: Osceola County, Florida (First reported 07-29-15): A deputy’s recent arrest on drug charges threatens at least 43 drug cases he was responsible for.
  • Cleveland, Tennesee: Two officers were suspended for sexual misconduct. One is accused of sexual assault.
  • Update: Washington, Pennsylvania (First reported 01-20-15): An officer resigned and was sentenced to probation after he pled guilty for tipping-off a sex worker to an upcoming police sting.
  • Update: Fairfax County, Virginia (First reported 09-04-13): The deputy that fatally shot John Geer has been fired.
  • Ogdensburg, New York: An officer was arrested for child pornography.


Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, August 13, 2015:

  • Larimer County, Colorado: A deputy was arrested for domestic violence and child abuse.
  • Update: Buffalo, New York (First reported 12-17-14): The officer who was suspended for using a baton to beat man on Thanksgiving has been indicted on federal civil rights charges.
  • Nassau County, Florida: A deputy was arrested and fired for assaulting a jail inmate.
  • Massachusetts State Police: A trooper was arrested for domestic violence against his live-in girlfriend.
  • Update: Saline County, Arkansas (First reported 05-19-14): The now-former sheriff pled guilty to wire fraud for using campaign funds for personal expenses.
  • Lee County, Florida: A corporal resigned during an investigation into claims he falsely billed a business for work he didn’t do.
  • Wayne County, Ohio: A deputy resigned amid allegations he used excessive force against a mentally ill woman. Video was released that showed him drag her by her ankles when she was uncooperative. He was subsequently hired as a Holmes County deputy.
  • Chelsea, Massachusetts: An officer was arrested for repeatedly striking handcuffed suspect and attempting to cover it up.
  • Webster, Texas: An officer was found not guilty of official oppression. Two other officers await trial for the 2013 incident in which they were alleged to have used excessive force against a man who had a gun.

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, August 12, 2015:

  • Update: Arlington, Texas (First reported 08-10-15): The officer who fatally shot unarmed student Christian Taylor has been fired.
  • Denver, Colorado: An officer was arrested for domestic violence.
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania: A man files suit alleging he was assaulted by police for recording them.
  • Talladega, Alabama: An officer and K9 unit have been suspended while they are under prosecutorial investigation for improper and excessive dog bites.
  • North Randall, Ohio: A now-former officer was arrested for making straw gun purchases for felons while employed by the department.
  • Albany County, New York: A sergeant resigned after sending sexually explicit texts to a teenage girl.
  • Update: Spearsville, Louisiana (First reported 09-11-13): The former chief was convicted of child rape and was sentenced to life imprisonment. According to the report, he had been committing these crimes over a period of 40 years.
  • Update: Hackensack, New Jersey (First reported 04-29-10): The now-former chief won his appeal of his fraud and misconduct convictions stemming from a 2008 DUI cover-up. Several officers were disciplined or prosecuted for their roles in the incident.
  • Dallas, Texas: An officer was arrested for DWI in the town of

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, August 11, 2015:

  • Omaha, Nebraska: An officer was arrested for domestic assault.
  • Update: New Orleans, Louisiana (First reported 01-14-15): An officer has been arrested a second time for domestic violence. His first arrest was in January.
  • Lawton, Oklahoma: An officer was arrested for driving to work drunk.
  • Update: Carrollton, Kentucky (First reported 06-02-15): The police chief and another officer were indicted on kidnapping and obstruction charges for putting a mentally ill inmate on a bus to Florida with a one-way ticket.
  • Update: Put-in-Bay, Ohio (First reported 03-03-15): The chief was fired by city council amid several allegations of misconduct in office.
  • Update: Hillview, Kentucky (First reported 10-02-13): The now-former chief was sentenced to two years’ probation and fined $5,000 for lying to FBI about a meth lab.
  • Update: Huntsville, Alabama (First reported 11-20-12): An officer was found guilty of using excessive force against a suspect and attempting to cover it up.
  • Decatur, Alabama: An officer was cleared after an internal investigation. He fired a gun at an unarmed man while serving an arrest warrant in the man’s home.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: An officer was charged with assault for an incident caught on camera.

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, August 8 through Monday, August 10, 2015:

  • Dorchester County, South Carolina: A deputy was arrested for DUI after being found in a ditch near a wrecked vehicle.
  • Update: King City, California: The now-former chief pled no contest to embezzlement and obstruction charges after his first trial ended with a hung jury.
  • Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana: A now-former deputy was sentenced to 18 months in prison for letting an inmate out of custody to buy drugs. The inmate did not return but was subsequently captured.
  • Update: Athens-Clarke, Georgia: The department released the footage of a now-former officer assaulting a University of Georgia student during an arrest.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: An officer was shown on camera running motorcyclist and a passenger off the road.
  • Minatare, Nebraska: The now-former chief was fined $2,000 and lost his law enforcement certification for submitting falsified training documents.
  • Harris County, Texas: Deputies strip-searched a woman during a traffic stop because they were looking for marijuana. She will file a complaint.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: A judge dismissed civil suit against four officers who fatally shot fellow officer William Torbit, who fatally shot an armed person during a disturbance while he was in plainclothes.
  • Update: Christiansburg, Virginia: An officer pled no contest to seven of twelve embezzlement charges. In exchange for the plea, the other five charges were dropped. He will be sentenced in roughly 90 days.
  • Dupont, Pennsylvania: The police chief was ordered to surrender his firearms because a woman filed a protective order against him.

Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, August 7, 2015:

  • Pasco County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for soliciting sex from a minor in Broward County.
  • Bibb County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested for kicking a handcuffed suspect.
  • Bexar County, Texas: Two deputies were arrested separately as a result of an undercover drug smuggling investigation at the jail.
  • Eugene, Oregon: An officer was charged with assault and misconduct for actions during a 2014 arrest that left a suspect with facial wounds.
  • Update: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A now-former officer was sentenced to three years in prison for robbing drug dealers. He testified against six fellow officers who he claimed were his co-conspirators. They were acquitted and five of the six have been or will be reinstated.
  • San Bernadino County, California: A deputy was accused of having sex with a jail inmate.
  • Jackson County, North Carolina: A deputy pled guilty to obstruction of justice in a case involving statutory rape and underage drinking.
  • Update: Miami-Dade County, Florida: An officer pled guilty for his role in a fraudulent credit building scheme.


Whatever we do, we have to do something. I have launched a series of seminars and a GoFundMe campaign in order to travel all over this country to teach citizen’s rights, provide resource information, share legal options and alternative to confrontations with the police and instruct citizens how to handle a police encounter. If you want to be a part of this project, please contact us via email at Host a seminar, purchase and share our information, make a donation or share your ideas. But whatever you do, do something. There are many good police officers but there are many more bad ones than most of us thought.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


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  1. Stop The Press! Alert: Dean Hart is a fraud, fake, and crony of (Federally Indicted) County Executive ‘Boss’ Ed Mangano. Mr. Anti- Corruption teams with corrupt Mangano to put the NUMC back in charge of Inmate Health-Care at NCCC. Before the medical horror stories of Armor Health, there was NUMC. Let us not get bamboozled; led astray by this supposed Citizen for Good Government Group leader. He’s been compromised! Though an eye  doctor, the lines between good and evil has been blurred. NUMC has been putting inmate lives at risk long before Armor happened. This visually challenged political-hack opportunist is selling out Nassau County tax-payers residents for personal gains from his contributors at NUMC. Mr. Dean Hart is an affront to his Inmate Advocacy and should be called-out for his undying support for ‘Boss’ Mangano’s crony appointed cohorts at NUMC.  When Dean Hart says that he wants to keep Nassau County tax-dollars in Nassau County by going back to the Dungeons at NUMC ask Mr. Hart where is his Heart? Then ask him how much of those saved tax-dollars is he getting out of this Enterprise Corrupt Scheme of ‘Boss’ Mangano. That is_’What’s left over’ after all of the lawsuit pending against NUMC is litigated and the families get their awards.  Nassau County new about Armors Pending lawsuit prior to contracting Armor to take over from NUMC. Just like Nassau County knows all too well about NUMC outrageous number of lawsuits! Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 “Shut It Down!” Now Mr. Hart’less  wants to go back(*!)  Dean hart is running for Ass-emblyman making an ass of himself and the ‘Citizens for Good Government Group’. Nassau County can do better! Dean Hart needs your vote! Let’s send this political-hack a message come November. Just Say No! then vote him out of politics. Two failed campaigns will for office will send a message to those politician who take Nassau County Democratic Constituents for granted.Dean Hart needs his vision checked if he can’t see this move to NUMC is political suicide!  NUMC IS A BAD CHIOCE! [written large for Dean Hart.] “What About Darryl Woody!”

  2. There’s two videos being hidden by law enforcement agencies from the 8th percent in Williston Pk Long IslandNew York. . These agencies, all the way up to the NYSCOC, are covering-up the truth. At first they claimed that there wasn’t any cameras on NCCC Secure Prison Ward. After that claim was proven deceptive they changed their story to: “There are cameras but the electronic video flies recorded over the incident 24 hours later!(?) The Homicide Squad investigated with-in 24 hours and not one of these law enforcement agencies, or Internal Affairs, including(former) Under-Sheriff(at the time in 2011) Michael J. Spasato. The (former) Under-Sheriff Sidney Head was promoted to the Commissions of Corrections in 2011 to serve on the NYSCOC_.How can all of these agencies including former high ranking veterans guards in the jail, including the administration employed to protect and serve, over-look this crucial video surveillance evidence.So much to say for due diligence.

    NUMC staff ‘all’ missed or failed to report or protect(or mention) the existence/destruction of the surveillance video(!) The Jail (NCCC) blames> the Hospital. (NUMC) blames> the jail_’both’ hide the video then conspire to obstruct justice by covering-up Darryl Woody’s homicide. Nassau County’s injudicious court proceedings are designed to suppress motions of discovery that violates Darryl Woody’s Civil Rights to Due Process as a pre- trial detainee. Suicide or Homicide_You Decide! Release The Video(s) NOW! ”Silent Screams” “What about Darryl Woody!” “The Cook did it!” And The old lady covered it up,while the council( his Wife_lied about it!?NCCC: Nassau,Corrupt,Conspiring,Cover-Up! NUMC: Nassau,Under-staffed,Malpractice,Center “Nobody Move Or the Cook Gets It!” Mr Dean Hart and The Citizens for Good Government _NUMC cannot be trusted until they can ‘Tell The Truth’ about the former mis-treatment and medical neglect which occurred there in the years prior to 2011 when Darryl Woody’s suspicious death Tell The Truth About it_ “Shut It Down!” Lonconsolo won’t admit to that fact! The Insurance Carriers Dropped NCCC coverage for the Secured Prison Ward at NUMC after Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 prior to Armors take over four months later in June of 2011. This indicts the overseers of the jail DOC, NYSCOC, Homicide Squad and Hospital Supervisory Board Members and the Risk Management Team At NUMC_who met for a previously scheduled board meeting on January 3, 2011(records show) the day of Darryl f Woody’s death. The Woody Family’s Attorney announced a Civil law-suit asking $140-million. Then the jail_and _ the hospital loses/destroys the video(s) How do you file a citizen’s complaint and arrest warrant with a Madams To Compel for the charge of tampering with government protected (electronic) files and falsifying records; a felony that carries up to seven years if found ‘by malicious intent.’ Deliberate destruction or even by omission is in violation of policies and procedures and should result in criminal prosecution.

    The Main officer involved was forced to resign; the other used the union’s bargaining agreement and powers to get re-assigned to his post after the maximum time for mis-conduct suspension had expired. The former president of the SHO”s Sheriff Officers Union who used one of the former CC Tilted Correctional Cook Michael J. Spasato’s frying-pan as a universal tennis racket to beat former mentally-retarded inmate (Thomas Donovan) while telling him to confess his sins, used the same bargaining agreement policies to re-secure his post at NCCC. That’s right $900,000 tax dollars in settlements later and the Gemelli is Back! “I’m BAACK!” and there’s nothing that the County’s legislators can do! The Sheriff’s Officer’s Union was established in1999. The year five officers were convicted the beating death of Thomas Pizzuto at NCCC. {a Thomas Donovan and a Thomas Pizzuto(?) It’s evident that The SHO’s Union_Presidents, don’t like the name Thomas} This Union was designed to make policies to keep officer’s from getting criminally charged or held responsible for excessive force complaints!. The SHO had two previous presidents indicted on charges. The other Union President was former Grievance Officer, turned rapist. Mark Barber who was indicted on 80 counts of sexual acts with female inmates.The Grievance Officer! The Feds left in 2005 then let this “Psychotic Institutional Serial Tree Jumper” in charge of the Inmates Complaints Department(!) Consent Decree!_The Feds Got Jokes! No NCCC’s on Lying Elizabeth Loconsolo a former Queens County prosecutor previously had a two cases over-turned on appeal for_YOU Guest It.

    Tampering with ‘Exculpatory Evidence’ in a child sexual molestation Court ordered proceeding. Elizabeth Loconsolo: The Mrs Joe Isusu of NCCC “She’s Lying again” Loconsolo Cost tax payers 2-million dollars in payments to the victim of her criminal persecution. This time for her (recently disclosed conflict of interest) husband; Nassau County’s Sheriff Michael J. Spasato, Mrs.”I won’t be able to answer that because of impending litigations and inmate privacy policies,” and we stand by our record of safety and bull-shit like that. Blah, blah, blah, When her statements should read: “I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I may incriminate myself. Then plead the fifth amendment…Then there’s her co-defendant (cheer-leader-in-charge) Captain Michael Gollio’s: ”We’re trying to make the jail the best it could be.” “All compliant of abuse will be thoroughly investigated by> Grievance officer Mark(80counts-tree jumping) Barber. The Sheriff’s Department Officer’s Union’s ‘Own’_President (Jack-The Raper Of Nassau County-Barber) “The County didn’t receive any complaints from the Justice Department from 2005-2009” Lying Loconsolo stated. Why was that Mrs Joe Isusu? ”Inquiring Minds Want To Know!” But I’ll take a stab at it once: Mr. 80 counts of sexual deviances, right under the Administration’s and the Fed’s noses, lurking in the female dorms; Grievance Officer> Heeaar’s Johnnie>Barber! He was installed to suppress the complaints ali-the-while lurking in the female galleries at the jail for drug dependent victims relying on there jailers. How did the feds turn their backs then leave the inmates under this guys care is beyond comprehension. It’s obvious and expected that abuse would occur once the former abusers felt departmentally insulated and protected by high ranking officers willing to perjure themselves to protect the Brother and Sister-Hood of the Fraternally Dis-oriented that re-inherited the jail once the Feds evacuate.

    That’s not bureaucracy that’s just evil by design…Systemic Abuse. Don’t count on the Feds:The Feds Know. The Feds are on the grounds of Nassau County Correctional Center Housing 100 Federal Prisoners in the violation plagued jail ran by an Enterprise Racketeering trio, selected by Corrupt County Executive Ed.Mangano, and operating with-in their plush gated community in Long Island. “The Cook Did-it!” “The Old Lady Cover-up for him.” And “His Wife (Mrs. Spasato) Lying Elizabeth Loconsolo (Council for NCCC)_Lies For Him!”. Trial Date set for April Of 2017 at The Supreme Courts in Mineola For LI’s Major Scandal and Collusion in the Malicious Motive Behind The Cover-Up of The Death of Darryl Woody. A Pre-detainee at NCCC in East Meadow New York. ?Reply ?

  3. Denial runs deep in Nassau County’s Executive Administration. From the Top County Executive, Indicted on corruption charges, through the Sheriff’s Department, to Da’s office, who enforce the law, when it comes running Nassau County Correctional Center. Since the1999 beating death of Thomas Pizzuto, former inmate at NCCC who was stomped to death for demanding his medication. The guards at the jail attempted to cover-up the assault by falsifying reports and forcing Thomas Pizzuto to sign a false statement claiming that he fell in the shower. After the conviction of five guards responsible for his death, Nassau County Sheriff’s Department entered a Consent Decree mandated by the Federal Government. Since the Consent Decree implementation NCCC has continued it’s practices of lie, deny , then justify; maintaining the status quo of defending this regime of abusive guards. What came as a result of the convictions of the five guards NCCC was ordered to take measures to improve safety and security. One of these measures was the implementation off Video Surveillance Cameras placed throughout the Correctional Center at the tax payers expenses. Fast forward to 2011: Darryl Woody, a Pre-trial detainee, was found dead of a (supposed) suicide by hanging. This incident occurred while Darryl was being treated at NUMC for self inflicted injuries he caused to himself in an attempt to get medical treatment; the medications prescribed to him. Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 happened while Darryl was under doctor(s ) care and on 1to1 suicide prevention status while awaiting a bed at the psyche unit at the NUMC secured prison ward. This and the circumstances surrounding Darryl Woody’s Death was investigated by multiple law enforcement authorities including the Feds who initiated a probe into the four suicides that occurred in one year between January 2010-January 2011- the day Darryl Woody’s death was reported; one year to the day of Eamon McGinn’s who was found hanging on January 3, 2010. NYSCOC found that his records had also been deliberately altered_Falsified by the guards!

    The NYSCOC who over-sees the jails and correctional Centers in NY State found Darryl Woody’s death was preventable and then went on to read that it was gross negligence and gross inadequate supervision that caused Darryl to hang himself. However, ‘No’ mention of the Video Surveillance Recordings that depicts what actually happened. Darryl Woody’s death was caught on Video Surveillance Files and neither NCCC, NUMC, Homicide Squad, DA’s Office, NYSCOC, or the Federal authorities, considered in making their findings. Yes! The Federal government who ordered NCCC to implement the Video Surveillance Camera failed to review the very Video Cameras Surveillance footage that the Feds had ordered_ ‘Access Denied!’ A travesty of justice perpetrated by the DOJ. “What About Darryl Woody!” “We Can Handle The Truth!” RELEASE THE VIDEO(s).
    Darryl Woody died on January 3, 2011 and for six years Nassau County, Homicide Squad, DA’s Office, NYSCOC, DOC and the DOJ conspired and colluded to hide the truth! WHY? it’s anyones question. How did the Federal authorities fail to access the very tools that they(the Feds) ordered? Thomas Gulloto, Nassau County’s ( former) County Executive was ordered to implement the cameras by the Federal authorities. This Corrupt County Executive Ed Mangano either dismissed these facts or Darryl Woody’s case is a political “Hit-Job” under the auspices of the ‘BOSS” Mangano. So here we have a corrupt County Executive using his authority, influence and his crony Sheriff Michael J. Spasato to violate Darryl Woody’s Due Process by Obstructing Justice in a homicide evaluation/ investigation. This political move against Darryl Woody is also being facilitated by the Supreme Courts Of Nassau County where the discovery process is tainted by injudicious Court proceedings denying access to damning evidence that will prove that that Darryl Woody’s death is a homicide being disguised as a suicide by hanging.

    There’s irrefutable proof and Nassau County is aiding and abetting the perpetrators that caused his death in an effort to protect Nassau County’s Correctional Center from Federal intervention as was done during the Pizzuto’s case. The County was sued and forced to pay $7.75 million in damages to the family of Thomas Pizzuto. The Correctional Guards at the jail responded by breaking ties with the CSEA Employees Union and formed the SHO Correctional Guards Union that same year (1999) to make bargaining Agreements geared to protect their fellow cohorts from criminal conviction for claims of Excessive Use of Force and other abuse charges. Thomas Pizzuto’s family was forced to walk through a crowd of angry Correctional Guards when the arrived at court to witness the trial. His mother is quoted as saying that she could not believe what was occurring; “These Guards are protecting killers!”
    Where are the Feds when it comes to Darryl Woody? We contacted Michael Goldberger the Brooklyn’s offices in New York and described Darryl Woody’s case and the cover-up that ensued. After delivering the court files to his offices over a year ago_Nothing has transpired in regards to these accusations. After over 40 emails to Mr Michael Golberger’s email address and the falsified file being delivered to his offices_ Nothing! Is the Feds in bed with NCCC(!) You be the judge. Is the Federal Government facilitating the deliberate destruction of evidence and government files tampering at NCCC. Well the feds know! The Feds have federal prison held at NCCC. Maybe this is what you call a qui Pro Quo: You do for us; we’ll cover-up for you deal? Or is it a You don’t tell ; we won’t tell deal. You’re all busted! Video(s) Stop lying! And the deliberate destruction of government files with a malicious intent, to cover up a crime, is a felony in New York State! So denial may run deep but there’s consequences to this omissions and malfeasance while acting under the color of law. A Breach of Office and Oath! This Can’t Be Denied! Who do you call when the Federal Authorities are complicit in a wide spared cover-up of abuse at take jail? Blame it on Mangano Regime and his appointed Henchman Sheriff Michael J. Spasato. Both of these public Officials should be carried out in hand-cuffs these criminal acts.

    Yet the regime remains intact and more deaths are covered-up or settled before the Regime’s Enterprise Corrupt Ranking Members are brought to the stand to testify on behalf of NCCC’s egregious failures. How Nassau County gets around producing the video depicting Darryl Woody’s death is Major Scandal to witness. Jury selection starts in April of 2017. Beyond the statue of limitation to indict the killers with badges.

    ”It’s the toughest job in the state,” Mr. Adams said. ”It’s a large facility and there have been some instances of abuse, I’m not denying that. But are there systematic abuses here? No way. Right now we’re housing 100 federal prisoners. I can’t see how the feds would allow that if this report were the truth.”

    “I told them when I came in I needed my medication, and they didn’t give it to me!” he cried out, his voice echoing through the cell block as he was taken to a shower for decontamination. “I did this to get my meds, I’m sorry, but I need them!”—Darryl Woody

    Ten days later Jan. 3 2011 Woody hanged himself with a bed sheet anchored to medical equipment while on suicide watch at the now-defunct prison ward in neighboring Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow. Those and other details, many blackened out, were documented in routine New York State Commission on Correction investigative reports on such deaths, obtained by the Press via Freedom of Information Law requests.

    The fact is, if someone is intent on taking their life, there’s very little you can do,” County Executive Ed Mangano told a reporters’ roundtable when asked about the deaths three months after Woody’s suicide. That’s why there are strict legal guidelines regulating suicide questionnaires upon inmate intake, and guards carry a special knife called a “cut-down tool” to quickly saw through makeshift bed-sheet nooses.

  4.  Darryl Woody’s death on January 3, 2011 while on 1to1 Suicide Supervision (Suicide Watch) at NCCC’s Secure Prison Ward at NUMC is a Homicide that’s being cover-up as a Suicide by NCCC and NUMC. This is a Major Scandal that Nassau County’s Enterprise Corrupt ‘Boss’ Ed Mangano and his Crony appointed cohorts at the Jail and the Medical Center are conspiring to hide from the public. This is a political “Hit-Job against Darryl Woody. This Racketeering ‘Boss’ has is hiding the truth!  Darryl Woody’s death was  caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC. The Jail lames NUMC. The Medical Center blames NCCC. both hide the Video Surveillance Recordings. These Government Protecters (electronic) Files have been denied for public review. Thomas Gulotta, in response to a Federal Consent Decree entered by Nassau County implemented changes in response to Thomas Pizzuto’s beating death by correctional guards at the jail. These changes included the installation of Video Surveillance Cameras to protect staff and inmates and also aid in investigations.  Thomas Pizzuto was begging for his medication when the guard got annoyed and then attacked him. Then the guards at the jail and the doctors at NUMC attempted to cover-up the injuries by failing to give Pizzuto proper care for his internal injuries caused by the guards boots. Darryl Woody was also begging for his medications when he was subjected to torture and physical abuse by seven guards on duty at the jail.  This torture continued for 17 hours before Darry Woody was taken to NUMC for medical treatment and mental evaluation by doctors on staff at the Medical Center. Then on January 3, 2011 Darryl Woody, while still on 1to1 Suicide Supervision (Suicide Watch) and still awaiting a bed in  the Mental Psychiatric Wing, Darryl Woody was said to have been found hanging from a bed bed sheet! His death was ruled a suicide by asphyxiation. Darryl Woody choked to death.  The cause of these injuries are being falsified by NCCC and NUMC.  The Video Surveillance Cameras witnessed and recorded Darryl Woody’s negligent care and abuse that caused Darryl’s death and Nassau County’s Corrupt  Racketeering ‘Boss’ Ed Mangano and his Regime are in collaboration to defraud Nassau County and obstruct Justice by denying this damning evidence against NUMC and NCCC.

    Nassau County’s Homicide Detectives were called to investigate with-in 24 hours of each incident involving deaths at the jail. How did Homicide Squad and Internal Affairs at the jail fail establish Chain off Command of Evidence collection and preservation for future litigation? Darryl Woody’s death “Shut-It-Down!” Now this (Federally Indicted) Corrupt County Executive wants to team up with his crony cohorts at NUMC to wreck Havoc on the Inmate population; victims of a criminal conspiracy by a corrupt a Administration. Before the medical tragedies and horrors stories about Armor Health-Care, there was NUMC: Nassau,Under-Staffed,Malpractice,Center. Ed. Mangano is using this Inmate Health-Care crisis to take Nassau County backwards! Back to the original dungeons at NUMC where Darryl Woody’s death is still being covered-up. Nassau knew about Armors numerous law-suit prior to contracting Armor to take over after NUMC’s Tragic-Care got failed to come into compliance with Federal Mandates to improve medical treatment at the jail. Ed.Mangano can’t be trusted to make this vital decision. Armor was his solution to NUMC so why is NUMC now the solution to Armors horrific Care? Inmate Health-Care Merry-Go-‘Round solutions sponsored by a Executive mobster! Ed.Mangano’s “Not Going Down alone!” He is calling in favors by his political benefactors. This corrupt Boss has managed to lead Nassau County into another corrupt scheme that pays tribute to his contributors at NUMC and the legislature. Ed Mangano has also managed to garner the support of a local political-hack who claims to be running for Assemblyman for Nassau County. Mr. Anti- Corruption Dean Hart is leading Mangano’s new plan to defraud tax-payers. Dean Hart “What About Darryl Woody!” Nassau County knew of Armors  pending Law-suits just as Nassau County knows of NUMC pending Law-suit! “Who’s Fooling Who?”  

    This is a roller coaster ride that Nassau Count resident will have to shoulder if Ed Mangano  and Dean Hart’s Citizen for Good Government Group take the helm. Rats usually abandon a sinking ship/ Administration; but not  Mr. Billy Joel Marble Statue Loving Dean Hart!  He defines the Ass in Ass-emblyman. He Needs Your Vote! Mr Dean Hart-less. Darryl Woody’s lawsuit trial starts on 9/11/2017. Darryl cell number, where he died  on January 3, was 333 in 2011{9-11}. This lawsuit occurred before Ryan’s death in 2011. However, it’s being litigated after Bartholemew Ryan was awarded 8 million-dollars against Armor Health-Care.  Ed Mangano’s requesting that NUMC take over Interim Medical care at NCCC is the “KissOf Death for his Associates at the Medical Center! This puts NUMC back under the spot light in light of Tampering with Government Protected Files that depicts the Torture and abuse that caused Darryl Woody’s death; the video! What does Nassau County have to hide? “We Can Handle The Truth!” Release the (electronic) Camera Surveillance Files now! This before NUMC should even be considered for a replacement to Armors Tragic-Care Solutions.  What will this mobster hand his Merry-Men think of next to defraud Nassau Count constituents of the hard taxed earnings. 8 million-dollars to Ryan(!) Coming Soon To The (Corrupt) Supreme Courts at Nassau County; Mineloa, New York on 9/11/2017.  Thomas Pizzuto’s shows how low NUMC and the jail would stoop to “Hide The Truth.” Doctors at the Medical Center are complicit in these coverer-ups. Now Ed. Mangano wants to put more lives at risk with this this corporation that is not being transparent to begin with.

    How do you punish a billion dollar corporation that tramples on the Human Rights and Civil Liberties of its weakest patients; mentally-Ill prisoners who don’t have a choice in their medical treatment. Darryl Woody, like Thomas Pizzuto were both begging for their medications. Both of those men ended up daed. Pizzuto’s death got Cameras installed at NCCC/NUMC after Forty Federal Agents descended upon NCCC for four months and found Several Civil Violations that  forced solutions to be adopted. Darryl Woody on the other hand got a Mandatory Federal Probe. Sadly Darryl Woody’s death is being cover-up by the Feds; sadly, Darryl Woody’s death won’t get the benefit of the Cameras that was installed to aid in investigations. Gullota stated that the Legislature had to approve of this (estimated 2 million-dollar) investigative tool; installed to insure the integrity of reported claims of abuse. Darryl Woody’s death, unfortunately, won’t benefit from this investigative tool_Cameras.  Ed. Mangano’s appointed Sheriff Michael J. Spasto and Michael Farrendino of the Medical Centers risk Management Team conspired to Tamper with evidence. Both are crony appointments of this corrupt leader. The Boss even went as far as to appoint Mr. Farrendino to the Board of Visitors. This is contemptuous! NYSCLU sues on behalf of Darryl Woody and Ryan( and others Inmates) and the defendant in this lawsuit gets  a political-appointment to be on the over-site committee(!) A favor in return. No wonder how the former cook was advanced to under-Sheriff and now Sheriff, The frying pan that was used as a tennis racket on Tomas Donovan Jr. must have come out of Spasato’s kitchen. The Former Sheriff that must have had a favor coming to him to hide the facts of where that frying pan came from.  “The Cook Did-It” and the Old lady (Norma Gonsalves) covered-it-up for him, and the Sheriff’s wife Elizabeth Loconsolo (Lying Liz){The Joe Isusu of Nassau County} Lies for him.  

    A Conflict Of Interest! Where are the Feds(!) Oh. The Feds know also! Is the Feds in Bed with NCCC? Yes! How did the Federal Probe fail to review or account for the Video(s) How did NYSCOC fail to obtain a copy while making it’s Final Report on Darryl wood’s death? NCCC: Nassau, Corrupt,Conspiring,Colluding. “You Dirty Rats!” From Thomas Pizzuto to Bartholemew Ryan “What About Darryl Woody!” His death was caught on Video! ” Release The Video(s) ” We Can Handle the Truth!” “What doe NUMC have to hide?” This is A Major Scandal and the media is complicit by not alerting the public! “No Justice No Peace!”

  5. Marque Anthony says:

    To Kimberly Taylor,
    I agree it will get worse before it gets better but there is a lot we can do in the meantime. Things are never hopeless unless we accept that they are.


    To All Readers,

    Please join us in the battle legally and lawfully to get results with minimal risk to our people. Also pardon me for the typographical errors. I have a few keys tat stick and I was also typing very fast.

  6. Kimberly Taylor says:

    The world is coming to end we are in the last days it ain’t going to get better it’s going to get worse

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