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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Ignorant Black People: Do They Represent All Of Us?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) No, they do not. Apparently some black people simply do not know how to handle matters respectfully. At a recent political even for Bernie Sanders two ignorant, angry black women and one ignorant young black man stormed the stage, started yelling and attempted to take over the microphone. That is NOT how you handle things. That is how you get arrested. That does not represent mature African Americans and such behavior plays right into the hands of racists. And because the ignorance is spreading amongst our people, the bandwagon is full of fools.

Click the link here and see for yourself.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijas1ovB2f0

Such ignorant and deplorable behavior is not activism, it is chaotic anarchy. I am ashamed of ignorant black who make it harder on all of us. As the son of parents who marched with King, the friend of people who knew Malcolm X and a long time activist all over this country, I have never said we should bow down to any man or badge. But I have always advocated ways that work instead of methods that are certain to fail. That’s just wisdom.

There are many intelligent African Americans who battle for justice every day. But then there are the 

niggersblack people who act just like the oppressor expects them to, proving they are programmed slaves. Ironically, they think they are the real activists, when all the while they are falling into the trap and giving the racist a reason to stereotype us all. Don’t be a nigger nor a nigga.  DisturbingIgnorance-2015

You don’t fight racism with ignorance. You don’t fight police brutality by giving them a foolish reason to lock you up. Battling from a jail cell while facing charges weakens your impact. And I have never seen anyone battle from the morgue.  You don’t fight bigotry by proving exactly what they are saying about you is true. You don’t set a bad example then make excuses to justify it. When I make these arguments, ignorant black people (not mature, intelligent ones) try to say I don’t want to fight. Not true at all, I want to fight on every legal front but in ways we are likely to gain ground and win. As a whole, black people do not understand the art of war. You do not fight your adversary without a strategy. You do not fight your enemy when you are outmatched. There is another day, another time and a time to walk away – for now, just for now. There is a time and a season for all things and as a strategist, I tell people how to win.

Black people acting ignorant does not change police policies and procedures. Acting ignorant only gives the very people you may despise justification to make new policies, pass new laws and enact present laws all the way to martial law. Ignorant black people therefore actually help the oppressor meet his objectives. STOP FALLING INTO THE TRAP! 

This does not mean you give up. This means you battle with wisdom, discretion and a plan where you have a chance of winning. Our battles must use everything legally possible and we have not yet exhausted those methods. Too many black people act as if all we have left to do is riot and act ignorant. No we should not tolerate cavity searches of our women at traffic stops like in Houston, police brutality anywhere, unarmed black people being shot down in the streets or worse. But ignorant actions and the lack of knowing how to battle will lead to more profiling, more tension and more unarmed black people being shot down. Don’t you see things escalating? Are you seeing how black people handling things the wrong way are contributing to the problem? Let’s wake up out of denial.

What ethnic group in this country has used ignorance with violence but achieved their goals? 

Older and wiser people know what I am saying is true and I could care less about the negative comments of others who are ignorant, violent or foolish. This needs to be said and if we do not learn how to battle, we can expect to lose and lose big. Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Samuel Dubose and Trayvon Martin did not know how to battle, when to battle and when not to. READ THE ART OF WAR and you will then understand.

Our battles must be launched politically, economically (boycotts worked), spiritually and sociologically (protests, rallies and marches – not riots that destroy our own communities). They must be strategic, selective and widespread. Our battles must utilize the mainstream media, social media and every legal, lawful outlet that can amplify or echo our call for justice. I do not agree with the homosexual community but the African American community can learn alot from their techniques, strategies and the spread of their ideology. The African American community can also  learn alot from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization so powerful that they can shut down corporations.

Ignorant black people are setting the wrong examples, sending the wrong messages and taking the wrong approach. And instead of listening to the wisdom of what works, these ignorant black people insult me, counterfeit my name all over this website, misstate my points, devalue my solutions, direct their misguided anger towards me and those other wise people who agree with me and totally ignore that there is a way to fight, a time to fight and a place to fight for justice. Apparently ignorant black people do not want to listen to anybody who is not also ignorant or ready to cause destruction.

There are times when standing up for what you believe may place you in harm’s way and maybe even in jail. King went to jail. Mandela went to jail. Christ went to jail. Malcom X went to jail etc. And no I am not contradicting my earlier argument. I am saying that we have many other legal and lawful options that have not been exhausted. The options that I speak of should be used strategically and in a unified, collaborative effort before our people resort to measures that place themselves directly harm’s way. That is caring about our people. And for those of you who would go to jail unnecessarily or get killed unnecessarily when there are other ways to “fight the power”, you have only made it harder on yourself and your people. And there is a big difference between the activist and the angry, misguided anarchist.

I make no apologies for addressing this matter with the use of a verbal sledge hammer. That is what is needed.  There are factions in the government just waiting for us to riot and we are neither unified enough nor equipped to take on what they have in store. I suggest you look up REX 84 or the King Alfred Plan and get a glimpse of what some official are just waiting for an excuse to launch. Our people must wake up, wise up and learn to use the legalities of the law to work for us. Until we do, we are simply working against ourselves and making it harder for all African Americans. And a house divided against itself cannot stand.

One more thing, there are ignorant black people online who have been counterfeiting my name and faking comments as if they came from me. They offer no solutions and simply spread anger and deception. They insult me and call me “coon” but ironically, they are doing exactly what the slave master expects of black people – offering nothing, denying the real problems and causing deception and division. Undoubtedly they will fake comments on this article as well, so be advised. If you read a comment that has my name on it but the comment is very different from the positions I take in this article, IT IS NOT FROM ME.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


22 Responses to “Ignorant Black People: Do They Represent All Of Us?”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    When is it time for ignorant black people to commit a really ignorant act ? Lets see, I think that I can think of a few times; when you are trying to escape chattel slavery running through the woods in the middle of the night by moon light;Joining the union army, and facing all of those confederate bullets to go back down south to get mamma and daddy;Going to town in a sundown town in the south at night to buy groceries;Talking back to a white woman in Mississippi in the Jim Crow South;Marching non-violently with Martin Luther King, Jr. while being spat on, yelled at kicked in the butt by the police and white racist;Setting fires in D.C., New Jersey, and California after M.L. King, Jr was killed by a bullet through his head. You know, after thinking about it, I think that just about the only time we ever gained meaningful concessions from racist white America was when ignorant black people committed ignorant acts, and yes, those acts did help all African Americans.

  2. As long as Negroes support the Democratic party I will always believe that they are ignorant and uninformed.

  3. Marque Anthony says:


    There are thousands of people I have helped over decades as a family, marriage and relationship counselor and mediator. I wonder who or how many you have helped. You really should learn how to spell and I believe they expect that at Cornell. Insults are the workings of a small mind and many people disagree with you fortunately. You appear to be the exact type person I am speaking of in the article.

    Your logic is neither composed of facts nor hard evidence nor stats to disprove anything I have said. Nice try but I do not think you overstand the terms you tried to use to insult me. You are hilarious.

  4. Jeffery Mcdonald says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Marque Anthony (or whoever is doing this “debate”) is a little bit on the phsyco side. Are we to believe that in this day and age he is ARGUING with troller(s) and trolling more harder then the said troller. Don’t you think he could simply implement a security policy and such and wipe them out?

    In my studies at Cornell, I theorize that these whole series of proven “arguements” are a false-flag specially designed to grow the readers/arsenal of the ThyBlackMan. The first clue the last spammer whom I shall make the assumption that he claimed to be Marque Anthony. (Even though that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of him being the real marque anthony) mistakenly gave himself away saying it was “an agent of Sotomayor on our inside network” (roughly)

    This means that some group INSIDE the ThyBlackMan is purposely creating “spammers” that aren’t even good ones in the hopes that the fans of ThyBlackMan will rally together to defeat this “act of said aggression”

    This merely proves that the ThyBlackMan was already a failed site and needed an external enemy to improve internal morale.

    Another piece of evidence is, why does Marque Anthony always state the fact they are “hurting the black community” and is “no different then the people I talked about in this article”

    Very intriguing, well very EXPOSING, how do we know the race of the alleged hackers, and why is he putting such EMPHASIS on it.

  5. The Real Marque Anthony says:

    Ahhhhh Go to the mosque and think I am the real Marque Anthony. How many of you did I fool? Most I bet. I spell fine an I run the world. the man who write that stuff on this page caint touch me. I fooled all you to think I was him. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. rasil says:

    All yall are niggas and all yall ignorant. I am the King. Awaken stupid niggas, awaken. I don’t follow no organizaed anything. What? That’s right, Im here to brake it all up, especially them spies. I am the smartest. I walk on water

  7. Ramses says:

    Rasil your pic should be in the article because you are just causing controversy. At first I thought the writer was a joke, but after I shared this with a few friends, they thought I was wrong. So I may very well be.

  8. TracySNL says:

    Rasil and Ramses and The Perpetrator you need to quit. You are ignorant and you not helping anybody. This is a forum for people who want to be informed. If you don’t, go the Hell away. But don’t tear down what the guy who wrote this article is doing. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Who are you helping?

    I didn’t believe for one minute that Marque Anthony wrote the comments about dividing us or being a Muslim. That did not even sound like him. And if you guys think the readers are stupid enough to believe a fake, you don’t understand intelligent people.

    The ignorant comment full of BS sounds nothing like the guy who wrote the article above.

  9. TheBattleIsTheLords says:

    Hey Rasil the truth must really hurt you and your buddy Ramses. Wow can you be any more immature?

  10. Terickaforreal says:

    Marque Anthony I encourage you to keep writing and keep bringin the tough medicine. Those who are supposed to hear you are hearing you. I never met you personally but my sister attended to of your seminars over the last year and they helped her.

    Don’t worry about the ignorant people like Ramses or Rasil because they expose themselves with every comment they make.

    Good luck

  11. JLevine says:

    I agree with this article and the fact are sad but true. It seems like the people slamming him are just like the people he is speaking about in the article. They do not represent all of us and it pains me to see such immaturity.

    What are you guys helping? Nada. Nobody is perfect but at least the guy Marque Anthony is trying to bring problems to the surface that African Americans need to deal with. For those who just want to tear him down, why? Because you really have nothing of any value to say.

  12. Yusef says:

    Hey Rasil you have problems and your cronies who cannot spell need to stop pretending to be the dude who wrote this article. You just misleading people and being exactly the person he described in the article in the first place. Next time you want to fake being somebody, learn how to spell.

    And as for your girlfriend Ramses, you not saying anything to help anybody. All you doing is embarrassing yourself.

  13. Nikita says:

    Marque Anthony is not a divider of the black community and I know he did not write that message saying that he was. Whomever wrote it is immature and ignorant.

  14. Marque Anthony says:

    The person pretending to be me cannot even spell correctly.
    Those are not typographical errors, they are examples of ignorance.
    This is how you spell divider and I would never use that term towards myself. It would be counterproductive to what I just wrote.

    This is how you spell CRITICIZE, not with an “s”.
    African is not spelled aferican.

    ANYBODY WHO BELIEVES THE PERSON LABELING THEMSELF AS “The Real Marque Anthony” in that message needs to read closer

  15. Marque Anthony says:

    To Ramses and Rasil and Others,

    The last few comments were not made by me at all.
    It is sad that someone thinks they can waste time and fool people into thinking that I would say such ignorance. The people doing this contribute nothing but turmoil, ignorance and immaturity to the black community. I have reported them to the owner of this site and he knows the comments are not mine.

    Ramses and Rasil both of you are part of the problem in the black community

  16. Ramses says:

    Why Marque Anthony are you responding to these troll-sters?

    I’ve been watching you for quite some time and your behavior is utterly stupid, like the metaphysical cow, although unlike on Indian terms not as holy. (*If you understand where I’m coming from). You display black guilt indeed as rasil stated you hide behind the counter-negro theology in a divide and conqueor schematic lifted straight from the ‘olden days’, best described by Willy Lynch. You cling on to ideologies that are past, softly declaring others as Coon on several comments in the past.

    I have a Jedi-like sense you were deprived of something early on, we can work through it. I know the real you unlike these fake trollsters.

    You cure your weakened mind in a sad elevator-like plummeting shaft direction by breathing hard, traveling to India, and jumping rope…somthing different in the minds of the old negro, emboldened by the reactionary-type generation of the new.

    I got you, I got you

  17. rasil says:

    Marque Anthony is mentally ill, clearly..poor COINTELPRO GOP asset, calling other people a “slave” and now he reveals his truce form OUCH brother.

    Sad indeed, you are the black-guilt harbinger of our people’s failure.

    Someday ye shall awaken!

  18. The Real Marque Anthony says:

    I am the ultimate devider of the aferican american community! I overcritisize successful blacks like will smith because im jealous of their wealth. Even thouh they give back to others I still take a professional dump on him if you will. Balkanizing the aa community is what I do best. I am insecure and have been beat many times as child… contrary to what other fake accounts say im a muslim and on christmas to atone for my pagan christian worship will travel to Sudan to help coach an islamic class (inshallah)

  19. jdgwisd says:

    I agree with one point of Mr. Anthony. That is we as a people have to have a fulcrum point(Karl Von Clauswitz). Whether that focus is on sociopolitical issues(expressing our civil rights but at the same time not allowing the dominant culture to pass more repressive laws), spiritual renewal, or economic independence. One of the things I have noticed about some members of millenials is that there is a desire to invoke change, but an impatience with what they consider directions taken by more seasoned African Americans as “coonery” and tomism. There are some truth in some of their claims, but it’s not a culturewide issue. What I have noticed is that there has been a poor job by their elders as to why it’s important to establish themselves as citizens first, barbarians if all else fails. We as a people made great change when we had the intellectual and moral advantage, and used it to great effect. The Access Card, the card some people use through the WIC program, came directly from the nutrition programs of the Black Panthers, as well as elementary free breakfast. And no one will call the Panthers Toms. We have to spend more time teaching some of our more impatient people that is as long as we live in a society in which we do not control a great deal of the economic and political capital in this country, we cannot give those who would derail our citizenship ample opportunities to do just that.

  20. The Real Marque Anthony says:

    To Rasil,

    You are the perfect slave – a person slave who attacks the author instead of addressing issues our community needs to deal with. You are the perfect slave – no solutions, walking in denial and full of petty insults. But you never disprove anything I have said. Maybe you are one of the people I speak about in this article. If so, you play right into the hands of the racist and divide the African American community. People like you are the problem.

  21. Miss Z says:

    Just wanted to say that it’s nice to see an intelligent and well-written article. Too bad that all people of all colors do not see beyond the hype and propaganda…

  22. rasil says:

    No one is perpetuating what the slave master expects more than you. You are an embarrassment period. A wounded, scarred, soldier.

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