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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ole Hypocrisy in the Democracy.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) After six years in office, I am amazed that Black folks continue to blindly follow the machinations of president Obama and his administration.  In less than eight years, Obama has radically changed the fabric of America more than all the other 43 previous presidents combined.

America is totally unrecognizable from the way it was eight years ago.

Eight years ago, Blacks had more net worth than they do today; more Blacks were in university eight years ago; more Blacks had jobs eight years ago; Blacks owned more homes eight years ago than they do today.

But Blacks did get the confederate flag taken down all across the country.

Homosexual marriage is now the law of the land.  Children are told they are no longer bound by the gender they were assigned at birth; but rather they can self-identify and choose from moment to moment how they want to be viewed.

George W. Bush did more for the Continent of Africa than the sum of all previous U.S. presidents only to have Obama reverse many of the programs Bush put in place.obama-2015-blackpeople

But, did I mention that the confederate flag is no longer flying in South Carolina?

By every single metric, Blacks are far worse off now than we have been over the past fifty years.  Even the former head of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, had to admit that Blacks are worse off under Obama than they were under Bush.

But did I mention that “Black lives matter?”

Obama’s foreign policies have weakened us as a nation.  No one respects us internationally.  Putin of Russia and Assad of Syria are current examples of foreign leaders who have no respect for America and Obama.  They dared Obama to stop their brutality towards their own citizens or their annexation of sovereign countries.

After six years of Obama, no one can define what it means to be American anymore.  You have a significant part of the population who cannot even speak English; some are even citizens.  How is that possible?

But “Black lives matter.”

Language is the DNA of a country.  Without a unifying language, you have no country.  States like California and Virginia print government documents in multiple languages because of those in the country who don’t speak English.  That is pure insanity.

Oh, but did I tell you “Black lives matter?”  Not all lives, just Black lives.

Black on Black crime is at epidemic levels in cities like Baltimore and Chicago and we are focusing on flags and slogans that mean absolutely nothing.

If Black lives really matter, why are we putting so much energy and time on superfluous issues?  What policies has this president promoted to prove that Black lives matter?  What policies have the members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) passed to prove that Black lives matter?

Not one member of the CBC has proposed any solutions to the pathologies of Baltimore or Chicago; but yet they spent a whole two weeks fighting over the confederate flag flying in South Carolina.

So, what’s going to happen when groups start demanding the removal of statues of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. because he was deemed too controversial?  Blacks will scream bloody murder.

You just can’t say remove everything related to the confederacy from government property because “we don’t like it;” but yet defend your right to put people that you respect on the same government property.

King’s legacy is just as important as the legacy of the confederacy—they both are part of our history and the whole story must be told no matter how painful.

America may never recover from the disastrous effects of the Obama presidency.  He is not only the first “gay” president (according to Newsweek); but he is also the first president of the world because he has totally subjugated our sovereignty to that of international organizations and other countries via trade agreements.

So, as opposed to devoting time and attention to things that don’t matter, just maybe all the civil rights groups should focus on promoting a better environment for entrepreneurs to flourish; provide more school choice and vouchers for low income parents; and restore a values based curriculum in our public schools as opposed to teaching about homosexuality.

We have too many serious issues to deal with in America and within the Black community.  Time out for the sophomoric games and time to focus on the tangible solutions to the problems facing us; but I am not optimistic.

I guess it really is true that weak people take strong positons on weak issues.

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.

One may also follow him on Facebook;
http://www.facebook.com/raynard.jackson.12 and Twitter; http://twitter.com/Raynard1223.


One Response to “Ole Hypocrisy in the Democracy.”
  1. rasil says:

    You have yet to leave the plantation and continue to embrace the slave mentality so please cut the crap. Better yet, the Stockholme Syndrome has overcome you. This amazing president most importantly prevented a Bush depression and improved the economy. The Bush led Great recession was costing the economy nearly 800,000 jobs per month by the time this amazing president took office. Provided tax credits to first time home buyers which helped the US housing market. Bush had the nation in two unjust wars, loss of housing, no jobs, loss of pensions, low country moral, etc. President Obama has made America safe again, so loved internationally, created jobs, passed health care reform,reduced the $7 Trillion deficit to one quarter trillion, kept us out of war, passed the stimulus, passed Wall St. Reform, ended war in Iraq, began drawdown of war in Afghanistan, eliminated Osama bin Laden, TURNED AROUND U.S. AUTO INDUSTRY, recapitalized banks, repealed DADT, toppled Moammar Gaddafi, reversed Bush torture policies, IMPROVED AMERICA’S IMAGE ABROAD, kicked banks out of student loan program, expanded Pell Grant spending, free tuition to community colleges, reduced oil prices, increased support for veterans, TIGHTENED SANCTIONS ON IRAN, passed credit card reform in his first year, pay equality laws, ordered all federal contractors to pay a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour, protected 2 liberal seats on the US Supreme Court, improved food safety, under this president, the stock market has resched record highs, which has restored most of the economic losses felt during the BUSH administration when it reached record lows, adjusted for inflation, first ever to stream every White House event live, enhanced civil rights and anti-discrimination, the BIG one…established new, more reasonable policies in our relations with CUBA and opened the Embassy in Cuba for more than 55 years, such as allowing Cuban-Americans to visit their families and send money bc he has a real live working HEART, first President to visit Jamaica in more than 30 years and worked to restore relations with this country,300+ more. Despite the odds, became the first Black president and was re-elected by a wide margin. The man is amazing and I pray God’s blessings over he and his family daily. He was/is a God send and we, the Believers realize this. How cometh thou at such a time as this? You will never know, but best be careful bc, he is God’s own. He upholds the Constitution. Hope your head isn’t swimming. You have chosen to be outside of the circle. Whoa art thou.

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