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Kenya Moore the Doppelbanger.

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( Whenever someone claims that they cannot find a suitable mate to settle down with, in many cases, they suffer from an undiagnosed clinical condition known as doppelbangerism. This mental abnormality is when a person only wants to have relations with someone that looks just like them but isn’t related.

Clearly, in addition to a myriad of other undiagnosed psychosis, Kenya Moore suffers from this ailment.

Recently she has lamented, very publicly, that she is single because, in spite of all of her craziness, black men are all either in jail, are gay or possess some other condition that isn’t conducive to maintaining a relationship. And while she may not be the first black woman who has made this claim, she is one of the most recognizable.

Frustration can cause people to say some pretty outrageous things. Obviously, after several very public break-ups and admitted dating faux pas she is feeling the cold underbelly of solitude. For a woman as physically attractive as she is it would seem that there would be kenya-moore-2015an endless supply of high caliber men to choose from. Indeed she has access to a certain class of man that many women don’t have. Indeed a man, given her very public persona as being somewhat psychologically unstable, knows what he’s getting involved with when he attempts to date her.

So, what’s all the fuss?

What Kenya Moore and many women just like her have succumbed to is the post-modernist view of love which is highly subjective, has no real historical antecedent and is highly, if not fanatically so, individualized. In other words “everyone should be in love with me the same way that I am in love with me.”

This narrative is played out daily in the media as this new existentialist trend of human emancipation devolves into its most nihilistic form. In effect we become our own god (little g, not big G. The big G God is reserved for the beneficent Santa Claus figure in the sky who gives expensive gifts a Christmas.)

The problem with becoming your own god is that the only response that makes sense, as is evident by her statement that “it’s not my fault”, is the unrestricted praise of everyone around you. Without that praise you feel, well, ungodly. Once steeped in this level of delusion the only response that you can have when unending praise doesn’t occur is that there must be something inadequate about everyone else. The problem could never be you.

Unfortunately this is the psychotic world that Kenya and those like her live in.

Let’s face it, very recently it has been proven that the right hairdresser, makeup artist, lighting designer, wardrobe and photographer can make anyone look like an attractive version of a female. By relying solely on the exterior popular culture has successfully eroded what it means to be a true woman. It is this fact that replaces her narrative as to why she’s all alone, and that is men, good men, are looking for something intrinsically female.

And exactly what is this intrinsic otherness that men are looking for? It’s definitely not a one size fits all scenario. Whatever it is, Kenya Moore and those like her surely don’t’ possess large quantities of it. They have sold their souls to the altar of an unsustainable model. Ultimately they will age, their bodies will change and there will be some new hotness that inevitably will take their place. By relying solely on the exterior they have painted themselves into a rapidly collapsing corner.

Men may be dumb about a lot of things, but being dumb and being stupid are two different things. That being said, no one will want to make her “wifey” for a sustained period of time. Moore and the rest of the doppelbangers out there (of which there are plenty of men as well) always eventually crash and burn.

But to her new resolve a hearty “don’t look back” is in order. Black men and all men for that matter are better off without you.

Staff Writer; Steven Robinson

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17 Responses to “Kenya Moore the Doppelbanger.”
  1. Jason says:

    This is why I don’t even do relationships with. back women. The sense of entitlement is beyond sad.

  2. Jery says:

    I read a little of the article and understand her concerns, publically, that she cant get a man. well I tell women they need to start when their young and stop trying to be the player type-,i.e. gold digger. by the time they are old the good men are married with children. she needs to look at her life and see what she may had done wrong before criticizing others.

  3. Marcus Vessay says:

    I think most of the comments were by a the same person under a different name. In regard to the article I think it is a good use of post-modernism and our self-deification as it relates to relationships.

    When the dominant mantra of society is “be happy at all cost” and there is an erosion of generalized collective ethics, it distills down to a very self-centered ego centric culture.

    However, to Kenya’s point, recent research shows that Black Women outnumber Black Men by 100 to 60 when they hit around the age of 35. What Kenya is stating as anecdotal has some basis in fact.

  4. Realman2 says:

    I wonder if any these women who defend Kenya’s abnormal behavior would like their own sons to marry a woman like that?

  5. DCARTER910 says:

    This article is opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. So many people here are responding to this talking about slander??? I could be, but I am not used to “grown” folks responding to another person’s opinion like this. Some of you sound like somebody said something about your mama.

    My opinion: The woman is not that nice. Pretty, but not nice. I cannot say that any of the women on this show are “THAT” nice. You wanna-be womens rights activist or femenist need to get a grip. It amazes me how you will fight to defend ratch women that make you (women) look bad but you are no where to be found to defend the women out there who are actually inspirational.

    If you are on this website and you are over 30, you have no business jumping on this new-age ideology of “I WANT TO BE OFFENDED ABOUT SOMETHING…ANYTHING”, attitude and mentally of these spoiled, ignorant children run around on the streets. You want to attack someone’s opinion on something, how about attack someone’s opinion about something socially, economically or politically relevant.

    P.S. Intellectual Elephants dont fight intellectual mice over peanuts.

  6. Lois x Brundage Vance says:

    First off, you misquoted when Kenya said. So how can you make an assumption or diagnosis on misquoted information?

  7. jdean says:

    She is full of it. He is full of it. There are quality handsome single black men out here. I have brothers as well as me for proof. My brother is an MBA who works for Ernest and Young and my other brother is a plastic surgeon. Black women are the problem. If you got a little education or money you think someones intimidated. Thats the case because they date thugs and losers, while the educated black man says forget it, lemme get someone on my level. Not you high class ratchets like Kenya Moore!!!

  8. sid says:

    Steven Robinson, men like you are not only dump and stupid, but you are ignorant, most of you are so ignorant about what you think you know about a woman that you think, the outer appearance and the sometimes bad behavior of a woman is enough to diagnose them. well i say this to you in other areas you may be refer to as talented but when it come to matter of women, you got no talent. I say this because i have come across so many ignorant grandiosity men like you when i was single, who feel so threaten by the alpha female, that only want to date the weak, yes darling women that have no voice of their own, i bet your woman is one of these, the one that play the duty role of reserve, good girl, well i tell you this go check her past or what she is doing when you ate not watching, you’ii be surprise how many of your friend she had fuck, or may be you are even raising already a child that is not biologically yours who knows, that you think is yours, you think you know a woman and you can evaluate her, well try to study your own and evaluate her, you will find out that you have been taken for a ride, IGNORANT MAN.

  9. Bettye rembert says:

    Poor Kenya. So so sad. Honey stay single marriage isn’t all it all it cracked up to be. Learn to love yourself the correct way. No man in this world will get me to say ‘I do again’. Having children is the best thing about marriage. Otherwise since you are near menopause if not there, adopt.

  10. Candy_Bling says:

    Why do you diagnose Kenya Moore? Are you her Doctor? You don’t know anything about her, you are obviously hurt that you don’t stand a chance with her. Plus Kenya didn’t say those things, please will twist things please re read what she said. It made sense and I agree with Kenya because she was right, there aren’t too many quality single guys left.

  11. Rosa Duran says:

    This is nothing but a “shame and attack” piece written by a “staff” who appear to have the emotional maturity of a pimpled faced 8th grader.

    Clearly Sistah Kenya Moore’s “truth” pained author/writer and disturbed his entrenched machismo so he had no other choice than to attempt to publicly and vilely attack this Black woman WITH unrestrained viciousness.

    And the fact that ThyBlackMan, by releasing the article, technically endorsed its content tells me about the slant on their perspectives and perceptions as well.
    By releasing this article filled with unsubstantiated allegations, malicious innuendos including comments about HIPAA protected information, it is clear that neither ThyBlavkMan nor its “staff” truly believe that Black Women’s Lives

    If I were Kenya Moore, I’d be in talks with a libel, slanderous and defamation attorney…right now.

  12. Ahootiehoo says:

    This article is stupid. The author has committed the classic act of pointing at someone with one finger while pointing three at himself. Pot calling the kettle black. Malapropism!!! There is no such word as dopplebanger. Not cute; it’s a sad attempt to be cheeky, clever. FAIL. Hypocrisy!! Author IS quintessentially what he is disparaging. What gives you the right to judge or even attempt to judge women, any women? Who asked you? Nobody; must be the god in you. Jackass!!

  13. Betty says:

    This writer is so out of line with these comments and diagnosis that they need to retract these statements or be fired and sued.

  14. Yvette says:

    The writer and this website are really opening themselves us for a huge lawsuit if Kenya Moore decides to sue. This article has many inaccuracies that are libelous and actionable under applicable state law. Also the veiled comments about Bruce/Caitylan Jenner and other transpeople will bring heat as well.

  15. Mary Scanlon says:

    Excellent article! When the exterior is all you’ve worked on it is at age 50 ish where I see these people crash and burn because the world is not waiting on them. They walk around like zombies unable to move forward! The only thing I feel is grateful for my humility and big heart.

  16. irene francis says:

    You better be careful with this article. Claiming someone to be mentally disordered without proof of a clinical diagnosis from a mental health practitioner can result in a law suite. Tread very carefully!

  17. Earl says:

    So true! No one wants to be with someone who acts likes an entitled crazy person. It so sad that a beautiful female like Ms Moore will end up being nothing more than a drive by. Time is running out honey….just a couple more years left before dryness kicks in!

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