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Time For Old Black Leadership To Resign.

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( In response to Rev. Jesse Jackson article entitled “Now It Is Baltimore” written on April 28, 2015 in The Chicago Sun Times, I suggest that he and every other Old Black Leader should resign, because the current condition of Black African Americans is a direct result of their poor leadership. They have failed to produce a plan for our uplift and empowerment.  They have served as the “straw bosses” serving us up (votes) election after election, while living high off the hog from donations to their organizations, speaking fees and conferences.  I personally have contacted Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Organizations offering solutions like The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) and other civil rights organizations, including Black Elected Politicians and Preachers to discuss solutions without a response. They ignore those of us offering national solutions.

They have violated our trust. “Black Faces In High Places” from The White House to the local Church have completely failed to uplift and empower us, but instead, they have helped to maintain Black African Americans in our current conditions.  They show up when a tragedy happens for the cameras, town hall meeting and to call for calm, but disappear back into the holes they hide in the rest of the time.  It is time that they all resign and allow others with the moral courage to step up to lead our people in the 21st Century as they once did during the 20th Century.
Proposed Solutions:
1. The Implementation of The Quiet Resolution, The Nation of Islam Economic Empowerment Plan and Dr. Claude Anderson’s PowerNomics Plan.
2. The Training of 5 Million Black African American Men and Women in Trades like Constructions, Masonry, Plumbing, Electricians, Heating and Cooling System, Renewable Energy Installation (Solar Panels, Wind Turbines), Communication Technicians, Electricity Linesmen, Carpentry, Asphalt and Concrete and Manufacturing. Outreach and recruit ex-felons, current and past gang members with disqualifying barriers.IMPACTTHEME-BlackLeadership
3. Create 1 Million New Black African American Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and Innovators with an eco-system that recruits, trains, funds and supports them with the goal of creating 20 million new jobs in technology, manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, travel, agriculture, energy, clean water and sewage plants.
4. The Creation a new national political party that train leaders with a focus on providing solutions to Americans that are transparent, just, fair, compassionate and based on integrity.  No more empty promises and great speeches without policies that improve the conditions of our people.
5. The Creation of a voluntary Self-Group Tax to fund Universal Head Start (Infants to 5), New Elementary(6-9), Middle (10-12) Junior High (13-14) and High Schools (15-18).
6. Demand that President Obama sign an Executive Order cutting federal funding to all law enforcement agencies found guilty by the US Justice Department of violating the Civil and Human Rights of Black African Americans.
7. Vote to change city’s constitutions to require the election of Police Chiefs with  their own separate budgets, so they no longer can be used as “The Muscle” that targets the poor, when leaders fail to address their social and economic needs.  Elected Police Chief  can then be held accountable and to a higher standard, like county Sheriffs.
Some Black African Americans are comfortable with our current conditions of high poverty, high unemployment, mass incarceration, high infant mortality, lack of access to federal, state, county and city contracts, violence, poor schools and graduation rates. They fear what will happen if they decide to dream and hope for a better life. We must create a culture where we are not afraid to do what is right for ourselves, our children, our community, our people and our nation.  Asking our failed leaders to step aside may be painful for some of us and them, but it’s the first step toward our uplift and empowerment.
We must decide to no longer be for political sale.  We must no longer accept the guidance of religious leaders who are unwilling to risk their own lives for our uplift and empowerment.  The new test of leadership must require sacrifice and if necessary their life as Dr. Martin L. King, Malcolm X and Medgar Evers did.  Those unwilling to lead, must learn to follow, get out the way or be removed by “Any Means Necessary“.  The suffering of Black African Americans will no longer be acceptable and ignored by politicians, preachers, teachers, social worker, administrators and police.  It’s time to stop hoping for change and make it happen.
Written by Charles E. Campbell
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3 Responses to “Time For Old Black Leadership To Resign.”
  1. Please add to the solutions. We can use the money we’re already spending, in order to solve the major problems in our community. It’s going to be hard to break the mental chains that continue to bind us from doing the things we know we should be doing. is a simple but powerful step to bringing billions, from the trillion dollars we spend every year, outside our community.

    This will allow us to begin to build a strong economic foundation to stand on. It took 3oo years to get in this position; it will take time to break the mental shackles on our minds. In the meantime, we can search and shop for the same products we normally buy, until we begin to significantly start buying from our own community.

    Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  2. ROBERT says:

    EXCELLENT article , but we can’t expect someone to resign from something that doesn’t exist.

    DIRTY AL and JESSE aren’t elected to anything ,they hold no post , have no church, these are manufactured leaders set before us to follow like sheep!

    JESSIE’S JEWISH OWNER is a man named FELIX ROHATYN and it was his power and influence that made JESSIE the leader of BLACK AMERICA,remember JESSIE was a junior member in DR. KING’S circle, RALPH ABERNATHY was the natural successor to DR. KING.

    JESSIE was awarded the leadership position because he participated in the assassination and cover up of our beloved DR. KING.

    JESSIE is a arch criminal, he has the blood of a saint on his hands , he belongs in prison with his corrupt son and drug dealing brother!

  3. toomanygranndkids says:

    Jesse, Al, and the rest of those so-called did nothing but legitimize being dirty and corrupt. All of them are the REAL criminals. They have stabbed black people in the backs for years. These so-called black organizations really do nothing for black communities. Through the years members of the NAACP have shown their true colors yet black people still support them. The members of these organizations are drug dealers, ex drug dealers (but still dabble in drugs), drug/crack addicts, ex drug/crack addicts (but still dabble in drugs), alcoholics, former drunks (but still drink sometimes), and the list goes on and on.

    It’s gonna take years for blacks to take any type of plan seriously. A large % of blacks are comfortable with their lives. Even if their lives include gang banging, drug dealing, spreading self-hatred, and being any other type of criminal.

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