Friday, October 19, 2018

Book Release; Black Dollars Matter.

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( Black Dollars Matter – Teach your dollars how to make more sense.


AVAILABLE NOW! in hard copy and Kindle eBooks on, the latest offering from the nation’s most prolific writer on economic empowerment for Black people, Clingman’s 5th book on the subject aptly describes the dominant-submissive relationship between economics and politics, respectively. It contains stark and sometimes biting commentary, statistical data, and blackdollarsmatter-2015documentary information, with thought provoking quotations sprinkled throughout.


Beginning with the run-up to the U.S. Presidential election in 2007, and ending with practical tactics and strategies for economic and political success heading into the 2016 election, Black Dollars Matter is a searchlight to find solutions; it is also a spotlight that illuminates the way forward, and it definitely admonishes us to “teach our dollars how to make more sense.”


Order Now!!  Call (513) 315-9866 or (323) 750-3592 to order, Also available in eBook at


Author; James E. Clingman

Official website;

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