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This Ain’t About CVS!!!! The Attempt To Cover Up Police Murders.


(ThyBlackMan.com) It is April folks, the slow news cycle has ended and now hunting season has begun and WE ARE THE GAME!!!!! The murders of Walter Scott in South Carolina, Eric Harris of Tulsa, Philip White of New Jersey piggybacking off the murders and non conviction of Mike Brown and Eric Garner has left US dazed confused and OUR Youngsters scared and WE aren’t giving solutions.

We have left our children vulnerable to white supremacy by being dependent of our white masters and continuing to indulge ourself in ignorance and make believe. We keep speaking to them about a civil rights movement that has achieved for them the ability to work for white people indefinitely and get nothing in return. We have allowed ourselves to make people rich who hate us that look like us who do not invest the money they made from poor black people back into those very same communities. Which brings me to BALTIMORE ,our Beltway Brethren if your from the DMV, and the murders of George King, Anthony Anderson, Trayvon Scott, Tyrone West and Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore Police. While recent uprising have taken place in my home state my reaction is that of a proud father who is ashamed of himself because I did not guide my kids strategically, for if I did they would have done much more damage than the CVS. Baltimore aka Charm City it’s a special place, like Washington DC predominantly black but unlike DC its bounce back from the 68 riots was slow and nonexistent.

Many homes and white owned businesses damaged during the riots and during white flight remained decayed remnants of the racial oppression that was once there that caused the city to go up in flames. And like many black cities after the 68 riots and during the seventies it was afflicted with drugs, high poverty, low employment, a bankrupt education system and high crime  thus making it a target for budget cuts and slashes during the terms of Racist Governers such as Glendening, Bob Ehrlich and now Larry Hogan. Which is why there are no more major recreational centers in Baltimore and which is why to a lot of you outside the area the only thing you know about Baltimore is the Harbor or what you’ve seen on The Wire.  A historically Black city with pride to it’s ties to OUR Great Freedom Fighter Ancestors Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman, Baltimore has always been a catalyst for revolutionaries and has always been a place of gathering for all of OUR True Freedom Fighters.

So when I watch tv and I see some children the age of my son and my nephew reacting to a situation that has going on for way too long and gotten way out of hand….. I can’t sit idly by and let anyone condemn them for doing the job WE were too scared to do and allow children to take the fight WE were too scared to take. We let them call our children “thugs” because of building going up in flames, a building that profited off of them but rarely employed them. WE let them call OUR kids “criminals” because they’re mad another person their age ,who looks like them got murdered BY THE POLICE and nothing happened to the killers, aside from paid leave of course. We let them make this about a CVS  when Black men, Black Women and Black children are being murdered and the only ones who have enough guts to say enough is enough were the children of Baltimore.

Then instead of having their back, WE beat them in the street, call them thugs, tell them just pray and tell them violence isn’t the answer, all the while never really giving them an answer. Well WE know violence is damn sure the problem for US and all that singing and praying no one was listening to or talking about what was going on. It was only until the community realized “Hey, these three liquor stores and CVS they ain’t hiring anyone but we’re making them rich they got to go”. The next thing you know MSNBC, CNN, FOKKKS and even Alex Jones is in Baltimore and the talk is looters,rioters and businesses?!?!? Huh?!?! Okay, you do understand a man his head his spine severed and voice box crushed because he looked at the police and ran!?!?! And judging from Baltimore’s history I understand well why he ran!

So why is Ray Lewis on TV Cooning from Florida and not explaining why it is he made so much money in Baltimore yet couldn’t buy a section of row housing, renovated it make it low income housing and actually help the community that walks around with his jersey on that he feels he can preach to. Basically condemning them for burning down a CVS but has nothing to say about police murdering men who look like him, his son or his nephew but I guess it’s hard to talk when you had no problem with killing another black man before.(Yeah I Went There) Unlike Ray Lewis, I was disturbed by the fact that people were calling children thugs and this was going on in a city only 45 minutes away. So I had to take a ride to hear what my people had to say. As I thought this CVS is not black owned and it did not employ an overwhelming majority of the people in the community as a matter of fact many people told me that a lot of the employees got off of buses, meaning they didn’t live in the general vicinity.

I was also told that many of the pastors often complain of “so many liquor stores being in that poor black area”, obviously these youngsters had that in mind when they destroyed all three liquor stores ,so problem solved:-) . What I found most disturbing was governor Hogan calling in police offices from all over the state of Maryland including Anne Arundel County PD (who supported Darren Wilson), St.Mary’s County PD and Charles who have very peculiar laws when it comes to black people to laws when it comes to black people to say the least. I know of a personal incident where someone had their car siezed and was threatened with one year jail time and forced to serve six months probation for 1 gram of marijuana, when in neighboring Prince George’s County it is decriminalized up to 9 grams.

But this is the governor that WE allowed into office by NOT voting in our local election, the mayor insults OUR children because WE allowed her to lie to US about cleaning up police brutality while vetoing a bill for body cameras for her police force who paid out $5.7 million in the 100 cases they admitted. All the officers are back on duty. We have allowed a president to sweet talk and slick talk his way to office thanks to you but will do nothing to improve your conditions and will criticize you if you tried to react to oppression.

This is about the children of Baltimore they have made the statement. This is about Justice. This is about being strong. This is about Survival.This is about white supremacy and standing up to it in its face. But it damn sure aint about…..CVS… That can be replaced but you cannot replace the lives that were taken….

Staff Writer; LeVar Smith

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