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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Homosexual Agenda Is Destroying The Black Man.

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( Am I homophobic? No, I don’t fear homosexuals. But I do deal with facts and the devastation that homosexuality is doing to our African American community, our families, our churches and our value system. Is this hate speech? No, it is freedom of speech – and freedom of speech does not just apply to agreeable speech, ideas and mindsets. So if you are offended, then the truth offends you. But its time someone spoke up to the sin of homosexuality. I call homosexuality what God calls it, perversion and abomination. So if you have a problem with that, you have a problem with Him, not me. I judge nothing, but I am not afraid to relay the message regarding what has already been judged by God.

There is a strategic and deliberate effort by the powers that be who control the media, the music industry and the feminist groups to emasculate men (specifically African American), reduce our roles and impact in society and create a new class of effeminate young men who are lost and who think their behavior is normal. People like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey are on board with this plan and it is happening even as we speak. The sociological acceptance of deviant behavior such as homosexuality is gradually becoming more accepted as it infects our schools, our churches, our TV shows, our literature, our music and our youth. As the perversion spirals out of control, we are seeing our young people under the illusion that they can change gender and more confused about what they were born to be than ever. A young masculine boy (down low) suddenly wants a “tranny” or an effeminate boy or to be a girl. A young feminine girl wants a girl (stud) who looks, acts and dresses like a boy. None of these youths know who they are, what they are, how they should act or who they were created to be. THAT IS AUTHORED CONFUSION!


As far back as slaves were brought here and beyond Willie Lynch, there has been a plan implemented against us. If you want to destroy the black man, you break up and redefine his family structure, you cloud or minimize his role and wipe away his identity, you incarcerate him, you devalue him, you create the socio-economic conditions that will cause him to break the law to survive, you make him undesirable to the African American woman, you profile and ostracize him then you reduce his reproduction. This is exactly what gay-agenda-2015is happening strategically, systematically and sociologically, right under your nose. And those who are pushing this agenda are doing so by using man’s desire to rebel against God as the match that lights the fuse. So I ask are you going to help blow out the fuse or are you bringing a blow torch to make it worse? DO NOT ACCEPT HOMOSEXUALITY.

Our youth are confused about who they are, who they should desire and how they should act. Little by little, real male role models are being erased and replaced with perverted and unproductive images and behaviors. Actors in dresses (Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Terry Kruse, Tyler Perry etc.) have become amusing and acceptable in our community and too many of us are trading part of our soul for money, fame or a laugh. The wrong way has become so acceptable that the right way is looked at as the wrong thing. African American men are becoming effeminate and emasculated with the help of famous people like Oprah Winfrey and the “prancing elites” bs, yet many of our people go right on supporting her, watching her shows and buying her magazine. Oprah Winfrey has no concept of who God is and thus she has a clouded concept of right and wrong. Do you?

We must stop supporting any image, concept, practice or ideology that contributes to the sabotage or destruction of the African American community. No excuses. We cannot and we must not aid in our own demise. We have to see the big picture and recognize there is an agenda put in place against us, not for us. Am I perfect? No. Do I sin? Yes. Do I want to or make excuses for it? No. Do I blame God for my behavior? No. Am I working to change behaviors that I know are wrong? Yes. Being a heterosexual does not make me perfect, but I neither struggle with nor accept homosexuality at any time, under any conditions. I don’t want sensitivity classes because I do not plan to be sensitive to obvious perversion and blatant immorality. What about you?

Apparently homosexuals think they have better practices than God so let’s see. Let’s look at the facts. Two homosexuals cannot reproduce and there is a biological reason for that, like it or not. This means the more homosexual couples there are, the more our reproduction numbers drop in the “black” community. The father’s involvement with the child increases dopamine in the child’s brain (the motivator chemical), like it or not. The mother’s involvement with the child balances serotonin levels in the child, like it or not. Therefore both parents are biochemically necessary. Homosexuality hurts your spirit, your psyche, your family, your example, your community and your race.

The homosexual agenda is packed with propaganda through TV, music and movies that penetrate your subconscious to force you to accept or tolerate such immorality and perversion. People do what they see others doing and peer pressure for young people is putting the nails in the coffin. As a family and relationship counselor, mediator and life coach, I have seen numerous cases where a parent is faced with accepting a homosexual child. I have children and would I accept such behavior? Hell no. It is not the parent’s responsibility to accept deviant social behavior from his/her child that is counterproductive. It is not a parent’s responsibility to accept perverse behavior from the child, especially when such behavior is highly contrary to the value system of the household and poison to the family. Where are clueless parents getting the idea that they must accept the behavior no matter what? Wrong.

Without clearly defined role models. what do we expect our children to do or be? They are seeking an identity and what are many of our people giving them? Promiscuity, bisexuality, homosexuality, transexuality, transgenders and anything but a sense of being happy with who they are. Such a message confuses them and implies that God made a mistake when He created them. This weakens their concept of God, gender roles and right and wrong. We all have thoughts of doing the wrong thing at sometime in our lives, whether such thoughts are about cheating, keeping something we found, falsifying timesheets or taxes, driving without insurance, leaving a restaurant without paying etc. But that does not mean we are to act on such thoughts. No, because we have moral and spiritual barriers. If these are taken away, our sense of right and wrong goes right along with them. That is what is happening today. You may not like this article but you don’t have to interact with me. You do, however, have to look up and look in the mirror.

The Bible says we are to capture thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God (II Corinthians 10:5). We are not to entertain them, act on them and then make excuses for them or blame Him. If you believe this, you understand my point – and this article. But if you don’t therein lies your problem. If we do things just to have our own way, we rebel against the right way, the best way, the most productive way. And in the long run we will wake up or we will lose. There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end there is a loss of more than we can ever imagine.

For some of you who read these words, they will change your life forever. For others, may these words give you the empowerment and encouragement to change the lives of others. But either way, know this. I wrote this article to bring people up and out and set them free.

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Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


60 Responses to “The Homosexual Agenda Is Destroying The Black Man.”
  1. Trevon DeAndre says:

    Ignorance brings fear, fear brings anger and disdain. Fear of going to “hell”, fear of “God” punishing you. Thus, yes you do fear homosexuals. Thus, even though you pretend to have toughness, manhood, and confidence, this is just air. You fear reprisals from a god that doesn’t exist. In short, you are homophobic, and your false beliefs have long been debunked and exposed for their falsehoods.

  2. This Is Why Many Of Us Good Men Are Still Single Today says:

    Well what even makes it Worse now more than ever is that so many women are Gay these days which really makes it very Difficult for us Straight Good Guys trying to meet a woman that Isn’t Gay.

  3. Maggy says:


    My name is Margaret and I enjoyed reading your post. Here is an excerpt that I would love to share by Joseph Sciambra. I hope people find it insightful. God bless us all.

    “In the Most Gay Friendly Nation on Earth, Homosexuals Are Still Unhappy

    Dutch researchers Sanjay Aggarwala and Rene Gerrets reported in a recent issue of “Culture, Health & Sexuality” that adult gay men in the Netherlands were three times more likely than heterosexual men to report a mood disorder or anxiety disorder, and ten times more likely to report suicidal thoughts. According to the report: “Many informants raised the issue of having a steady partner during the research – a long-term relationship was perceived to offer increased psychological stability, emotional resilience and social acceptability. However, many found it difficult to form and maintain relationships, and some experienced sadness and loneliness as a result…However, the researchers suggest the manner in which gay men interact with each other also contributes to problems forming stable relationships. They describe informants ‘shopping’ for the ideal man on dating websites and in gay venues. When it became clear that a partner was less than perfect, informants were often quick to switch their focus…”

    At first, this research is less than extraordinary – especially to anyone who might be familiar with the loneliness, isolation, and restlessness that are so inherent with all gay subcultures. I will never forget attending the my first Castro Street Halloween extravaganza: the crowd milling all about the Castro Theater, everyone in full costume, the alcohol and XTC flowing freely – and feeling crowded and claustrophobic, but completely alone. Everyone was so consumed by their own looks, looking at everyone else, and being concerned about who was looking at them – that no one really related. It was like a massive sex-show, in which everyone was the performer and the voyeur. It was completely unerotic and thoroughly frustrating. But, back to the research: for those who may not be aware – The Netherlands is regarded as the most progressive nation on Earth when it comes to LGBT rights. For instance: the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001; same-sex joint and step adoption are also permitted; recent polls indicated that more 90% of ethnic Dutch people view homosexuality as moral; 85% of the Dutch population supported same-sex marriage and adoption; Amsterdam has frequently been referred to as one of the most gay friendly cities in the world by numerous gay and main-stream publications. Yet, despite this supportive and downright honored atmosphere, gay men in The Netherlands are still very much unhappy. Why?

    According to the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):
    “Homosexuality is not a mental disorder, but homophobia, stigma, and discrimination have negative effects on the health of MSM, lesbians, and other sexual minorities. The negative effects of social marginalization can be found in adolescent and adult MSM, for example, research has shown that MSM and other members of the LGBT community are at increased risk for a number of mental health problems. Research also has found that, compared to other men, MSM are at increased risk of:
    Major depression during adolescence and adulthood;
    Bipolar disorder; and
    Generalized anxiety disorder during adolescence and adulthood.”

    Throughout all of the reports from the CDC, ranging from studies of unprotected sex among gay men to the rise in HIV infections in boys and teenagers with same-sex attraction, the reason for the disparity between the heterosexual and homosexual communities is always blamed on “homophobia” and “discrimination.” However, the Dutch findings seem to contradict this, because: besides the general atmosphere of gay acceptance in The Netherlands, “Many respondents had grown up in family environments that were accepting of gay rights…” In other words, this is the ideal environment in which to grow up, be affirmed, and accept a homosexual orientation. Then, why is it when a boy who experiences little to no harassment or prejudice as a child, and much less so as an adult, because of his sexual orientation – still phases into a very mentally unbalanced adult. Because the high rates of depression, suicide, and drug use within the gay community has nothing to do with how homosexual are perceived, but how homosexual perceive themselves. For, at its root, homosexuality in the male, and oftentimes in the female, is a failure to recognize the masculine, or the feminine, that should be inherent within you. It eroticizes that which is missing, and then sets it up as an idol; hence the worship of extreme forms of masculinity in the gay world: oversized bodybuilders, macho bears, and the enormous phallus. This leads to the “shopping” mentality as described in the Dutch study. Inevitably, the perfection which they seek, a magical heavenly elixir that will heal all the pains of youth, fails to materialize. Only, the quest continues. One lover after another, partner after partner, sex becomes more perverse, desperation and depression ensue, the risk of disease is everywhere – still, many are willing to take the chance. A restless desolation pervades. Everyone is looking; and finding themselves alone and unsatisfied.”

    From the site:

    May God help humanity overcome all manner of sin and submit self to His will. There is no inner peace, eternal hope and lasting joy away from His will. Amen,

  4. Tiger Eye says:

    I will begin by saying that I am no Christian. However, it is all too clear that there is an agenda against men of all colors and races all around the world. Masculinity is frowned upon and scolded. Women condemn men alongside the LGBT community. They go hand in hand. Women who raise children alone are more likely to see them behind bars are pregnant at an early age.

    Women, if you want to do something to help then support your man and appreciate his aggressive and leadership qualities. Let him be a man; step aside.

  5. grace says:

    I learned hatred jealousy and not being unified in a cult-like popular black daddy grace Jim Jones church. And you say gays are the problem in the black communities. We don’t love ourselves the crab imitating people we are. I was born gay. My mother knew before I even understood what she meant. I was just being me at a very early age. I prayed real hard to change but I was this way before I was even in her womb. Sometimes I feel that my black people are just cursed seeing all the bad in each other before the good positive traits. We haven’t got it yet… Love is the answer. God is love. Jesus is love. Love covers a multitude of sins. What about the New Covenant. Love. Love . Love. Yeah I Am Gay and Happy!!!

  6. Elijah T. says:

    Hi, I have read your whole article out of curiosity. I do not believe in most things you’ve said, in fact I find it mildly disheartening that you would decide to not accept part of your child, your flesh and blood, for something they could not control. I know it might be easier to blame your dislike for homosexuality on religion, or science, or biological factors. And using simple arguments that have stood the ignorant test of time, however, you have to realize that sexual orientation is something that has NOTHING to do with systematic destruction of our community. That is being done by the powers that be in other ways. They took the black male out of the lives of many children but that is not the reason they are coming out as gay in such large quantities.

    In fact, it is not only our community, but the whole current and upcoming generation(s) that has this change happening. This is because we are finally being told that parts of us that we never understood are okay to talk about, that it’s okay to fell differently than what has been laid out for us. As a young gay African American male with both Mother and Father in my life, I find your argument on parenting and the balancing of chemicals in ones body coming from having both forces present in your life to be absolute (with no other way to phrase this) bull. Along with other things, such as your strong belief in faith. Don’t get me wrong, I believe wholeheartedly that we were created of a higher being in their image, and that the Universe and the great balancing of energy is what we adhere to, but yours is a faith, which, was not your ancestors original practice. If you want to look at it in a different way, think of this: The true system that robbed us of our CULTURE, our IDENTITY, and our AFRICAN American title was not the introduction of homosexuality into our lives, which was there since the beginning of time, but the annihilation of everything that made us anything close to resembling our people from the mother land.

    We were robbed by the religion that you stand by. Social Media, and Oprah, and whoever you want to blame have only been around for the later half of this century, but God and the Christian Faith have stood for thousands of years and WE were the first true abomination to the people who brought it to us. White people have used it as a means of segregation and assimilation for years. They stripped us of our cosmology and deities because it made it easier to control us. Brother, this is what has become of us. The man in charge of all of us, Gay and Straight, have you fighting this invisible battle for the souls of African American youth, but you don’t even see that the true battle is for the part of us we don’t even recognize as ourselves. But back to the thought on sexuality. I think with a growing acceptance in our community that we will be stronger to face real problems such as true equality, and how to heal the damage we’ve been dealt by those in charge of us. I’ve been quoted saying more than once that if I could choose my sexuality I would’ve been straight because it would make life easier, but love isn’t easy, and neither is life. In fact I think my sexuality has made me more of man that I would’ve been had I never came out. I know how to handle the scrutiny of a cruel world bent on not letting me love.

    But Brother, I love you. Don’t let our disagreement make you think otherwise. But one day you’ll be free from the way you feel towards my people inside our people.

  7. Ana says:

    Honest, eloquent, and VERY necessary. Great article, keep up the good work.

  8. MarKuZ says:

    This is how you explain to ah young Brutha how Homocrats using Bill and Hills modified slavery laws of 1994, destroyed the Black economic structure of urban areas and turned young Black men into recurring dividends/recidivism via Hillary’s private prison system and furthered their homosexual agenda. They have made billion!!! The same companies that they use high skill-sets for in prison will not hire them when they get out. Therefore, stressing them into re-offending

    Taurus: Sellout!

    Have you ever been exposed to ah Black Business community Taurus ? Bill, Hill and the homocrats took them out in 90s. So, we couldn’t hire Burthas. With limited employment, they turned to selling!!!

    Taurus: Proof?

    MarKuZ JENKINS: OK, Black Business areas existed while Republicans controlled urban cities. Democrats took over as the demographics changed, no Black Business community. This is what I witnessed! Talk to your Elders…..

    MarKuZ JENKINS: The algorithm is this… Ask your Elders in what year the Black Business community was thriving and then the year it died? Then you find out who controlled your city council/mayor at those two points in time….

    MarKuZ JENKINS: Homocrats tripled my child support when I was still recovering from being hurt right before the fist Gulf War. Because, I saw what they were doing and spoke out about it during the Election of the new Democrat Party Chairman. If Republicans had not stepped in because I was ah War Fighter, I would have gotten ah felony the first time I missed ah payment! Because of the amount…..

    MarKuZ JENKINS: So, that’s what happened to many of the real leaders in the Black community….. And you were left with this weak wave of shit for leaders!!!

    Within 60 minutes of calling me ah sellout and basically telling me to F’ off, “Taurus” became my friend on facebook and I moved him to my Black Critical Thinking Page … They have no clue that this happened… And that would be “our fault!!!”

  9. K.G. says:

    Much love to all who is reading. I know this post is old but I would love to share my thoughts. Being aware and conscious to the plight of my African people, I did enjoy the article. Although there are numerous issues plaguing the black community, we cannot turn a blind eye to the destructiveness of the homosexual lifestyle. I am a 30 year old SAME GENDER ORIENTED black male. Yup, I prefer the same sex sexually but I live a heterosexual lifestyle, so I know both sides of the argument. Facts: I had a normal(at least normal to me) childhood with both parents. I was forced by a female family member as a child to touch them erotically(im not sure how much of a factor this played in my orientation). I watched straight porn exclusively from about age 10 to 15, then gay porn thereafter. I started to notice other boys sexually as a teenager. I never acted upon my desires and I pursued females. Fast forward into my 20s.

    I still had never been intimate with the same sex but had several female partners. I never even thought about sex wth a man and focused on women. Now during this whole time, I was watching homoerotic porn, noticing men in public and having erection issues with females but still did not associate myself as being gay. It was almost as if I was in complete denial or just suppressed these feelings in the back of my mind. In 2011, I started a relationship with a woman who became my bestfriend and our relationship was great and beautiful aside from some sexual and intimacy issues but even that was no big deal because there was some intimacy and the sex was ok. We were having fun and things were great. Then it happened, I changed jobs and there he was, a very attractive openly gay guy who came in and derailed my life. I was so smitten with this guy. The attraction and feelings hit me like a brick. I could not stop looking at him at work and thinking about him when I was not at work.

    I felt like this was what I had been missing. Me and the guy would flirt with each other and make frequent eye contact but we didnt talk to each other. After about a month of obsessing over this dude, I decided to just approach him and let him know how I feel(although it would be down low and secret) and he was into me as well so he bit. Over the course of a month we would go out on our lunch break and smoke weed together and a couple times alone at his place we would smoke. All the while my gf is at home clueless that I like some other person, let alone a guy. Me and the guy only kissed, I never touched him in that way and never was intimate with him. Honestly, I was very attracted to him and fantasized about sex with him but just could not do it. I think guilt and fear held me back. Eventually he got bored and I left the job. My relationship was now strained because now I had the realization that I really like males and desire sex with them. I had to tell her what was going on.

    I felt like I was losing my mind. It felt wrong and unnatural to have these feelings yet I felt like a prisoner in my relationship because It seemed in the way of my happiness. We had the talk and I disclosed to her what I recently fully discovered about myself. It was a host of emotions from relief, to sadness, anger, depression and resentment. We lived together and neither one of us really wanted to go. We really loved each other and even though I know she fell harder than me, I cared for her so much. We were best friends and if not for my affliction, our relationship would be close to perfect. We were both depressed over the next few months while we dealt with our issues. We were separated but still living together because of living arrangements. Things did start to get a little better with time and as we came to terms with the hand we had been dealt. Even though my dick was saying go and live your life, i needed her in my life and could not just let go. Then things just changed, it was almost as if the cloud had moved from over my relationship and I began to appreciate what I had all along. We gradually worked on us and then got engaged and married.

    We are still married, although not without problems but no relationship is. We love each other and we are committed to each other. I have remained monogomous although I do get strong sexual urges for the same sex occassionally. In my research I concluded that this will likely always happen and will not go away but does get easier to manage. At the time I got married, I was neither spiritual nor religious; so it wasn’t my faith in Jesus that kept me from going down that path. I had plenty of reasons why I just didn’t feel confortable jumping into the homosexual lifestyle. Fear and rejection was factored but really it was the love I had for this woman and common sense that kept me. I wanted a family and I wanted it to be traditional and whole where my children feed off my masculine energy and her feminine energy. Morality was not the issue. I felt if the creator meant for me to be with the same sex, he would have taken away all methods of reproduction or made men able to bear children. Why does a homosexual need to produce sperm or a lesbian, eggs?

    All im saying is that everything in nature works to conserve energy and mainly for reproduction. It takes a lot of energy to produce sperm and for the monthly menstrual cycle in women. It would be more advantageous if the homosexual did not waste energy on these processes because honestly sperm and eggs are wasted when a person practices a homosexual lifestyle. I do believe that the main motivator of homosexual relationships is lust and sex because that’s what happens to me, when these urges come on, it’s about sex not love. I won’t deny that two men can love each other and commit to one another but I also believe that if you take away the sex from a homosexual relationship, it will die quicker than a hetero relationship. Facts don’t lie and truth is, most homosexuals are lonely and single so its rare that those relationships work.

    I have several family members(my own sister) practicing homosexuality and have encountered plenty of homosexuals in my lifetime and reality is they are usually alone majority of the time. They don’t seem happy either which is ironic because I thought that was the reason they decided to be themselves. The lifestyle is plagued by substance abuse and I also found that most homosexuals get really offensive if you don’t fully agree with their lifestyle. This further suggests unhappiness and discontent with oneself because a happy person comfortable in their own skin could care less what a stranger thinks of them. But im no psychologist, just my opinion. So I guess all that said, I chose love and the happiness I had all along over giving in to my sexual desires.Temptation is everywhere for everybody and I had to imagine how I would feel if she left me because she couldn’t fight her urges for sex with another man; I would want her to fight for me. I didn’t want to leave another black woman out here bitter and heartbroken just so I can feel pleasure. These women and kids need strong black men to help lead and rebuild the community. I am in whats considered a mixed orientation marriage. Google it.

    You will find stories from people from all walks of life. Our marriage is strong and healthy and the only unhappiness I experience is when these unwanted sexual urges come on. Now that I’m more spiritual(not religious) I see things even more clearly. I hope that nothing I said will be considered hate speech because I do not hate anyone or anything. Homosexual or not you/they are still my brother(s) and sister(s) and you/they deserve love and respect. I simply want to show those who are struggling there is an alternative and you don’t have to give in. You can be happy with a woman and have a great life. It won’t be easy and it will be challenging but what relationship isn’t.

  10. Zach says:

    Homosexuality is an abomination. It is not hate speech to call sin what it is. And we are not afraid of homosexuals so we are not homophobic. The black race is being systematically destroyed by homosexuals.

  11. Ron Johnson says:

    Tell it bro! I’ve been saying this for a long time. Faggots are out to destroy this country. They’ve prayed on and convinced black men to choose the fagggot lifestyle: and it’s killing black men in record numbers. To all of you faggots that scream “we’re not going anywhere!” Well faggots, neither are we. We’ve got the advantage : you fags will end up dead from AIDS , drug overdose or suicide!! God has a plan and God rules nature. Your faggot lifestyle is incompatible with nature and life. Good riddance!!

  12. Jesus is coming says:

    I ,as a child of God ,don’t judge anyone. But regardless of that the bible has shown us that homosexuality is a sin….and I do believe that a lot is being done to hinder the growth of the black community.

  13. MarKuZ says:

    The solution is for Black folks to go to the poll and vote on other things (not the presidency), so the numbers will show we were there! Then we would immediately get our Black political capital back and politicians would start addressing the Black community needs on both sides!!!!

  14. MarKuZ says:

    People ask; “How do you know when Homocrats have taken over the Democrat Party.” I tell them to look for the following:

    10: The educations system is shot to HELL and taxpayers pay at least 30% more than the excellent school districts around them.
    9. The vocational training is gone.
    8. Family support amenities like community centers and child outreach programs are defunded and/or underfunded.
    7. Jobs programs are cut!!!
    6. Black people are roughly 50% of the city’s population but Black contractors find old doors being shut and get no contracts
    6. The Black business community is destroyed via new restrictions
    5. Domestic violence in the community raises because of 6 through 10
    4. A nice new much bigger state of the art “Jail” is built.
    3. The “real” unemployment rate for Blacks in the city is 40% to 65%
    2. Violent aggravated/murder crimes go way up.
    1. Laws are changed so “Inner City Youth are brought to HEEL” for as little as having a joint, and they’re lives are destroyed because they have now been criminally documented and/or jailed.

    This all culminates with homosexuals being “awarded” special rights and protection by the city council controlled by Homocrats, and is never voted on by the people because they would never accept it or vote for it.

  15. MarKuZ says:

    When I was ah Democrat and I spoke out against this and how they were destroying our business community. I was attacked in ways that only homosexuls would use, and that is via the family…. I had been hurt at the start of the Gulf War, came home very hurt. When homocrats found out I was back they pulled me into child support court and tripled my child support. Before I went to court, I talked to my son’s mother, and she said she thought I had filed for a reduction because I was hurt and she had no problem with that. I conveyed to her that it wasn’t me!

    Because I was injured via the military Republicans intervened and set my child support back to where it was, but they could not give me back the monies from the three months it took to get back in court. If I had missed one payment during that period, I would have had a felony because of the amount!!!

  16. atheist says:

    Get used to and embrace it… Homosexuality will be here long after Christianity is gone. Christians eat pork and commit adultery, yet religion tells them no…. but y’all do. Why not Homosexuality? I am part of a proud multi sexual atheist family… all of us earned advanced degrees (will graduate with bachelors this fall)… Let it go..Jesus didn’t return in his followers lifetime, he never will. Give up… the Abrahamic religions didn’t begin humanity (they didn’t even bring much new) and they wont end humanity either. As long as you are educated on your schooling (and the lies of ‘god’) then you are fine…..(millinenial)

  17. jblack1 says:

    I’m not finish Mr. JGtalented1 (I’m just getting warmed up!)….again you say we (Blacks in America) have turned our backs on God? I beg your pardon? Come again? Just because a few misguided souls in our community embrace a “Sodom & Ghomorrah” lifestyle should not be a reflection on the race as a whole!(not even close)…..for
    someone of African Descent to make such and assinine statement, makes them an UncleTom-coon who smiles for “Massa”…..How Dare you!! You the type of Black man (I assume you’re Black because of the nunances in your reply) that FOX news loves to have on their shows. The type of Black man they can pat on the head and call you a “good little nigger'(he thinks like us. He’s a Docile negro who hates his own people) when your back is turned…..We are a Great people that come from a Royal lineage of African Kings,Queens, Prophets, Warriors,Scribes, princes, and Princesses! Dont you ever forget it! And you said “Dont throw your pearls to the Swine”….How dare you! You arrogant,pompous, Patronizing jackass!…..Again we have not turned our Backs on God! Yes we will be judged for our Sins and Iniquity. So will every other nation on this earth, Including yours! Thank you sir and Good Day!

  18. jblack1 says:

    excellent article, many observations were on point, but reading the responses most of it fell on deaf ears. If you want to be an atheist, go right ahead. You wont have any complaint for me.You were totally on point Mr.Anthony when you state that Gays dont lash out at us because we dont support their lifestyle, they lash out at us and call us “hatemongers” because its a clever psychological ploy and tactic they and the media will use to intimidate true beleivers. Heck you even have many pastors who are afraid to condemn the gay agenda and lifestyle for fear it will hur t the collection plate come sunday mornings…hmmm…But the bible clearly states, God will not be mocked!….and good luck the moment you die…..cause your’e gonna be in for a rude awakening. Many people in the era of Christopher Columbus beleived that the earth was flat and the earth revolved around the solar system…both beliefs were totally mistaken…same as those who believe there is no God….which is Satans greatest lie told to mankind)…..but I digress….My reply is mainly directed at Mr.jgtatlented1….I got major heat for you my friend. You are a coon! You make Clarence Thomas look like a Black Panther militant. In your reply you state that the Black race has turned their backs on God and the heritage of our ancestors?…..What world do you live in??? We are the most spritual people in this country! You also state that the Black America is doomed for destruction?.WHo made you judge over a people??!!…Last I heard and read in my Bible, Only God Almighty and His Son,Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah) Has the Authority to make final judgement of a people, race or nations…..You are a sinner just like me, and the rest of our Bretheren! Your self righteous, and condescending tone in your reply is sickening.

  19. Mustafa Simmons says:

    I laugh Christianity in America is destroyed. So is the “average family”
    The gays aren’t going anywhere, nor is this neo-liberal society. The old ways of Christianity will eventually die out.

    By 2040 or 2050 you will all be a remnant as it would be perfectly accepted by most.

    Jesus isn’t coming back. Jesus is a pagan. It is an ABOMINATION that MAN is the image of God. You spit in the face of Judaism. You have been Deceived….

  20. PRO-LGBT says:

    Let me put this in connotation even Marque Anthony can understand.

    If your dick doesn’t get hard/internal arousal by sight on women, then you are a homosexual, as God clearly made you that way.

    If your dick DOES get hard/internal arousal by sight on women, then you are a heterosexual, as God clearly made you that way.

    I’m straight, but a situation (that emphasizes my point) was I had a girl who was excellent wife material, caring etc. She was homely and didn’t get my dick hard enough. So I ditched her. Cold world.

    We all should be with whatever person who is of legal age that gets our dick hard.

    At the end of the day the dick doesn’t lie.
    You cannot use “Satan” or the “media” or a “cure” to change what you get a woody to. Its beyond your conscious body your heartbeat.

    None of this will go away and Religion will be the one that dies. Jesus has a b-shit story similar to all other religions. The only reason why there are so many followers of Jesus is because the White Man raped/destroyed all other “Gods” our African Ancestors worshiped. No different then Islam and the Arab Man.

    Awake from your endless slumber…Jesus will never come back. Jesus=Council of Nicea. Jesus=fake

  21. Sara says:

    This whole thing sounds like a bad Afroman song:

    “I did not go to school… because of the gays.
    “I skipped on college too… because of the gays.
    “Now, I’m hangin with a crew, and I know why!
    “Hey, hey!
    “Because of the gays, because of the gays, because of the gays!
    “La da da da da da!

    “I robbed a convenience store… Because of the gays!
    “I even stole some cheetos too!… Because of the gays!
    “Now 5-O’s chasin me, and I know why!
    “Hey, hey!
    “Because of the gays, because of the gays, because of the gays!
    “La da da da da da!

    “I ended up sent to jail… because of the gays…
    “I even skipped my probation and bail… because of the gays…
    “Now I’ve got a county warrant, and I know why!
    “Hey hey!
    “Because of the gays! Because of the Gays! Because of the gays!
    “La da da da da da!”

  22. Romey B says:

    Very well-written article by Marque Anthony. You used wisdom and discernment in writing this and God’s word prevails now and will prevail in the end. Homosexuality hurts families and it’s up to us brave Christian men to stand up against it. And people who are gay or support them know that we’re not against them, but because we don’t agree with them, they spread hate towards us. One thing’s for sure, Jesus loves us all. Heaven is the prize we all should be after. Not the World or its desires.

  23. Providence says:

    Great article. Spiritual people will see this with their spiritual eyes. Homosexuality is not unique to the Black community, but its negative effects impacts our community even more b/c no other community is targeted economically, socially, politically, biologically, than BLACK people. Not to mention, this was something that our people NEVER stood for, look at our African and Caribbean brothers, the spirit of homosexuality is not on their nations like it is on Black Americans.

    And for all those fence straddlers, you either stand for something or fall for everything. The Bible condemns lukewarmness, but of course you don’t even read the Bible — if you did you wouldn’t just sit there and allow homosexuality to spread like the cancer it has. Homosexuality is a SPIRIT it can jump from one person to another, yes, it is “contagious” as some bisexual woman mocked on here earlier. By not safeguarding your mind, soul, body and spirit, you are opening yourself up to demonic spirits (homosexuality being just one of many). Don’t come on here complaining if/when your kid suddenly comes home from school one day and tells you they’re gay when you know good and well they weren’t growing up. You as a parent weren’t being watchful nor prayerful, instead you were too busy being complacent, stubbornly ignorant and nonchalant — and encouraging others on message boards to do the same. God forbid. All praises to the Most HIgh we have enough BOLD warriors left among us who CRY LOUD and SPARE NOT.

  24. Celeste says:

    How is the supposed “gay agenda” ONLY affecting black men? Homosexuality is practiced in every race and nationality. People enjoy scapegoating a bit too much. This is why the black race struggles to unite. Too busy bickering over each instead of joining for the common good. They bash the gay community for being able to unity, but never look at why. It’s because they are all inclusive as blacks need to be. No matter if you are young/old, able bodied/disabled, single parent/wife, or heterosexual/homosexual.

  25. Rafael Combs says:

    How does this satan/homo thing work? “Satan” “convinces” me in a war against “God” to turn homosexual. God does the reverse and funds “the heavens” “to turn gays: into straight people.

    As a male you either are sexually attracted to women or men…straight or gay…your sexual activities match your preferences.

    Oddly enough the main reason for down-low men is because of “religious pressures”… if it wasn’t for that their would be no down-low men.

    This blog is if the government could willy-nilly use the power of satan and transform via media straights into gays.

    *We all know women are bi…just look at their behavior with each other thats even “normal” lol Their would never be a “bisexual man” story/t.v/mdia because that doesn’t exist..Men can’t be sexually aroused by men and women

  26. Jessie Smith says:

    Jesus doesn’t even meet the O.T or Jewish Talmud qualifications to become savior. You people just make up things for the sake of it. The New Testament was created by Rome, this is obvious as practically all the writers trace back to it. Unlike the “O.T” your “N.T” wasn’t revealed by prophets (Moses) it was revealed by the filth of Rome. Christianity is linked to the white devil. Had whites never enslaved the world, much of Africa and Latin America wouldn’t be Christian.

    The O.T said beware of idolatry, yet you have god as man…that isn’t monotheistic…Hindu’s have a holy trinity as well. So if Christianity is monotheistic then so is Hinduism…shoot then technically NOTHING is polytheistic anymore.

    Nothing is new in Christianity, virgin births, false-“messiahs”, stolen African beliefs….

    Where did Jesus get his Y chromosome from? He had to have one to be born a male…its a pagan LIE…Did Muhameed ride his horse to heaven? Is he the final prophet and successor to Jesus? Should Hindu’s be converted to Christianity since their ancestral belief is “false” and are they ignorant people because of it, who need “saving” by some arab-aaryan “messiah”?

    Its all a lie you fools….God was nowhere in the subjugation of Africa, nowhere during the destruction of Indonesia, nowhere doing the Jewish Holocaust, nowhere doing the Native American genocide, nowhere doing the uprooting of the Arab population in Isreal in 1947, nowhere doing the legalizing of gay marriage, nowhere doing countless abortions…

    The season-finale of the desperate negro fantasy beckoning for a Christian uprising and return of the messiah has failed infinitely in the past, and will fail infinitely in the future.

    He’s not coming back! Their is no evidence outside a small inner-circle of his “rising” (whatever that literally is supposed to mean)

    Jesus said he would come back in the lifetime of his disciples…he is 2,000 years late!!!!

  27. Face It says:

    There is a “gay agenda” its very real. The gay manifesto is published it can be found on the internet or viewed on YouTube. It was 1st published in a secret conference in 1979. If you read or listen to the manifesto you will see that a lot of their goals have been achieved. Satan’s influence is greatly manifested in the world in the form of ideas, political & govt. movements, inventions and worldly philosophies. You know his work ALWAYS opposes the truths of GOD ALMIGHTLY as wrong, outdated, counterproductive. Satan is a liar, the great deceiver. Satan is cleverly using the “gay agenda” to destroy GOD’S DIVINE ORDER for human life which is male and female. Confusion, chaos & total destruction are sure fire when people fail to understand the purpose, order & function of gender to human life. Satan is already attacking with premarital sex which leads to abortion killing millions of human off-spring sacrificed as an idol on the alter lust & convenience or don’t give a crap about the body. Satan plan for rampant premarital sex also creates widespread std’s, and suffering. His plan for gay sex creating hiv/aids suffering & death. Rampant drug use that ruins the mind & body in direct opposition to God’s command that man’s body is a temple to remain undefiled. Well people under Satan’s influence have desecrated the temple(which is their body). Those of us who have given our lives to Christ, read our Bibles, pray & are obedient to GOD only not man can see Satan’s works. We oppose him and must speak the truth despite that people hate us and don’t want to listen. As long as there’s Christ and repentance its never too late to change and be forgiven and released from Satan’s power.

  28. 2Tell the truth says:

    You post the truth we must not accept homosexuality. I am a Believer and I know that this agenda is not simply aimed at black males. Its aimed at males & females of every race, creed and color throughout western civilization. Those who control the institutions are pure EVIL and are under the influence and partnership of Satan. We as believer must read the Bible for ourselves and know that we are not prohibited from fighting back defending ourselves. For the time has come when they are openly making war against anyone who opposes their evil which means they are out to destroy truth and Christian believers. I’m talking real Christians not those who are corrupted following the world. Read your Bibles God doesn’t prevent Believers from fighting back, defending themselves. We are to oppose evil those Hebrews fought a lot of wars, heck God fought a war in heaven when He expelled Satan. Don’t believe the lie that Christians are never to protect, defend or fight back for themselves and their own. This is brainwash and false interpretation of biblical Scripture. As Christ stated You have to loose your life in order to gain it.” Luke 9:25, Matthew 16:, Matthew 10:39 and Luke 17:33. Christians should READ their Bible rather than relying on the deliberately false interpretations put forth by corrupted,pastors, preachers & false teachers.

    Many are going to destruction and eternal damnation and believe GOD won’t care what race or color your are but the worst is reserved for the false Christian leaders who use the Word of God for ill and of course those who hate GOD of which homosexuals & atheists lead the way. Wake up! This is a WAR against Christianity and Christians its nothing else. The homosexual agenda is not just about black males. Its poison is force fed to every group, gender, age, race & class in western civilization. Many will be destroyed and go to eternal damnation for adopting the ways of Satan in order to please others, be trendy or exact temporary worldy financial gain. We Christians failed God’s test and too many won’t fight back because they are hypocrites. How many black people & so-called Christians repeatedly voted for Barack Obama because he was black? This despite the fact that He blasphemed Christ, leaves Christians under destruction at the hands of Muslims in his foreign policy. He turned his back on Christian Africa refusing to continue the economic development which began previously by the former administration. Barack Obama is the biggest proponent of destroying heterosexuality and replacing it with homosexuality.

    He is the biggest enemy of Christianity. Yet many blacks who call themselves Christian continually support this man and voted for him to destroy their faith. You wicked reprobates had better repent, repent, repent. Many Christians have failed God failed to keep His laws, failing to live by Christ’s example, failed to understand the Bible and apply it to our lives. We have failed to oppose evil, we are corrupted, soft and useless. God will cast you off. He can only use those willing to answer the call, those who believe those willing to speak and live by His eternal truths which means fighting and opposing evil, by revealing the truth. Exposing the wiles of the devil in bad policies, practices, philosophies and mental programming whatever it costs. Faith is in short supply. Now the devil has brought the fight to Christians and many cower or accept the ways of Satan all of the western church.

    This is way bigger than just “black men.” Its aimed at all humanity. Christians here in America are too unbelieving too fight for their holidays. How sorry is that? No God will raise up HIS warriors, prophets, organizers and His martyrs and they will gain eternal life & victory in Christ. Those who follow the world will loose their lives and reap eternal damnation. Its not too late but we are in the end time. Read the Scripture the beast will be a gay man.

  29. Joshua Jackson says:

    Homosexual agenda is destroying the black man?

    This is the most nonsensical statement ever…We need education and family, not sexual policing and more religion. Those are why we are so subservient in the first place. I promise if homosexuality disappeared off the face of the earth nothing would change. Laziness, Hip-Hop, Ignorance would still exist…Dead-beat dads would still exist, cheaters would still exist, bad education would still exist, violence would still exist, depression, lack of community, abortion,

    As many people have pointed out, gays not having kids is a GOOD thing…We need to take care of the babies we have via adoption and communities. Population is nothing, ask the Jews how they own all of Europe, America and most of this world. We can to one day…

  30. The real deal says:

    There is no such thing as God. Freedom of religion is equal to freedom from religion. What would you say to black gays that do not believe in God? This entire argument is dependent upon God being real. If you take the matter of your souk serious, you should know that Christianity borrows heavily from Egyptian and Sumerian mythology. It’s not real, and people are walking away from the abrahamic fairy tales that keep their spirit in bondage.

  31. Lo says:

    soooooo……what does homosexuality have to do specifically with the black community lol??? Homosexuality is in every single ethnicity on the planet first of all. Second of all, I am a black bisexual woman. Do you feel threatened and emasculated because i’m attracted to women as well as men? Does that scare you? Disgust you? Make you clutch your pearls in snooty contempt? OH WELL. Your masculinity is so fragile. Your homophobia and confusion that todays youth is confused is funny to me. Young people aren’t confused about who they are. They are just more comfortable with expressing who they are publically in today’s society because as I’ve seen, there are so many people afraid of being true to themselves from older generations because they would be chastised for it. That still happens today obviously but the younger generations are just little by little pushing you and the people like you over the cliff and we’re taking over [scary music starts playing] ahohoho the GAY AGENDA. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! God Bless you and your little mind.

  32. Dee1001 says:

    Children do not show signs of “homosexual tendencies” unless they have been coached directly, or indirectly by the parents. In every instance I have come across, either the mother treated the boy like a girl (she wanted a girl), there was some lack or parental love, or the child was molested.

    Only due to political pressure was homosexuality removed from DSM. It is a mental illness brought on by trauma. Should Gay people force themselves into “loveless” relationships? Yes, absolutely. People blur the issue of sexuality with “love”. I do not believe that a gay man cannot find a woman to marry him, for the betterment of the human race. That is a strawman argument.

    For people that do not believe there to be an agenda, they just needs to reread the quotes in this article, then purvue the situation in Ontario, Canada. Lesbian Premier, hand picked by outgoing premier, then gets elected due to her outlandish pursuit of buzzwords. Passes legislation to override Ontario Human Rights Code, to make it practically illegal for the common man (due to finances) to say anything against homosexual lifestyles. You would be hauled in front of a court, and have to defend yourself, if the “brigade” thought you were high enough profile to be worth crushing. Then this premier shoves a new Health & Physical Education curriculum into the school systems, which contains a gross amount of descriptions of deviant sexual behaviour. Overseen, in its creation, by a convicted paedophile. Funding of gender reassignment surgery, asexual bathroom legislation, the list goes on.

    At the same time, the education updates are being pushed in the USA, and Great Britain. Ditto for the asexual bathroom bills. Nobody in their right mind can say there is no agenda. The agenda is to destroy marriage, legalize more deviant behaviour, and crush all opposition. I cannot count the number of threats made against church goers, to keep their opinions to themselves.

    The bottom line is this: You are entitled to your rights, but don’t try to force me to do something that violates my rights to free speech and thought. That is what the homosexual agenda is doing, forcing people to do things against their own rights, to satisfy the homosexual’s rights. The sick thing about this, is the activist judges back them up.

  33. um.... says:

    I can tell who hasn’t educated themselves regarding Christianity. Many of the bible’s central figures are black. Christianity is so old, it can be considered indigenous in some parts of Africa and it’s practice predates European influence. All documented facts. Only a weak and colonized mind, would believe that their ancestors needed white proselytizers when they come from the same region, as the birthplace of all three Abrahamic religions. I guess all white supramcist aren’t white.

    Secondly, homosexuality is a major stronghold but it is not the only preversion. Both adultry and forncation are common practice and none of it honors God.both fall under the umbrella of sexual immorality, which is something God hates as well. If God has set the standard of sexual purity, Christian do themselves a diservice preaching to gays, as they hop in and out of beds. You’re in the same boat. Mote and beam principle.

    if there were an example of upright people, not given to their lust, then people can see the power of Christ operating in our lives. They’ll see their own bondage for what it is, when confronted with our freedom. I mean, what’s the point of being straight sexually and crooked spirtually.

    I wish more men would preach about integrity. Creating families, honoring your wife, remaining faithful, meeting the fiscal and emotional needs of your children. Basically doing the things God requires. The scripture clearly says, that a man who doesn’t do these things, is worse than an infidel.

  34. Kathy says:

    Ok first off. You are making this all about blacks. Homosexuality is not racist you dumb ads. It affects every race. The devil hates all mankind. And God loves all mankind. Homosexuality is wrong according to The word of God. God himself. Stop making everything about being black.

  35. Jgtalented1 says:

    Thank you Marque Anthony for those strong, clear, undeniable words of truth! Many of these people are just plain EVIL that they don’t care about their families, children, their neighborhoods or their black communities. Disturbingly, most black people have become corrupt, wicked and perverse in their embrace, tolerance and glorification of moral sin, corruption and wickedness. They glorify it and condemn good as evil. You are a “good moral man” spreading the truth and they reject it. Marque do not throw your pearls before swine.” The black race has turned their backs on GOD which is the heritage of their ancestors. This alone is why black America is doomed for destruction. Jamaica has rejected the devil and his perverse agenda of homosexuality as have many African nations. These hypocrites care more about being acceptable to the “white race” no matter if that white person is a filthy homosexual. Thank you for speaking out and eloquently making your points. But black America is doomed for destruction and is a lost cause. Its all about GOD’s people. The “real black Americans” and the Caribbean stands with you in God’s truth. Stay strong and healthy and may He bless you & your family manyfold.

  36. patric t murphy says:

    you, sir, are so far off base, you’re in another galaxy.

    your facts are corrupt, based on stereotypes, uneducated opinion, hearsay and clearly, on your personal loathing and vehement of gay people and culture.

    FACT. there is no GD gay agenda (a republican party operative stunt used to frighten white folk during election cycles, decades ago, then promulgated into false fact by the “white evangelical” right wing of christianity) and now carried on by your ignorance and arrogance. stop now sir, stop twisting truths.

    there has been a concerted effort (since the early 80’s) by organizations like HRC to eliminate prejudice, hate crime, lack of equal rights along with oppressive legislation, state and federal laws toward lgbt (lesbian, gay, bidesual, transgenederd) african americans. then there are the organizations that save LGBT african american lives through a multitude of services like education, food, housing, transgender issues and the 800 pound gorilla…hiv funding and medical care. these issues and more constitute the real GAY ADGEDA…

    you sir, should be focusing on and rallying the black church establishment, black communities and others with enlightened education that would build acceptance of lgbt african american people and communities that are never, ever going to go away and never, ever will these men and women walk back into obscurity, silence.

    in deed, as society becomes more accepting (which it has over the last ten years) more and more lgbt african american people feel freer, than ever before, to express their sexuality, openly and honestly to family and community.

    as gay marriage rounds the bend in every state of the union it would be a good idea if the BLACK COMMUNITY got ahead of the curve on gay issues and learned to understand and accept all lgbt people.

    and you sir, along with others, who preach this antigay montra need to stop spreading the vitriolic, attitudinal based misinformation you conjure as facts and begin to educate yourself and others to the reality of what is and is not GAY.

    if you can’t or won’t do that then be a man and step down. allow others with fresh truth based ideas and understandings of inclusion and acceptance (of the entire black experience including all aspects of black gay culture) take leadership roles in this badly needed and necessary mass re-education of a populous that has been misguided by men like you for decades.

    Let you not repeat the “head way deep in the sand” approach to HIV/Aids and the crack epidemic where, for decades, black churches propagated the IGNORE AIDS AND CRACK AND IT WILL GO AWAY mentality that, frankly, added millions to the ranks of the infected and addicted.

    it’s time. it’s time for the black community to mature on the issue of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered indivuduals, policies and equal rights. that time is now.

  37. ThinkTank says:

    Of the all the problems blacks are focused on, they are praying to their White God with a White picture, who is imaginary, who murdered countless caanites and later the Inquisition and Africa among other biblical and modern day war crimes..Afraid as their God issues orders what to do with their Genitals, deeming that morality.

    The Bible and the Quaran are WAR books…morality? I’m sure you believe in Obama as well (even though he crushes, murders, coups and destroy every country in his path) (including african countries)

    Your all puppets…..on strings!!!!

  38. Kevin says:

    you are doing nothingood, all you are doing is spreading hate Open your bible and read it

  39. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Mr. Anthony

    Have you ever taken the time to ask why God considers homosexuality an abomination? Does the Bible support your reasons for why you believe homosexuality is harmful to your community or do you just believe that it is immoral and unnatural to question authority?

    God gave each of us a free will. What is wrong with exercising that free will? Oh, I understand that we are not free to murder one another or enslave one another or steal from one another…those things cause immediate and obvious harm. I am not talking about those kinds of things that can destroy a community. I am wondering what harm love causes. How does it harm your community if one brother loves another brother and expresses that love in a sexual way? If you live your life according to the Bible you are in no danger from their love for one another. Just like you are in no danger from your brother loving a woman. So what if God hates fags? Their sin is between them and your God. What say do you actually have in their final judgment? What? You think you are going to get some extra brownie points if you speak out against homosexuality? No, you are judged for your sins and your sins alone. Just like everybody else is. You don’t get extra credit for brown nosing the Boss.

    It’s not your job, or anyone else’s responsibility to judge our brothers and sisters. That is God’s responsibility. So, while we are here on this earth living our very short lives…doesn’t it make more sense to treat everyone with respect and equality and love? I mean, we are all in this together and after all…we are all just spiders in the hands of an angry God.

    I say, love ’em all…let got sort it out.

  40. Marque Anthony says:

    Men with men is perverted, nasty, immoral and ungodly. Women with women? There is a reason two women cannot reproduce with only each other. Homosexuality is biologically unproductive, morally wrong, medically dangerous, sociologically damaging and often the result of wounded people migrating towards the same sex because they were either molested by the opposite sex or they are following a perverted trend.

  41. Marque Anthony says:

    I have been a family and relationship counselor, mediator and life coach for over a decade, counseling thousands of men, women and couples. Those of you who defend homosexuality simply want to stray away from moral standards and do whatever you want. But later in life you will come to realize that was a mistake. God says homosexuality is a sin, a perversion, an abomination. But you don’t believe that because you are in denial.

  42. Marque Anthony says:

    Dee do you understand what a phobia even is? Can you distinguish between right and wrong? Do you have a Bible? Do you read it? Maybe you think God is homophobic. And by the way, I have no fear of homosexuals, but refusal to accept an abomination is not fear. It is rejection of perversion. It’s odd that you would defend a behavior that reduces our race.

    Eric Wattree you still d not understand that we are all connected and what one of us does impacts another. Because you don’t get this, you think it’s as simple as minding your own business. If Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, King, Frederick Douglass and others thought like you, we would still be drinking from colored water fountains.

    ji9w68c you must be a practicing homosexual. My article is accurate. You say it isn’t but you didn’t point out one single inaccuracy. You being offended at the truth does not make my article inaccurate. Read what the Bible says about homosexuality. Read what the Quran and the hadith says about homosexuality. I have the research. Where is yours?

  43. Eddie says:

    A remember explaining to my daughter what a homosexual was because she heard the term and asked what it meant. She was actually shock that men were having sex with men. Her innocent response was “NASTY”.

  44. Dee says:

    Homophobic in every sense. This is so illogical and irrational I could write a whole essay in response to this. However, I won’t as I’m sure it will only fall on deaf and ears. You’re so full of hatred I actually feel sorry for you. What a miserable life you must lead.

  45. j19w68c says:

    Just… wow. Equal parts offensive, incoherent, inaccurate, and just plain bizarre. It would take hours to point out everything that’s wrong here. Practically without exception, none of its points are supportable. A significant number of its points are not even understandable. Again… wow.

  46. I’m a straight male. I don’t understand the gay lifestyle, but I do understand the importance of minding my own business. Admittedly, I did read this entire article, because the very premises it’s based on rendered it a fairy tale – that the author knows what’s on God’s mind; that straight men can be brainwashed into wanting other men (if the author really believes that, then HIS sexuality should be questioned, because if he’s truly a straight male without homosexual tendencies he should know better); and that people aren’t born gay (I grew up with a young boy that I KNEW was “different” before either of us even knew what sex was). So right off the bat I knew this was complete nonsense, and Mother Goose can’t hold my attention.
    Thus, the biggest threat to the Black community are people who divide the community by trying to shove their backward-thinking bigotry and religious beliefs down the throats of others. The people who taught Black people this religious bigotry, and to believe in talkin’ snakes and walkin’ dead men, had us tied up next to the mules when they were teaching it to us:
    The Conversion

    “Come here nigga and let me teach yo crazy, animal ass about the Lord. The first thing you got to learn is to Love thy Neighbor . . . especially me.”
    “Yes sir, Massa. Why would anybody not love you, Sir? You so good to me, Massa. Anybody don’t love you needs to have dey ass beat real good, Massa.”
    “Shut up, nigga. I’m talkin’.”
    “Listen, you been blessed already, and you don’t even know the Lord. The Lord made it where you don’t have to worry ’bout a thing. I feed you, I put clothes on yo nasty ass, and I give you a shed to sleep in, and all you have to do is whatever the hell I tell you to. Do you know how blessed you are?”
    “Oh, indeed I do, Massa. You take good care of me. I’s so happy.”
    “Now, listen real good ’cause dis impotant. God said, thou shalt not steal from me, thou shalt not kill (unless I tell you to), thou shalt not stick another coon’s wife (unless we tryin’ to make some mo niggas), and nigga, whatever you do, thou shalt not even look like you want to stick a white woman, or we gon lynch yo black ass. You here me, nigga?”
    “Oh yes, Massa. We know dat! But Massa, I thought you said thou shalt not kill?”
    “Dat means people, fool – real people! Dat don’t go for niggas. God wants us to keep you in yo place.”
    “Dat’s right, Massa. We sho gotta keep niggas in dey place. No tellin’ what a happen if we let dese niggas git loose. God so smart.”
    “I said shut up, nigga, and listen to the word.”
    “The next thing you got to learn is, whatever happens on this plantation is God’s will bein’ done. And if you listen to me, you’ll get to live like I do when you die and go to Heaven.”
    “Live like you, massa? A nigga ain’t got no business livin’ dat good. What a Po nigga like me gon do with all this? You know I ain’t got sense enough to run nothin’ like this.”
    “Just shut up, nigga!” When you dead you gon get some sense – the lord gon give it to you. The Lord can do anything, even give sense to a nigga. And he gon give you all the other niggas you gon need to help you in the fields, too.”
    “Massa, you so good to me! Thank you for tellin’ me all dis. I’m gon be a good nigga – the best nigga you ever seened. Look, I’m gon pray for you right now, and thank the Lord for givin’ me so good a massa.”
    “Shut up and get up off your knees, ya dumb nigga! The fields need tendin’! You pray to the Lord on your own time. God don’t won’t you talkin’ to him when you s’pose to be workin’.”
    “A couse, Massa. What I been thinkin’? I’s so dumb. I don’t know why you put up with me, Sir.”
    “How many times I got to tell you to shut the hell up, nigga?”
    “Yes Sir, I’s a shuttin’, Massa. I’s a shuttin’, right now.”
    “Now get yo ass out there in that field and let’s get some work done around here . . . Oh, and Toby, have yo woman meet me in the barn. I need to tell her ’bout the Lord too.”
    “Yes sir, Massa.”
    “And another thing, Toby, if my momma come a lookin’, tell her I’m playin’ in my tree house.”
    “Why you gon go fibbin’ to yo momma, Mr. Tommy? She knows you like to sit wit Lou Ann.”
    “Just shut up, nigga, and do what I said! And tell Lou Ann to wear that pretty dress I like, cause we gon be talkin’ ’bout the Lord, so it’s gon be like chuch.”
    “Yes Sir, Mr. Tommy.” . . . “Whaaaaaaat a friend we have in Jeeeeesus . . .”

  47. Nam says:

    1. Are you homophobic? YES YOU ARE. This entire article says you are.

    2. Is this “Hate speech”? YES IT IS. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean it is good or bad it just means you have the FREEDOM to speak your mind without being arrested for it. That’s it. And, this is HATE SPEECH.

    3. You’re an idiot, and a hateful homophobic one at that.


  48. malcom johnson says:

    im not gay but use common sense are million o peopl worldwide involve in a conspiracy theory? why do you think gays in muslim countries risk so much at times to live1/20th th lives gays in the u.s do. why do muslims kill gay people on sit (majority o muslim nations) becUse it screws their religion up….see they dont believe in original sin, so when an unmolested infAnt shows signs of homosexuality they get confused cause theres no reason why…..christians dont believe in purity at birth/youth so its blamed entirely on the devil….sure the elite have some sort of agenda but i dont see how its destroying the black community…like govt sponsered abortion if you are attracted to men or want an abortion media and govt is the end of the day ull do what suits your needs…….the brains total mental illness are too numerous too count…homosexuality is simply one or a mutation…also who takes moral advice from schitsofrenic homocidal abrahamic religions? one moments its peace the next moment its war and conquering! christianity has been altered by far more times then the other 2 religions…thats completely factual. “its not the parents responsibility to except deviant behavior” this leads to insecurity snd an inner conflict of those who are gay either he adopts the “im not gay no more” and pursues loveless relationships with women forever shattered or he is pushed from religious “morality” even further. in nature a certain species of monkey endulges in homo behavior…tell me how its really destroying the black community or is it merely a smoke and mirrors scapegoat (like our globalist puppet obama).

    christians just point to th de

  49. Marque Anthony says:

    For all those homosexuals who disagree with this article, speak up. I want to hear your arguments other than the ones of rebellion, confusion, blaming God that you think He made you that way and the fact that you are just doing what you want – regardless of right or wrong.

  50. Realman2 says:

    It’s destroying the black community.

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