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Is Beyonce Pregnant 2015, Instagram baby belly bump?

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( For months now, Beyonce and husband Jay Z have been fending off rumors that she is pregnant with the couple’s second child. Not only does the couple themselves deny the rumors Beyonce’s former band member Michele Williams, has also been stating at every possible opportunity that Beyonce is not expecting. She even went so far as to say that when Beyonce was pregnant with her daughter no one believed that she was and that people needed to stop speculating whether or not Beyonce pregnant is true.

Though Beyonce and Jay Z have vehemently denied the rumors, she keeps doing things that cause people to question the truth. A recent photo that Beyonce posted on her Instagram account showed her at the beach covered in sand, and allegedly attempt at covering her perceived belly bump. Four months before this picture was taken, Jay Z is said to have given a hint during a concert performance where he changed the lyrics of his song from “I replace it to another one” into “pregnant with another one.”2015beyonce-holds-stomach-pregnant

Recently Beyonce was photographed on vacation in Cambodia wearing clothes that fit her loosely, contributing to the pregnancy rumors. Shortly after, she and Jay Z attended a basketball at the Barclay’s Center where others in attendance noticed that Beyonce was wearing black (known to have a slimming effect on one’s appearance) and that her belly bump was sticking out over jeans. She also reportedly wore a full length coat the entire time she was in the arena.

In January Beyonce was spotted out to dinner with Jay Z at a West Hollywood restaurant and was reportedly wearing a baggy dress that was vastly different from the tight dresses she is usually seen in. In another instance she was spotted at a sushi restaurant with her husband and daughter wearing an outfit with a loose top to it. She also had a sweater tied around her waist to block the view of her stomach.

The rumors of Beyonce pregnant has been coming and going since 2103 when the E! Network stated that a rep for the singer had confirmed to them that her belly bump was real. At that time the rumors were fueled by the fact that Beyonce cancelled a scheduled concert in Belgium claiming she was too exhausted and dehydrated to perform. A week before the cancelled concert Beyonce was also the subject of pregnancy rumors when she appeared at a New York gala in a custom made dress with a cinched waist. She helped fuel the rumors at that time by stating during an interview with Good Morning America that she wanted a larger family and that her daughter needs company.

Whether the rumors are true remains to be seen. The media and Beyonce’s fans will likely continue to perpetuate and believe the rumors that she is pregnant, whether she actually is or not. Time will tell if the rumors ever come true or if they are all rumors in vein.

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5 Responses to “Is Beyonce Pregnant 2015, Instagram baby belly bump?”
  1. sarah says:

    Yall a buncha beyonce haters her and jay try to stay out of the poperazis way as much as possible i would too they make up stupid stories to sell their magazines 90 percent of what the poperazi says isnt true or they would never sell any magazines who knows she couldve been pregnant and lost another baby leave her alone and shes not to old shes 33 she was born in 1981 like me

  2. Bea says:

    So, this is where the news is at… she may or may not be pregnant, but have to show something when out of the clear blue sky she is 7 months pregnant and have a baby the next month then she shuts down a whole wing and look flawless after, the first photo op to the highest bidder.. Later the surrogate gets paid Royally to keep her mouth shut.. So much drama surrounded by an enigma to carry a child.

  3. The Real Von53 says:

    Every time there is a child of Jay’s popping up she turns up pregnant, who died and made Michelle Williams mouth a bible. She need to go somewhere get a ma and stop ass kissing. If she is or not who gives a damn. She’s always playing games wanting to be in the spot light. If she say she is, then there won’t be anything to tell. She is truly a media whore. But she is. Every other celebrity show, glow and enjoy their pregnacy. Take pics of their growing bellies, not her. That fake ass pic that her and Jay photo shopped with that cotton belly botton. You could tell by the way they posed they were hiding something. It was the only one. Others have many pics. She doing it to always in the media. If it becomes uninteresting I bet she’ll come clean just for the attention of growing, then there will be a lot of belly shots, like others that are rally having a baby. She will grace any magazine that’ll have her.

  4. michelle says:

    Child bye…that gal is no bit pregnant than Oprah this is a game she plays with the media she get fat gain weight then media say baby bump no she was stressed she thought J had a bastard out there….there’s no baby bump that’s the same padding from the 1st so called pregnancy….Child bye that gal too old either u pregnant or not she’s the only celeb hide being pregnant everybody else is out growing bellies and all and looking so pretty hell even Kate the princess show her self Beyonce is not that important…Child bye

  5. michelle says:

    Child bye that gal just fat there’s no baby bump it’s the same fake padding she had with that little girl when she gain weight they say baby bump “child bye”she to old to play those kind of games….

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