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Bobby Shmurda the terrorist, got what he deserved.

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( Ackquille Jean Pollard, aka rapper Bobby Shmurda, is a homegrown terrorist. He promotes killing his own people by making them dependent on illegal, psychotropic drugs. He terrorizes the black community where he lives with gun violence and publicly denigrates black women. If he were a member of Al Qaeda he’d be public enemy #1.

But he’s not. In fact, had it not been for the exhaustive work of the New York Police Department this war criminal would still be out committing his unique brand of in-house terrorism. Why in-house? Quite simply his success as a terrorist has been facilitated by the sale of his material to the fans of this destructive, irresponsible and reprehensible demagoguery.

There are plenty of young black men who have fallen victim to a series of bad choices. Pollard was no different than many of them. Parents divorced, his mother moved him to a new surrounding hoping that it would be better for him. In interviews he admitted to being the kid that was always in the principal’s office, not caring about the consequences of his actions. A self-admitted drug user and dealer by the age of 10 years old his childhood was always filled with the negative influence of older peers who had made bad choices in their lives. Like them Pollard would too wind up incarcerated and addicted to the street life.

Most terrorists share the same type psychological and mental scarcity as Pollard. What typically drives them over the edge is that at some point they develop a burning desire to advance a principle or set of beliefs. This addiction becomes an affliction and eventually becomes the impetus behind all of their passion. In the case of Pollard it seems that his only impetus was money and power.

A terrorist benefits from having followers. After all it’s much easier to mass produce death and destruction when you’re not the only one doing it. Being at the driver’s wheel is a lot more effective than holding the detonation switch.2014-drugarrest

In order to produce a legion of followers Pollard employed the tried and true method of social media. It was there that he began to export his particular brand of mass mayhem and destruction. It took one regurgitated and un-original dance craze to get him noticed by a larger audience that extended beyond the disenfranchised black male subjects he so aptly preyed upon. Blending a not so original mixture of an electronic snare drum and police siren sample loop, in his signature song he delivers what can be best described as a slow motion grammatical assault on the English language. The music video is the visual equivalent of the CIA’s method of waterboarding an uncooperative enemy combatant.

And maybe that’s the genius behind it. Maybe he’s trying to make a greater point by being so completely devoid of any substance. Maybe we’re the ones not in on the joke. Maybe EPIC records know something that we don’t.

So, what is it that Ackquille Jean Pollard could be fighting for?

Maybe it’s his response to the double digit unemployment rate of the black community. Maybe he’s campaigning to create an environment where industry is going to want to invest in a burgeoning infrastructure that can support rapid economic growth in his community? That growth will in turn produce jobs that can sustain people and give them a dream outside of their immediate circumstances. Maybe all his talk about drug dealing and gun violence is really his ingenious method to turn around the cycle of poverty and violence in his community.

Or maybe all of the negativity towards women that he so proudly espouses is really for the purpose of uplifting their image to the world and improving their overall emotional and psychological well-being. After all, in the community that he “services” young black women have abortions at a higher rate than any other ethnic group. This type of behavior does not come from a community that feels good about itself or its future. Maybe what he’s really doing is trying to prevent future generations from ever being born in the first place and thus not having to deal with the hopeless cycle of violence.

Then again maybe his cause is more ideological. Perhaps he is saying that black people need to return to a belief system that is ultimately going to save them from the evil and hostile world they live in. The appeal for a moral center that doesn’t find solace in material happiness is an attractive message to a people who seem to have lost their way. Maybe his constant reference to money and death to those who try to prevent him from making money is really a style of method acting, behavior that is completely separate from how he conducts his personal life.    

Predictably none of this is the case. In the case that the Ney York Police Department has spent a year compiling against him, it seems that the real life antics of Pollard are in fact the very things that his alias Bobby Shmurda talked about in his lyrics.

And this is where Pollard got caught. Talking slick is one thing, but committing the multitude of crimes that you’re talking about in your lyrics is not only dumb, but it’s the same thing that terrorist do when they broadcast their manifesto’s to their intended targets.

All of the social reasons why he turned out the way he did fall on deaf ears. To say that not having a dad or a stable home life, to say that growing up in poverty and witnessing violence from a young age made him this way assumes too much. It assumes that there’s no way out of those circumstances, and that’s simply not true. There’s always a way out. What Pollard did was choose wrong. His choices got him to where he is today, and that’s prison, which makes sense because most terrorists have short shelf lives.

Staff Writer; Steven Robinson

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22 Responses to “Bobby Shmurda the terrorist, got what he deserved.”



  2. PurpAndTheBeat says:

    Fuck This Article bobby and no terousit do u see him blowing shit up does he got bombs strapped on him he aint no isis nigga he’s just a brooklyn nigga fuck the police and fuck the niggers who write this article yous can eat a fat dick

  3. ROBERT says:

    HOW many times do we have to see these brothers either killed or jailed to figure out how destructive this lifestyle is , these people have built a whole prison industry just for fools like this.

    SMARTEN up my brothers quit being what your enemies want you to be, and doing what they want you do !

  4. Stan says:

    Man calling this little young nigga a terrorists is fucking overboard. I think he’s no different then any other gangbang crack slang street nigga trying to clean his street money up with legit money from the music industry. But keeping it real to long will catch up with yo ass, he’s a prime example. The fucking terrorists are those isis muthafuckas who lined up and killed a bunch of college students execution style, now what in the fuck do college students have to do with any political military bullshit goin on in the world. Those pieces of shits are terrorists, killing innocent people to further a cause backed behind a cult. Bobby didn’t do enough damage to be considered a full blown terrorist, a criminal but terrorist, nah he’s not doing fucking arms deals and not involved with human trafficking. No matter what crime you commit if you’re a black man they will over punish your ass, niggas should know that by now…

  5. Rob Base says:

    On the 63 page indictment from the NYPD Schmurda and his crew were responsible for shootings, drug dealing and at least one murder.They spoke all kinds of ill shit on their phones incriminating themselves. Heres the question though. Who do you think these niggas were shooting at? Other black folk that look like you and me thats who. Yet when one of us gets shot by the po-po we go crazy. Schmurda is a piece of shit and you dumb ass idiots supporting him shows the pied piper nature of shit rap artists.

  6. U can't be serious says:

    U don’t know that man or his struggle u can’t judge anyone. Only someone pompous and far removed from the culture would write some nonsense like this. It’s ppl like u who turn their noses up on sum bougie above everyone else notion that drives these kids in to the streets. They’re role models are too busy coonin and trying to be the next Al Sharpton. U are just as ignorant if not more and a opportunist. You think u will get a pulitzer for writing this young black male bashing article. Why don’t u get out the pulpit and make a difference.This article shows u have no tolerance or understanding of the younger generation and should be the last person we look for insight from in a article or any other media outlet. Have a seat. Matter fact have several.

  7. Jeff says:

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read

  8. shut the fuck up!!!!! says:

    Yeah he may have sold drugs. I don’t see the problem with it being that the u.s. is the biggest drug dealers. And terrorist,he’s not so shut the fuck up and talk about something else….who wrote this article again? This motherfucker whole family probably uses drugs. Bobby probably sold to your family…

  9. Lauryn says:

    Although bobby was part of a bad lifestyle for most of his life, he’s definitely not a terrorist. Thats an extreme term that was definitely used out of context. Bobby is in no way right in this situation but he has been trying to better himself. He stated in multiple interviews now that hes gotten an oppurtunity to escape hes done with selling drugs and the life he used to live. Notice how all his charges are from before he got famous. Also, growing up this life was all he knew the 90z is a bad neighborhood where the majority people gangbang and sell drugs. Bobby probably just fell into the wrong crowd. If he gets rid of these charges I bet ittl be the last time we see “Bobby” and “Indicted” in the same sentence. Have a happy holidays everyone. Caseclosed.

  10. Wrath of God says:

    terrible blog. u oughta be ashamed of urself for labelin Bobby as a terrorist. ur feedin into the Governments plans to now deface the black man as the new terrorists. hang urself u bitch made coon and dont ever show ur face around real niggas. bitch niggas like u need to get a slave job and work overtime

  11. black are slave says:

    Lol the person.who wrote this should. Be fired alleged is the word and stop telling people this stuff speak. Fact like you can go to jail ur freedom of speech fucking people like you miss leading ur people and what about that reporter On why you could go
    to.jail 4 ur freedom of speech

  12. JaRule says:

    Negro please.This nigca ain’t no terrorist!!

  13. Mike says:

    “And if you ain’t a ho, get up out my traphouse (crack house)
    I been selling crack since like the 5th grade….
    Imma run up put that gun on em’
    Imma run up go dumb on em’ ”

    These lyrics aren’t about some fictional character that he’s made up. This is an autobiographical confession of a drug dealer (self admitted in interviews), gang banger (self admitted in interviews) and alleged co-conspirator in multiple homicides. Misunderstood youth or cold blooded hoodlum? And please miss me with the moral relativism of “white people do it and you don’t say anything about them.” That is the most pathetic, self defeating argument you can come up with. What you’re really saying is that you use white people as a moral compass. If that’s the case then you’re the one who’s lost, not the writer.
    I agree….he’s a terrorist whose time in jail is hopefully a wake up call to him and the multitudes who are still making lame, raced-base excuses for him.

  14. jDean says:

    I feel ya , yeah he’s not a terrorist. But he is an idiot. He stole from the drill scene and NY was loving it. That’s why NY can’t be on top of hip hop again sponsoring a talentless clown like him.

  15. Doesn't Matter says:

    This is disgusting to have wrote! This is also very demeaning to this guy! I do not promote selling drugs, killing or any type of misbehavior but for you to call this young man a terrorist is mind blowing! He is “innocent until proven guilty” and I don’t know if any of you damn people realize the same stuff he was doing was the same thing white people do! Only difference is white people do it because they are strung out on drugs (that the government created again white folks) and any other colored race does it because the wonderful government refuse to give anyone a good paying job! And if they do have a job it’s not enough to keep their head above water! Sadly this shouldn’t be a racial thing but it is and media like this is making it racial! A “terrorist” I don’t think he’s killed a mass amount of random Americans! I don’t think he’s planting bombs in your backyard or your building as you type this garbage you call a story! I don’t think he’s plotting against the U.S. goverment! So if he is a terrorist what would that make you? Your words are just as wrong as some of the crimes they claim he has done!!!

    You should be disgusted in how your writing about a young man! Did you write like this about the white man that killed the kids in Newton? Probably not, how about the guy who walked into the movie theater in Colorado and killed bunches of people just because, or how about Timothy Mcveigh (I would have put him in a category as a terrorist) but instead your belittling a man who sold drugs to maintain and joined a gang probably because that’s the only family he had! The killing he should get his justice for if he indeed played a role in it but a terrorist, if you look up the definition of terrorist, which is : a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism. All things based on political things nothing to do with street crime! The writer of this and who ever ok’d this to be put out should all be banned from writing more garbage to put down people!

  16. CK says:

    Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?

    You’ve already decided the case outcome without hearing the facts under oath.

    That’s un-American.

  17. StayCo says:

    I dunno how you can even write an article like this. Callin Bobby al-qaueda. Nigga, do you see bobby planting fuckin roadside bombs and shit? get over yourselves. The only people Bobby “Terrorizing” are mfs who got themselves in that situation. 2Million bail is some bullshit.

  18. Brandon marcel says:

    Man… what a well thought out and brilliantly composed piece by the author. You, Mr Robibson, truly have a gift for the English language. You have added a perspective I never would have never have thought of myself. Taking responsibility is something we as Americans rarely do anymore. As unfortunate as Bobby Shmurdas circumstances and influences were,in the end this unfortunate outcome is of his own making. I think the clearest proof of this is his continuance of perpetuating the blaCK youth “thug” sterotype even after he got a taste of success and wealth.

  19. NoLove says:

    And here is the kind of brother Malcolm X spoke about… Besides blogging and sharing your clearly negative depiction of Pollard aka Shmurda.. What are you doing for the black community? Please enlighten me cause from here it seems like you’re so busy objectify today’s black youth that you lost sight of the fact that your is so far up the white man’s ass.

  20. Chief Sosa says:

    Im suprised he didnt shmoney dance and accidentally shoot himself yet.. Hes a fuckin idiot, that tries to imitate the drill scene.. Hes so dumb because New York has zero tolerance for guns. Hes an idiot and he looks hungry.. Hopefully they feed his ugly ass while hes in there

  21. Chief Sosa says:

    Idgaf about shmurda anyways.. I never understood why ppl liked that awful hit song he came out with.. Oh yea and that dance he does is so fuckin gay

  22. JaMario says:

    Boy shut yo uncle tom, hatin young black people ass up, niggas like you the reason young dudes resent elders ane have no respect for any of yall. celebratin a young persons fall from success cos you old and bitter, weak as hell.

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