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Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Term ‘Middle Class’ is Code Word White Supremacists Use To Steer White Votes.

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( During the lead up to the Iraq war Republicans continuously used the word “Al Qaeda” to make people scared and look to the Bush Administration for protection. And it worked. The Department of Homeland Security was created, America invaded Iraq and The Patriot Act overwhelmingly passed.

The word “Middle Class” is used in repetition to again, keep the white population looking for these same politicians to protect their so called ‘middle class status and values.’ During election cycles, notice how “protecting the middle class” is uttered as a collective chant over and over again. Its done by Conservatives and Liberals alike.

“The Middle Class and Main Street” are key Buzz phrases used for psychological Manipulation. By my pointing this out to you, you will begin to understand how propaganda works. Every channel, every reporter, every politician just keeps saying “middle class, middle class, middle class.”

This repetition is a ritualistic spell to get the mind and subconscious mind to believe they’re talking to you. It also energizes segments of the white population who live barely above the poverty level but need to believe they’re middle class- and vote as such. When a man stands at a podium and says the words MIDDLE CLASS, white Americans stand to attention like they’ve just heard a dog whistle.middle-class-2014

The housing crash claimed the middle class status of millions of white Americans, reducing them to working class; people who Rockefeller referred to as ‘poor white trash.’ Millions of white folks were forced to move back home with their parents. Tens of thousands are migrating from place to place trying to live. Today, you’ll find white folks crammed into houses like Migrants; 8 and 10 people deep.

Yet they still consider themselves middle class. How in the hell are you middle class and you’re living at home with your mama? How in the hell are you middle class and your moving from place to place trying to find work?

And don’t get it twisted black folks. The term middle class has absolutely nothing to do with you; it never has. It is reserved for whites only. When they’re talking about you they say ‘Black vote’ or African- American voter turnout and sometimes Minorities. And those terms are all inclusive; rich, poor and any person of color in the middle.

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2 Responses to “The Term ‘Middle Class’ is Code Word White Supremacists Use To Steer White Votes.”
  1. Maathew Woodard says:

    Is every thing a racial conspiracy with you?

    Its like race baiter Al Sharpton meets nutcase Alex Jones…

    Good grief…The middle class doesn’t exist…like the WMD’s in Iraq (middle class is smaller then what is being portrayed).

    Please talk about Obama and how unlike Jimmy Carter, he is sitting idly by and letting the globalists flood our country with 5+ million illegals which will hurt us all regardless of race to an extent but ESPECIALLY black males.

    Can we criticize the puppet Obama? Or just moan and groan at perceived “enemies”

  2. ewill says:

    Stupid rant by a jackass>

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