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The world I woke up to.

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( I woke up this morning to a world I was scared to enter last night. I had been scrolling down my timeline, full of talk of Bill Cosby and breaking news of the Ferguson trial. Bill Cosby is being torn apart by the media, has already lost his significance in many people’s eyes. Last night I was skyping my friends about how they could have at least had the sense to make a black woman claim he was inappropriate with her, this morning I wake up to a mixed—race black woman saying he invited her over to see “how their hair would look straightened”.

Quite frankly, these women’s stories paints this educated pioneer of black identity as a cartoon-like caricature of a scheming predator, you know, the kind who rubs his hands and snickers as he announces his idiotic plans. Saying he put blue pills in their mouth late night in his apartment just screams to me…..wait WHAT were you doing there in the first place? Then certain people say I’m blaming the victim. So yes, I woke up to one more “victim” speaking out.

Furthermore, the Ferguson trial was decided. The officer who murderedBill-Cosby-Jello-GIF-2014 Mike Brown was found not guilty by a jury panel consisting of six white men, three white women, two black women and one black man. They needed only nine votes to come to a decision. With odds like that, you do the math. So while, like Zimmerman, like so many others before him, Darren Wilson walks free, Bill Cosby is facing a very public, very gradual, execution. Execution is a strong word, you say. Well yes, it is an assassination of the character and legend of the man who established the black patriarch as not only existent, but respectable, prominent, an ideal to aspire to. They have already wiped his persona from the TV screen, but of courseee they leave Love and Hip Hop there for us to drown in the glory of multidimensional weaves, inflated bodies and pathetic love triangles. This is what we as black youths must aspire to. If we don’t continue the hilarious meme-like stereotypes of black people, who will?

Bill Cosby’s career was the anti-thesis to this stereotype. I read recently that a slew of other actors, from Charlie Sheen to Kiefer Sutherland to Mark Wahlberg, were accused of questionable characters, yet the likes of Two and a Half Men is still plastered across our screens today. I thought that was quite an eye-opener. Clearly something about the iconic Cosby Show has been deemed unsuitable for our consumption, but Californication we can watch all day erryday. I literally googled small screen actors to see just who had legal and moral issues and whether or not their shows were still on air. Mind-boggling, blatant bias is going on, people, and those who actually care are few and far between.

All these organizations claiming they are against injustice are laughable at best. Where are the feminists, grossly offended at the injustice of the Ferguson trial? Oh yes, not exactly their arena, he wasn’t in fact a white female. Yet they are the same ones quick to yell at us for “shaming the victim” and “this is exactly why rape victims don’t come out!” when we question the ridiculous stories of the 17 plus one accusers of Bill Cosby.

They, whoever they is, whatever that represents to you, have decided they can no longer handle the legacy of a great black man. They can no longer uphold it as a standard in society. And I can imagine they want his wife to divorce him so bad. That would be the cherry on the cake of his downfall. No sex addiction excuse for him, no rehab, no counselling could ever mute his fall from grace as it has done for others.

In closing, just last night I was checking out some of the less popular songs of Nicki Minaj. I’ve never been the biggest Nicki fan, but I was like damn this girl is really good at what she does! Then I woke up to a world where Iggy Azalea just won the AMA for best Rap/Hip-Hop artist of the year.

Staff Writer; Anastasia Tomkin

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