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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Comedian Bill Cosby And Those Many, Many White Women.

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( As ugly allegations continue to surface about comedian Bill Cosby, I choose not to see things in absolutes.  I refuse to stop giving him credit for providing wonderful lessons for kids on the show “Fat Albert.”  I’ve never been one to believe that a celebrity can do no wrong, Cosby included.  I still think Clair and Cliff Huxtable represented the greatest couple in the history of television.  I still think Bill Cosby is both a jerk and a genius.  I will always thank him for giving millions to HBCUs, when men like Dr. Dre refused to give a dime.  To me, Bill Cosby is neither a demon nor a saint.  He’s just a brilliant, modestly-funny, sometimes-detached, philanthropic old man who might have raped women and probably thinks way too much of himself.

So, the point here is that my views on Cosby have always been deliberately mixed, partly so I could avoid the temptation of buying into false imagery created from Jello Pudding pop comercials, and also because I know a modern day lynching when I see one.   Yes, the Cosby attacks appear to be too consistent and orchestrated for me to believe that it’s all happening by chance.  Almost every single day, the media delivers a new accuser to the public like the UPS guy dropping off a package from Amazon Prime.  Someone clearly wants to destroy him.

To say that Cosby is being metaphorically lynched by the American public doesn’t mean that he’s innocent.  Instead, it reminds me of the overzealous manner by which whites have always responded to crimes (alleged or otherwise) against black men.  Many of the men who’ve been lynched inBill-Cosby-2014 the past might have actually broken the law, but like Bill Cosby, they were often prosecuted by the court of public opinion rather than in the court of law.  Evidence was replaced by speculation, and white supremacy allowed some people to feel that they didn’t need a conviction, trial or evidence to behave as if the allegations were true.

Anyone familiar with the incidents involving Tiger Woods and OJ Simpson understands how the American public can so readily believe the black man to be an insatiable predator, unable to control his impulses, particularly around beautiful white women.  It’s no coincidence that Tiger, OJ and Bill Cosby are all accused of harming white females.  Had their alleged “victims” been black, the media would have barely covered the story.  Other prominent men, including former president Bill Clinton, have also been accused of sexual assault, but the last time I checked, Bill Clinton was an American hero.

As I watched an old 1964 stand-up routine by Cosby, I tried to retrace the steps of his life.   I went back to his birthday in 1936 and imagined every decade, when he was in his 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.  I thought about his age relative to the ages of the alleged victims.  I thought about his beautiful wife Camille and how he progressed into the man he is today.  I thought about his daughters and how they must feel to hear about these horrible things their father might have done to other women.

In my reflections on Bill Cosby, I wondered why this 40-something year old millionaire with a beautiful, classy, intelligent wife was spending so much time with white girls who were young enough to be his daughter.  All of this started in the 1960s, when black men were being sent to prison for barely touching a white woman, let alone assaulting her.  Many of these women were on drugs, and some of them maintained relationships with Cosby long after he allegedly assaulted them in their sleep.  Most rape victims don’t really do that sorta thing.  I doubt that hardly any of these women would have spent any time around a big black man if it weren’t for all of the money in his wallet.

What was Bill thinking?

Before all of these allegations came to light, I’ve always thought of Cosby as the cranky old grandfather who says things you don’t want to hear because he loves you.  Even when he was attacked heavily for his remarks about black people back in 2004, I didn’t dismiss his credibility entirely, because some of those things we needed to hear.  I am stunned by how there are many liberal commentators can rail off a long list of everything that rich white men are doing to destroy our society, but can’t think of a single thing that poor black people might be doing wrong.

Is it that our culture is superior and perfect, while rich white men are fundamentally flawed? It almost seems that we sometimes get tempted to replace white supremacy with black supremacy, and that’s wrong. Black people screw up too, and Bill Cosby was at least partially right to call it out.  You can’t let any ridiculous thing in the black community get a pass just because we’ve been oppressed.

At the same time, Bill Cosby himself appears to have had some demonic imperfections himself.  By consistently placing himself in compromising situations where anything could happen, he was risking both his future and the well-being of his family. Spending nights in hotel rooms with 19-year old kids is hardly the place to expect a 40 – 50 year old married man to be.  The person I’d love to hear from most might be Camille, to see how she feels about all of this.  She may see some of these allegations as chickens coming home to roost, as a husband who couldn’t keep his dirt under control.  Cheating was allowed in many old school marriages, but sloppy cheating was unacceptable.

As quickly as we can point out what’s wrong with Bill Cosby, we can also point the finger at our society.  We still live in a world where a black man is more readily attacked for harming a white woman than he would be for harming a black woman.   We are, right now, seeking to ruin and prosecute a man who was never convicted and for whom there is no physical evidence.  We are attempting to destroy the good things Cosby did for the world because we don’t appreciate the bad.  We are allowing maniacle rhetoric on the airwaves from people with long-held beefs with Cosby, who see this fiasco as an opportunity to settle old scores.  All of this is wrong, and serves as a reminder of how ridiculous our society can be.

Despite the harshness of the attacks against Bill Cosby, I can’t help but feel that he brought much of this onto himself.  For many years, his arrogant, self-righteous, insensitive behavior made people feel that Bill truly believed he was better than the rest of us.  He, like OJ and Tiger, had become (what he believed to be) the untouchable chosen negro because he’d been propped up on platforms provided by his oppressor.  As the lead character on the show, “House of Cards” once said, “Some mistakenly believe that having proximity to power is the same as actually wielding it.”  Cosby, like many other black celebrities who’ve been boosted up by our society, took great pride in sitting on a throne that belongs to somebody else.

The point here is that it’s always dangerous for a black man to base his self-esteem on how many white people seem to love him.  The public can turn on you in a second.  Keep this in mind as we watch Bill Cosby’s legacy get burned right into the ground.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit


18 Responses to “Comedian Bill Cosby And Those Many, Many White Women.”
  1. LDavis says:

    Well, it seems that white women have taught yet another rich black male fool a lesson and destroyed his livelihood in the process. I don’t give a d.. that he was convicted, and I don’t care about those alleged rapes because he is apparently obsessed with white femininity, beginning with his almost white wife. Furthermore, white women always have access to rich black men, an you can believe they were involved with Cosby because they were looking for a professional or financial opportunity. Why go to a man’s home if it’s strictly business? Additionally, white women stood by silently as their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons beat and raped black women. So, I don’t feel any remorse for anyone involved in this horror story.

  2. Tenperate says:

    And Lana, you do not know white women. You do not really know them. I know hundreds, being a middle class, “ordinary” white woman myself. Is it only the black woman who holda the title to strong? All around me all i see in my world is white women, strong, kind, fiercely loyal to their loved ones, completely surrendured to their motherhood, generous, brave, humble, intelligent and fair. Theyd jump in a river to save one of ypurs if they were drowning, would you do the same for their white child? A good many of us would be on YOUR side against abuses by men of any color. Sadly, the black woman is always the black person, instead of a woman.

  3. Tenperate says:

    Sabrina, now thats a story no one would believe. Every white person I know has been a victim of one, if not more than one, crime by a black person. Rarely by a white person, and if so, typically it would be a theft related to drug use by some relative or neighbor. So, you see, white people ARE victims of black people, overall. Those are just my stats, the real stats only confirm this is the rule, not the ezception. I, for one, do not believe the black man is inherently violent. I believe men are inherently jealous, and blacks just cant move past, well, the past. Systemic racism wont be solved until the black man lowers his weapon.

  4. Thomas B says:

    White women’s lives matter.

  5. Jon Pierce says:

    I guess you missed the one where Bobby Brown was crucified for hurting black Whitney Houston or what’s his name battering black Rhinna or the many examples of black athletes beating black women. Front page stories, for days, every single one. And I guess you don’t appreciate the fact that OJ had repeatedly assaulted Nicole. See the pics? Or that Tiger is not actually black but mixed race. Yes, as is Obama. Just ascwhite as black but you gotta claim him. So, who’s really out of touch?

  6. Zoney says:

    The premise of this article — to come up with some pitifully tortured “logic” in order to make it about race; some way, some how, let’s shift the focus to the poor put-upon black race, we shall overcome, swing low sweet chariot — the premise of this article is so patently ridiculous that it’s not even worth analyzing.

    I don’t like to see a celebrity like Cosby chopped off at the knees any more than the next guy — but this article … sheesh.

  7. JP says:

    Saying black people (Tiger, half black, Cosby, Michael Jackson) are torn down in the court of public opinion and by the media … and then blaming it on race.

    At best, it’s simply that the author of this article is naive. At worst, it’s racism and hatred for white people.

    In case you don’t know, ALL celebrities are propped up by the media, and if the media can, they’ll tear ’em down — regardless of your race. It’s what the media does. America is infatuated with seeing stars rise and (especially) fall.

    You don’t have enough room on this page to list all the white people that have been assassinated in the court of public opinion and the media.

    Falling back to blaming things on race is, in and of itself, abject racism.

  8. ada says:

    How can you write this kind of crap? It’s OK for Bill Cosby to have drugged and raped all these white women because he is black and black people are so poorly treated? That’s basically what you are writing. There is a deepgoing problem with racism in the US, well, probably everywhere in the world. Your writing here doesn’t help A*T A*L*L.

    If it had been YOUR daughter?????

  9. Dutch says:

    I cannot believe you think Bill Clinton is a hero, he is a bum of the first order..
    So far as Bill Cosby, perhaps it give him a feeling of superiority, or maybe
    Bill Cosby just likes unconscious white women. sometimes we get to a place in life where we think we are too big to be held accountable…
    Actually too bad about the Cos, I have always liked his talents, Clinton should not even be mentioned in the same breath, and bubba also….


  10. Toddq says:

    I’m also in my 40s and I’ve had 8 crimes happen to me in my life. They were all perpetrated by black people. I’ve never had a white person commit a crime against my person. I’m not surprised at all that a black man like Cosby would do things like this.

  11. Lana says:

    Everyone knows today that white women are nasty, they may dress nice but have no problem screwing blacks or whatever and later try to act like a victim. Why do you see so many white women alone living with a pack of halfbreed brats in tow. White men dont want those white hoes anymore thats why the men are with foreign women in growing numbers. Only blacks chase the white hoe.

  12. Andrew says:

    Jo you need to step into the real world girlfriend race it ALWAYS MATTERS! Yes this has a lot to do with it! Janis Dickinson is a nobody BUT she’s a white woman and that is all the media care about! Guys like Tiger Woods, Bill cosby go after white women a price is to be PAID!

  13. Papacool says:

    Does the fact that Mr. Cosby has celebrity status make him beyond being human? The answer is no. However, we all have to take a realistic look at this event. White women have being sexing black men from the beginning of time and will continue to do so until the end of time. When money is involved the caliber of females come along with it. For example, Ari Onassis was not a man that was easy to look at, but Jackie Kennedy saw that bank account and got security for her and her children. Mr. Cosby is no different in the fact that he enjoys the best of things this life can offer as a result of his fame and bank account. The ex-owner of the Clippers was another example, as the sister that was riding on his coattails enjoyed all she could get until the story broke. In all honesty, we all have skeletons in our closet to some extent. The difference is that due in part to the lack of fame, we do not have to worry about being blackmailed if the women come out with any accusations. Everything done in the dark will come to the light one way or another. The question that should be poised is once the truth is out there is that going to change how we conduct ourselves? Camille is the one who should be applauded for being the woman that any man would love to have as she has shown openly what unconditional love means. She of all people could have the honor of receiving the highest divorce settlement known to mankind, but yet she has stood her ground and put her family first in spite of the hype. Thank God for the example of being a true role model in every sense of the title. Whether he did it or not, Mr. Cosby has to live with the fallout of this for the remainder of his life, which could be a personal HELL. To the women involved, please understand that no one deserves to be molested or violated. But next time, please do the right thing and report it when it happens versus waiting behind the scenes and knowingly trying to ruin a life unnecessarily. Peace out, Papacool.

  14. live01 says:

    Great article. Malcolm X said it best that a black man will experience character suicide in the media. However, if these allegations are true he clearly was living a double-life, just like Collins from 7th Heaven, and the many people still living it, but have not been caught. Regardless if these women are white or black, they are victims regardless of how you slice it, or dice it.

  15. Satira says:

    Excellent article could not have said it better myself. Mr Cosby forgot who he was and the white supremacy is reminding him. Like the earlier post wrote it’s been a long time coming…sorry to say but it reality.

  16. Peerless Perception says:

    I was reluctant to say this Brother, but I’m compelled & impelled to do so. It’s just his turn! The Brother’s contribution has been inestimable, but it’s his turn. Mike Jackson & Tiger Woods had their turns & as you eluded to…This is an old vendetta.

  17. jo says:

    Oh puhleeze don’t make this about race. Can we evolve beyond that tired song? Read the fine print, black women were abused by him too. This is about misogyny, not race. And let’s not worry about poor enabling Camille. It’s the Cosby daughters i worry about. What kind of monstrous message are they getting from all this? Ponder THAT you pompous, blacker-than-thou PhD!

  18. Sabrina says:

    Now, I am in my 40s and I have been sexually abused by almost 10 men in my life since I was 10. They were all Whites. It never happened that a Black man behaved that way with me. I would not be surprised at all that what is happening right now with Dr. Cosby is White supremacy at work!!!

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