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U.S.A.; Division and Shame “Check Mate”.

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( Division is defined as the separation of something into two or more parts; another term we all come to know as DIVIDED. In order to divide, we must first create doubt which most define as distrust. Division is one if not the most powerful unseen poisons we as a country intake daily. We don’t think of its long term effect and how to offer remedies because we see it as an ebola that can’t be controlled. And most are unaware that we walk in its shadows and its unseen slow death affects. But yet we still continue to say United States without understanding its true meaning. Can a Divided Nation also be United? Can we speak the truth here for a second without being ridiculed or shame or being classified as a radical?

Shame is and has always been used as a power of persuasion and control. If, I can get you to be ashamed, I can keep you quiet, desolate, alone and without a voice. Which in turn, will keep you depressed, hurt, angry, confused and useless, questioning your reason for existence; despite what your profession is or isn’t, you are without a purpose   If, I can get you to believe that shame will make you feel just as miserable as the division you are unknowingly suffering from, you have become the least important piece of the chess set. A PAWN!!!

If I can get media to have you point fingers at each other, or go so far as to only show you as negative, rather that be black on black crime or police brutality, I am continually feeding you DIVISION/SHAME (POISON) you are unaware you are taken. If I can convince the World to discuss and concentrate on the Reaction without ever discussing the CAUSE, then we can continue to Check Mate and have you afraid to look in the mirror and be proud of whom you are.

If, we can convict Adrien Peterson via media without discussing where switches, whips, beatings, and physical abuse was originated and taught (SLAVERY) and passed down from generations to generations without anyone teaching you there is a different way, and use our teachings (Media) 400 years later to shame you for your learned behavior, then Check Mate. But if we can keep “What goes on in the House Stays in the House” a secret, because we do not want to bring shame, how else can wenation-divided-2014 deprogram? If no one teaches us a better solution, we are perpetuating division without even understanding the deftness of our own ignorance.

Shame A painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace. One that brings dishonor, disgrace, or condemnation. A condition of disgrace or dishonor; ignominy.

A great disappointment.

One of the most difficult things to do is to confront your shame. It’s a deeply rooted learn behavior that will eat at you until you have nothing left.

Ways to confront Shame;

Division is a deeply rooted tree of disguised ornaments; a learned behavior- no different than whispering, lust, backbiting, gossiping, hate, addiction or any form of negativity. At an early age, we all in some form have learned division.

  1. Dad or mom not home with child

  2. Parents fighting

  3. Divorce

  4. Family Violence & Sexual Molestations

  5. Secrets

  6. Prisons

  7. Negative Media ( Social , News or Cable Programming}

  8. Reality TV

  9. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins constant fighting

  10. Mom ,Dad , friend, Relative , media talking negative about any or everyone

  11. (Personal Insecurities)

  12. Religion

  13. Adoption

The signs above teach division at an early stage of a child’s life and births what we come to know as shame. If you suffer from one of these actions above and you are in secrecy, you have been infected/affected. Guess what; what B? you are not alone.

For most, the division/shame seed was planted and deeply rooted from our own families. Secrecy is a poison that has been destroying our families for generations past down from the “What goes on in this House Stays in this House” syndrome. And for generations, we have placed ornaments on our tree, perpetrating the tree of life and disguising the tree of life with a tree of beautiful ornaments filled with pain, shame and pretentious smiles.

So daily, our tree is barely surviving, impregnated with empty stomach pains without anyone removing the stain. As adults but still mentally children, we dare not discuss with parents the origin of moms/dad tree? So, we sat in silence, divided, eluding shame out of respect, while losing self-respect. We do to not wanting to hurt feelings as we hurt daily infecting those around us due to our constant fear and lack of peace within. We are constantly reminded of our hurt, the tears, the fears, the lonely days without anyone to explain how we feel.

A divided and shame seed has been unintentionally planted at an early age into a child’s spirit without his or her permission or knowledge and watered throughout the years unaware of its origin and how it got there. What started as a seed being watered throughout the years has now become a forest of trees. Now, family members, upon family members continuously are added to the forest, affected/infected with no direction. A forest now full of jealousy, division, loss of hope, hate, covertness, deceit, whispering, gossiping, addictions, abuse, sickness and neglect disguise with beautiful ornaments of clothes, homes, cars, money and popularity. But where do we start, when more trees are added to the forest and a dull butter knife being our only tool for removal?

It’s impossible for one to remove learned behavior with a dull butter knife. Remember it’s learned, it’s deeply rooted, bigger than why doesn’t he/she just stop. Try stopping being judgmental for a week. Test yourself. Now, just imagine someone with a bigger negative learned behavior /a huge tree and how difficult that tree would be than yours to cut down with a butter knife.

Don’t ever forget that the tree stills lack understanding/maturity and knowledge and how that negative seed was planted without the trees knowledge. Yes, some of us don’t even know we have a tree. So, how can one perform surgery when a patient has yet to be diagnosed? Or being self-diagnosed, needing surgery with no Dr. available and a dull butter knife as your only tool.  

Shame now becomes our tool of choice. Pretending we have a tree of life, decorating our empty tree with beautiful ornaments and now competing with other empty trees, resulting in a forest full of lighted ornaments operating on Duracell when the tree of Life needs no batteries to contain light.  

Raise a child in the way of the Lord and when he grows old he will never depart…this is SPIRIT!! This simply means planting positive seeds into the spirit (not flesh) and though we may sway away from time to time from what we learned; we will always go back to those important years when the positive seed was first planted/ birth. 

Just as we read in the way of the Lord, it’s imperative that we also read and teach to our youth and ourselves that to raise a child in the way of domestic violence, hate, racism, murder, assault, anger, negativity, depression, division, gossiping, crab tree syndrome, envy, strife, gambling, whispering, adultery, fornication, covet, drugs, alcohol, bullying and when he grow old he will never depart equals the same result….we are doing these things subconsciously without intentions unaware its infecting/affecting us and our children and their children with no Dr. and as a result, our children has learned from us to decorate their empty trees, no matter how hard we try to hide it with our decorations.

Fredrick Douglas quoted: “It’s easier to build strong children then repair broken men.”  Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. 

The bigger the tree the bigger the judgment of others! I personally realized I was broken and due to the size of my humongous tree, I found the perfect Surgeon, who performed my surgery and diagnosed that I will need continuous follow-ups and treatments until my bark is completely removed. But most importantly, my surgeon applauded me for removing my ornaments and revealing my nakedness without shame, understanding in order to be healed; my life has to be revealed. But most importantly, he shared not to worry with those who finger points, those who have perfected their tree with ornaments hiding their shame while their insecurity reign, pointing to you as a destination to place their blame.

They just don’t know that your tree use to be the biggest tree in the forest……….

Our energy is transferring into them, no matter how beautiful we disguise our ornaments.

We have to deprogram in order to reprogram. Knowledge is power. Many of us need (seed removal) from our spirits. We are only perpetuating the problem by saying “it’s them and not us”. Example, Mr. Ray’ Rice reaction is just obvious to the naked eye. (A big tree) What’s hidden in our closet that will cause us Shame? Check Mate

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