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Steve Harvey Vs. King Nazir Muhammad ( Something to Make you say Hummm ? )

(ThyBlackMan.com) King Nazir Muhammad, published author and self proclaimed Lesbian Messiah today declares a serious beef with comedian Steve Harvey. Muhammad says he deeply respects Steve as a comedian but says that his book ” think like a man ” was not very funny.

Muhammad says that Steve Harvey’s book has had a side effect that has morphed women into men by giving them the mind-set of men. I’m sure the book was meant to teach women to control men but it was received by a lot of younger women in the opposite way. And Muhammad says that this effect is ” un-natural ” in that women are becoming what they thought a lesbian was.
But a true lesbian does not want to be a man or think like a man , a true lesbian is a woman that is simply born mentally and physically attracted to women – nothing more.
But it has always been thought that lesbians want to be men , but that is not true at all says King Nazir Muhammad. And it is that thinking that brings about books like Think like a man , but Muhammad says that Steve’s book has only created women looking men (i.e.) Undercover men. And because of the books wide spread distribution and popularity among young women. Couples have become mentally twisted because men think their girlfriend is a female – but she is a man in a woman’s body.
And the same goes for lesbians who think that their girlfriend is a woman , but she is really a man in a woman’s body because now she think like a man. And many now feel that books like these should be evaluated by a psychologist to find out its mental effects before being released.
But as it stands this book has already influenced a mass amount of women, so the damage has been done. So we can now say goodbye to the (Fe)males and welcome in the (She)males , and if King Nazir Muhammad ‘s theory is true. We can now assume in a wicked sense that there are a lot more same sex couples than we all realize – and how comical is that ?.
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