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The Spare Rod Generation?

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( This Adrian Peterson situation has really got me pissed for many reasons. Many of you who know me personally know that I am a single father of two kids and my father raised me after my mom passed from age 2 til now. So a “good ass whoop in’“, I know bout’ that life. Some of y’all reading will recall, L’Enfant plaza movie theater David,Tamil,  Terrence and some more friends went to the movies. As we walked home we decided to go the 7-11, which was down the street from my  Grandmothers house where i lived.

My father would come after work to see while my grandmother watched me during the week. So it wasn’t a surprise to see him when we were going to the store but it was a surprise when he grabbed me and snatched me in the house. Because despite me being happy about seeing No Holds Barred it didn’t help not letting my father know  where I was and it definitely didn’t help I didn’t have on a belt (one of my dads pet peeves). After a stern tongue lashing and an embarrassment like that, I understood that my father cared about me and be wanted me to be presentable.

Needless to say from that day forward I made sure to inform my father where I was going until I got of age, and of course I never forget my belt and my son can tell you I’m just as much a stickler as my dad was. Now in the age of skinny jeans and bamas wearing  pants beneath their ball sack and ass crack, I call my dad and tell him thank you. See that ass whippinspank-2014 kept me from being a hot Bama and doing 10 year old stuff at age 37. Other memorable whippings that I got that I will not reveal what I did to deserve them also kept me out of the penitentiary and sometimes the cemetery.

Like me many of you have these same stories and like me you live to tell about it, no more worse for the wear and in many cases you come out with a better perspective and a better understanding that later in life you end up using. But it seemed bad right then.

Adrian Peterson I fear will become the new face for child abuse if we are not careful just as Joe Jackson was in the 90s. Despite leading his kids to fortune, guiding his son to be the Greatest Entertainer and Music Icon ever,guiding his daughter to be one of the most successful female artists ever and obviously giving them major business savy, Joe Jackson is still portrayed as an Emotionless Monster, who cares more about his childrens success then their well being.

Which in turn becomes a new brush used to paint an even more distorted picture of Black men as fathers. And further the narrative of the violent black who beats his wife, beats his kids and commit crimes. Although most parents in the black community don’t spank their kids. In my experience they barely talk to them and when they do its some sugar coated lecture that leaves the child a way to continue foolish behavior and you frustrated.

How come no one addresses the kids who steal,kill and rob and ask if they were “abused” a majority will say no and in fact discipline was never a premium. Now all infractions are not spankable ones so please do not increase your spank output (Pause) in hopes of making the next Jackson 5 because I know it won’t work and its a bunch of garbage, if he was spending that much time beating his kids how did they learn all of those songs and dance moves. Chris Carter sat on TV and said his mom raised him and he is thankful but he knows now that she was wrong for spanking him!


This woman raised him and his brother,his older brother played in the NBA, and he is a NFL Hall of famer. I’m about to go to his house and get a spanking right now the Chiefs could use me. It is funny how when the media puts a spotlight on a black man for something they perceive as a crime, how many black people are quick to jump on the coon train and take a ride.

Black People do not ridicule your family for raising you and making you the person that you are. And pops thanks for whooping my ass, if I was doing something that bad to make somebody who love me as much as you do want to give me a good slap, I’d  rather you do it, then Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman.

Staff Writer; LeVar Smith



14 Responses to “The Spare Rod Generation?”
  1. LeVar Smith says:

    You just keep chirping Bird….. Maybe one day you’ll get your crumbs….lmao

  2. LeVar Smith says:

    @ D.Carter …..this is the time I drop the mic and walk off

  3. Netra Adams says:

    In LeVar’s defense (DCarter) He Is A Great Father! Very diligent, stern, even militant. But those characteristics are what has molded him into the the productive parent he is. I took the previous comment to offense because he takes Great strides and makes ultimate and unlimited sacrifices for our boys! Are they abused?? NO! Are they well mannered, conscious, striving for excellence and success?! YES! And hopefully our two year old follows suit after his big brother. I also disagree with Mr. Amen. Why fix what isn’t broken? Beating your child to a pulp is in NO WAY LeVar’s testimony. Some children don’t need physical correction to comply. But with disrespect and lack of selfworth at an all time high with our children; talking is NOT enough! I don’t believe in time out. And punishment is ALWAYS a carry-on to an asswhooping! I know I deserved every whooping I got as a child and probably a few more. In THIS house, we spare NO rods and spoil NO children!!

  4. Dcarter910 says:

    I cant believe the writer of this article is a single parent? I feel so sorry for his kids as his response to basic criticism points to someone who is thoughtless, quick tempered and short sighted. I could be wrong and I am sure the author will defend himself by saying I am wrong and then (as observed already) use childish labels to degrade my character.

    Either way, the Adrian Peterson case was child abuse. You do not beat a four year old child like that (period). You Negros that advocate such violence toward black toddlers are no different that slave masters who only believed in beating blacks because they were too dumb to be reasoned with and were not as valuable to God as white children to say that it is sinful to beat children in such an abusive manner.

  5. LeVar Smith says:

    This toomanygrandkids faggot is a troll but I can find out who and where he is

  6. toomanygrandkids says:

    NIGGA, PUH-LEEZE! Adrian Peterson beat a 4-year old with a tree trunk. The authorities had no choice but to be called and get involved. That’s called child abuse. No child that young needs to be “whooped” in that manner. I believe he’s being accused of injuring a 2-year old. The black community is full of bad-temper-for-nothing black males. Where the hell you been? Obviously, not paying attention.

    Terrance’s comment must’ve struck a nerve. You lowered yourself by referring to him disrespectfully when he simply stated his opinion about your article. Could be you got one too many beatings.

  7. @Brother Terry

    I feel you Brother Terry and I’m not saying you shouldn’t discipline your children, I’m simply saying there are other ways like punishment, after they reach the age of knowing right from wrong. It’s mental and the mental always last longer in your mind than the physical. As far as slavery, my point was the way we treat one another, even to this day is a result of the psychological effects of slavery.

    I’m not talking just about beatings, although they were part of this. Please don’t misunderstand me. Beatings have been going on ever since their were children, but the severity and age is what I’m talking about. Do you continue to beat them until they become adults and beat them harder because they haven’t learned? When do you stop, when they become adults or do you keep beating them?

    I’ll end by saying this, if you continue to do one thing because you believe it works, how will you know that you could have done it another way that works even better? I believe this is one of the biggest dilemmas in our community, based on what I said earlier. Which is one of the reasons we spend a trillion dollars in every community but our own.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  8. Terry A says:

    Wow Mr Amen! Really!!! Maybe there was just a problem that was in your family that they may have used slavery as an excuse. Cause in agreeiance with Mr Smith I don’t see where the love was installed in you while you were being disciplined. I too was punished or beaten at times when I did wrong. Depending on what I’ve done at the time I may have got both. But every time During those moments I was always giving a reason why I received this type of punishment during the moment and even after at times to get it installed in my head so it won’t happen again & before a whipping took place I always heard that famous line that every great parent in my eyes said to their children (this is going to hurt me more than its going to hurt you) WHAT!!! Is what thought at first until one day after receiving one of those ole fashion butt whipping I went into my parents room to apologize for what I’ve done and there on the edge of his bed my had his head down with my mom rubbing his back saying sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get through to your kids at times and trust me they love and later they will look back and greatful for being the parent you are. He was CRYING! The first time I ever seen my dad show emotions was because of something I did wrong and a good talking to wasn’t going to cut it at that time. That’s what I mean about love & discipline as one. I’m 36 years of age. I’m married with 2 kids. No I’m not rich I haven’t became the greatest I can become yet but in my kids eyes and my wife’s I’m there hero cause I take care of my home and they have a need or want in the world. I also discipline my kids the same way I same way I was brought up & it effects me the same way it effected my dad when I feels a simple lecture or punishment isn’t enough but if I didn’t get that type of treatment who knows how I would’ve turned out growing up in a city like Washington DC in the era I was being raised. But as I always to each own do what works for you. The I was bought up works for me and still working not just for me but also for others who had similar upbringing. Mr Smith keep up the good work and keep writing

  9. LeVar Smith says:

    Cool turns out what you need to do is research how many white supremacist have not been beat and came up in a house full of quote unquote love and non-violence but theyre quick to be violent with you. and no I didn’t resort to calling you names I did exactly what was appropriate I labeled you appropriately@ Terrence Amen

  10. Alemo says:

    I whipped the hell out of my stallon today! See he was buckin – you know smelling his nuts – on the high horse. I told him – the mayor that he is digging – is a dumb ass mule. You beat them down too stand them up. The game changer for all behavior. Way to use horse sense, Vezzi!

  11. @LeVar

    I disagree with what you wrote and you lower yourself to call me names. I’d say that’s pretty sensitive. Don’t worry; I won’t make anymore comments on your writings. But you really should do your research on the psychological affects of slavery and how it continues to affect us.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  12. LeVar Smith says:

    Terrence Amen who cares what you disagree with nine times out of ten you either a spoiled punk who deserved his ass whipped. Or you’re some uber sensitive part of who’s worried about the whipping and quit using slavery as a crutch against your parents you soft punk. I know kids who were really abused some of them aren’t here to speak of it I know kids who were sternly punish some of whom are judges now

  13. I totally disagree with this article. After a child knows right from wrong, there are other ways to discipline a child. I received both beatings and punishment, and still got into trouble. The punishment was harder for me because it lasted longer. You can’t associate beatings with love and discipline. That’s a leftover from the slave mentality. This and other issues we continue to pass on, from generation to generation is a sickness we need to acknowledge and cure.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  14. Jermar says:

    They held Ray Rice’s footage for months and then released it to steer the attention away from what is going in Ferguson.

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