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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Atlanta Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson: An Honest Face of Racism in Atlanta.

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( A two year old email was leaked and all hell broke loose over the weekend as Atlanta Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson was found to have made some racist comments in correspondence to General Manager Danny Ferry and two other members of the team’s ownership group. Levenson complained that the games were attended by too many Blacks, that he wanted to “get 35-55 white males and corporations to buy season tickets,” and that Black crowds “scared away the whites”.

Who exactly are “the whites” anyway? In the email-aparently leaked by a disgruntled employee or an absolute idiot-Levenson went on to gripe about the lack of white cheerleaders (and the fact that there were too many Black ones), the fact that there weren’t too many “fathers and sons at the games” and “there are simply not enough affluent Black fans to build a significant season ticket base.”wizards-hawks-basketball-2014

Levenson made some solid points in what has quickly become Donald Sterling-gate: Part Two. The crowds are majority Black. So are the cheerleaders and dance squad. Same for the concession stand workers, ushers, Phillips Arena security and Atlanta Police Department officers stationed down by the court. This I know. Full disclosure: I covered the team for two seasons for separate newspapers in town and still have connections within the franchise’s infrastructure to the point that I often attend games on a company issued press pass.

At this point in my career I attend NBA games because of two reasons: I love to watch the game of basketball being played at the highest level and I feel the most comfortable watching it amongst my people. Black people. The city of Atlanta is 54 percent Black, the NBA is over 75 percent Black. It should not  take a genius or even a Bruce Levenson to figure out who or whom will be packing the arena 41 times a season to watch basketball.

Let’s be clear here: Bruce Levenson is not the only member of the Atlanta Hawk ownership group, coaching staff, heck, fan club, that feels this way. He’s just the one that got caught. The franchise is worth $425 million dollars-where does Bruce Levenson think the money is coming from? Black money is powering the franchise that will no longer be his by the time the regular season starts in November. League Commissioner Adam Silver and Bruce Levenson agreed to have him sell his stake in what is the 28th most valuable franchise in the league of 30 teams.  Mr. Levenson has a lot of questions to answer but probably won’t the same way his fellow ex-owner Sterling didn’t. On Sunday he apologized via an issued statement and will hide behind his lawyers until the story passes and the sale is done.

The Atlanta Hawks aren’t media darlings. They are a small blip on the sports radar screen if a blip at all. That does not mean this story should go away or be put on the shelf. Racism will never die, unfortunately. Racist will die but before they leave the planet Earth they will have the opportunity to teach the things Bruce Levenson typed on his computer and sent out into the ether. That is the saddest part-Bruce Levenson has the wealth and cache to affect other people and this is how he thinks. Best believe he’s not alone in this negative thinking.

I will be in Phillips Arena for opening night and for many more Atlanta Hawks games following that one. I will enjoy the sport I love from press row as I watch along with both the Black and white sports writers not thinking one bit about Bruce Levenson and his email. The bigger question is can the Atlanta Hawks players-the roster is 85 percent Black-do the same?

Staff Writer; Donnell Suggs

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3 Responses to “Atlanta Hawks majority owner Bruce Levenson: An Honest Face of Racism in Atlanta.”
  1. LeVar Smith says:

    2 things

    1) you have to mention that he is Jewish when you consider the Donald sterling is also Jewish and he stated in his rant that in Israel they treat blacks 150 times worse. to overlook the fact that he is Jewish would also overlook the fact that Mark Cuban agreed with Donald sterling and Daniel Snyder has no problem with the word Redskins we need to start calling out real racist and white supremacy no matter who does it. then when you consider the media and the people behind the scenes and their religious and political affiliations and noticed that they all tie in.

    2) what is more troubling and disturbing are the comments of general manager Danny Ferry regarding Luol Deng,here is a man who is Sportsman of the Year has given millions of dollars to charity to his people in South Sudan and has done countless appearances and humanitarian efforts to raise awareness of the things going on in the Sudan. but he was described by danny ferry as being “a good guy but having a little african in him” and “the kind of guy who will smile in your face but in the back will have two stores selling counterfeit goods” . not only were these remarks disturbing but was made quite worse with Danny fairies excuse that he was just merely reading a scouting report in a business meeting?!?! even giving Danny Ferry the benefit of the doubt who does not that know that Luol Deng is a 10 year NBA veteran and a three-time all-star, so why would you even need a scouting report add on to the fact that both are on my mothers of Duke University he could have simply called his old college coach that they both share. yet despite all of this I watch Dennis Scott on NBA TV say that he does not think Danny Ferry is racist although he made racist comments.

    he is obviously a white supremacist like his dad Bob who used to be here in Washington. gone are the days of Dr Khalid Muhammad in Malcolm X when a black man was strong and proud and called a racist out for being a racist now we have the timed cowards who are too scared to just speak upon the truth. Danny Ferry is a racist so is Bruce Levinson and most of the Jewish Zionist who control apartment buildings and are NBA owners at most NBA players are nothing but million dollar Coons and slave on a modern day plantation who once they’ve passed the shelf life have no more value.

    then they come back to the community crying racism when they forgot about us when they were getting paid peace to Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, Luol Deng and brothers who kept it real
    Black Power! Peace! I’m out!one love!

  2. Robert,

    Two points:

    1-I failed to mention that Levenson was Jewish because it doesn’t matter to me if he was Martian.
    2-As a member of the media, a former collegiate avid current recreational athlete and an avid NBA fan I would NEVER allow the views of an idiot to stop me from attending live games. EVER.
    Thanks for your comments and please continue to keep reading the site.

  3. ROBERT says:

    IN the two articles so far on this website they both have so far failed to mention that this is another JEWISH N.B.A. owner expressing his true feeling about black people even though their livelihood depends on the participation of blacks.

    IT’S time for we black AMERICANS to join the real world and understand how things actually work and play by the rules established .

    ALTHOUGH I like many other black males was raised a athlete I no longer watch any televised sports because I know who makes the money off these events ; we all have to just stop participating in our own demise there is no rule that we have to watch or attend their sports events.

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