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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Case Against Officer Darren Wilson.

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( Funny thing about facts, they are what they are-always have been, always will be. Fact. On August 9, 2014 Officer Darren Wilson-a six year veteran of the Fergusoin Police Department-shot and killed 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Fact. Michael Brown was unarmed at the time of his death. Fact. There are at least two (TWO!!!) eye witnesses, Dorian Johnson-Michael Brown’s friend that was with Brown at the time of the shooting-and Piaget Crenshaw-happened to video record from her apartment window Darren Wilson shooting Brown dead.

Fact. Both witnesses have gone on national news networks to tell their stories. Now that the facts (and no these aren’t ALL of the facts but facts nonetheless) have been laid out Officer Darren Wilson needs to be brought to justice.

Why isn’t Darren Wilson in a jail cell? That is the question I kept going back to as I sat down at my desk and turned on my laptop in preparation of thisDarren-Wilson-2014 column. The facts are the facts: Didn’t he shoot an unarmed Michael Brown? Killed him in cold blood for what ultimately was an alleged shoplifting charge.  Fact. Darren Wilson is white. Fact. Michael Brown was black.

Unfortunately that might be the ultimate fact in the story. White policeman kills black teen. White man kills black boy. Fact. Separate authorized and unauthorized autopsy reports show that bullets entered Brown’s body from the front. That Brown may have attacked Darren Wilson after he and Johnson were instructed to “freeze” could be true. I’m not arguing that “fact”. Both witnesses to the shooting that have gone public thus far say that at one point Brown had his hands in the air, arms raised, no gun in hand before being shot six times. Fact. Darren Wilson should be in jail in Ferguson, Missouri for if nothing else manslaughter. Being a terrible police officer isn’t against the law is it?

Fact. There have been Darren Wilson supporters online-Facebook and GoFundMe accounts have been set up and have garnered over $70,000 thus far. Fact. Since Brown’s murder there have been 21 consecutive days of protest on the streets of Ferguson since the shooting. Fact. The Missouri Highway Patrol has been called in to do the job that the Ferguson P.D. obviously could not. Fact. There has been more money donated to the Darren Wilson there has been to Michael Brown’s family. That alone says more about race relations in Missouri and around the country than any newscast or column could ever state.

FACT. Michael Brown’s funeral will be held in Ferguson on August 25. Darren Wilson will be available to attend because he most likely will not be in custody.

Staff Writer; Donnell Suggs

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14 Responses to “The Case Against Officer Darren Wilson.”
  1. CHICAGO says:

    Fuck you hunkies,lol .Yall saying that bullshit cause it ain’t them white skate boarding drug using think they black acting little fuckers yall call yall kids,lol.Black kids been shot,hung and lynched by your people for centuries.You talk about gands like the gangster disciples and bloosd and cripcs are the only gang, shittttttttttttttttttttttttt get real,lol
    The klu klux klan and police departmens are the oldest,biggest bullying ass gang blacks have ever known,yall have killed some of our black leadesr such as marting luuther king,malcom x,medgar evers and then al of our black children.Since the begi8nning of man,who started slavery and deprived and killed viciously from Africa to the states? YALL HUNKIES IS THE ANSWER! So quick to judge a young black male and yeah sure easy to talk about black on black violence.but thattype of violence only have existed for about 50 years compared to centuries you hunky white mother fuckers have deprived not only balcs but Hispanics and Asians.Te way I see it,yall would be hust as fucked and deprived if we put yall in slavery for hundreds of yesr,stolve everything from everybody including their freedom,land and money and if the roles was reversed,you white dog smelling starbucsk coffee drinking fucsk would hate us too.Yall wold be deprived of going to certain schools,police brutality was always fucking with yal race every you wakked and we stole your legacies,you white people would be carzy in the fucking head just like blacks are now.But you can’t relate cause,yall hunkies did al that evil shit to my race and we dodn’t do it to yall first.Soi shut the fuck up over-privigled white America and eat a nigger dick,lol

  2. Thomas Stratford says:

    “Fact. Michael Brown was unarmed at the time of his death” mean like how Trayvon Martin was unarmed? No need to read further. The article is another case of stupid race pimps and their anti white racism. What actually happened was a dirty thug got his proper comeuppance, and was shown his proper place. The only “racists” are the anti white idiots protesting this situation, since those of us with I.Q.’s above 80 know full and well that, if the cop were black there would be no protests.

  3. @Apollo Dog-thanks for the feedback. 1-I’m from Brooklyn, New York-not Africa. Thanks for the invite though.

    @John Bell-we, the media, aren’t making this story up. An unarmed young man is dead at the hands of a police officer that clearly shot to kill. We’ll let the chips fall where they may in regards to the justice system but facts are facts Sir. I really enjoy the conversation being had in regards to this piece and look forward to more of it.

  4. toomanygrandkids says:

    Fact: It’s a damn good thing Michael Brown was unarmed. Had that bully had a gun, the store clerk and everyone within range would be shot and/or dead today.

    Fact: Black parents refuse to discipline their out of control children then when something happens, blacks become out of control.

    Fact: Oh, Michael’s parents are getting money because Al Sharpton’s getting money. Blacks don’t/won’t reveal how much money they received because alot of us know that when Al is involved, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

    Fact: White police officers/people (and black people also) are sick and tired of these “hood”/”ghetto” black boys assaulting them. What’s gonna happen is that non-blacks are gonna defend themselves and give these boys a dose of their own medicine.

    Fact: Officer Darren Wilson DID NOT shoot a “gentle giant” because there’s nothing gentle about a thug who assaults a pint size store clerk and charges an officer.

    Fact: Black hellraisers in Ferguson are having lots of fun acting like fools. People all over the world will assume that this is how ALL black people act.

    Fact: Thuggish blacks from all over will imitate rioters in Ferguson. They will punch out non-blacks and shout, “This is for Michael!” Just like they did in the Trayvon Martin case.

    Fact: When this chaos ends, Ferguson residents are gonna complain how damaged the town is. They may be forced to move to a new location. But will complain how expensive it is. Yet they won’t take in consideration that they are the ones who destroyed properties.

    Fact: What needs to happen is for rioters to get the bill for all of the damages they caused. None of them own any properties so its very easy for them to destroy someone else’s. And if they don’t pay, then lock their black asses up!

  5. Tom A says:

    I fully agree that if the Officer fired at Mr. Brown when he was running away or shot him while he was standing still (hands up or not) even if he struck the officer while he was in the car then he should and deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But there are conflicting accounts and the women who had the video from her window,unfortunately, only had the immediate aftermath. If it turns out that the other version is true – that Mr. brown attacked the officer in his car, grabbed for his gun causing it to go off (indicating an intent to cause grievous harm) and charged the officer than, while still tragic, the officer was within his rights? If not than you are not an objective observer. Oh, and why six shots? Because the first 5 five didn’t stop him. And if five shots didn’t stop him it is not likely that a baton, or taser would have either.

  6. John bell says:

    What happened to the old mentality…….” We’re not against rap, we’re not against rappers, but we are against those thugs”.

    Supporting EVERY black man shot or assaulted by cops ( thats resisting arrest) will ultimately take away from your the strength and support of your cause ( notice how many people are supporting the cop). Basically what your saying is the the black person is right just cause their black. ..seriously think about it, look from other people perspective. See below for recent examples

    Trevon martin resisted arrest and beat the crap out of the security guard.

    Fat black guy in new york choke hold death ( but i agree was too far)

    The guy recently in Missouri that stole a candy bar and pulled knife on the cops

    Mike brown, robbed store, fought officer and was a known gang member

    White people that are thugs and trash have the same encounters with cops as black people. And they usually get what they deserve too.

  7. JoeThePimpernel says:

    ENOUGH of the “unarmed black teenager” propaganda.

    There were 726 homicides committed in 2011 alone with hands, fists and feet, and the majority of those homicides were committed by young black males.

    More homicides are committed each year with hands, fists and feet than are committed with rifles and shotguns combined, including 2012 when the Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado mass-murders occurred.

    A 6’4” 292-pound documented violent thug like Saint Charging Bull would be more than capable of killing a cop with his bare hands and Air Jordans

  8. ga says:

    Why do blacks always make heroes out of their criminal element? Brown, Martin, and a host of others were just common street thugs, the kind that terrorize black neighborhoods across the county, the kind that rack up thousands of murders of other blacks every year through murder, and thousands more through the sale of crack and heroin. Maybe police across the country should stop all patrols in black neighborhoods, and refuse to accent 911 calls from these areas, and let the black “heroes” take them over, and do what they want.

  9. Monique says:

    There is no case against the officer. Michael Brown beat the officer, attempted to take his service revolver, and then charged the officer in a last ditch attempt to avoid arrest for theft and aggravated assault on a convenience store owner.

    Meanwhile, Obama is threatening to allow nearly 1 million new immigrants into America this year to deprive blacks of the jobs they so desperately need. That is bad enough but Obama and his friends are also trying to allow 30 million additional immigrants over the next 10 years (family members of people in the country illegally).

    Blacks have been willing dupes. They stand up for thugs like Michael Brown but ignore the pain and misery of everyday mothers and fathers who just want their black children to have the same opportunity as white and Hispanic children.

  10. John bell says:

    The media is creating racial divide among us. If the officer was wrong, he should be wrong for his actions, not cause he is white. People like you have animosity against anyone not black, and only speak when the issue strengthens that animosity.

    Fact the most credible witness so far says he didn’t have his hands up, but more of a hugging position to his chest. This contradicts several other witnesses.

    Fact the black community is embracing a thug, a criminal, and one with a long history of problems. Each thing they say gets proven wrong. Gentle giant, going to college, not a gangster just because of that 1 picture, and finally he was shot in the back….all proven false.

    Fact if they listen to the police instructions like model Americans, they would not be shot..this goes for all races. Look at police shooting videos. They all fight and resist arrest.

    Fact mike browns friend who witnessed it all, says that the cop was in the car and grabbed mike brown by the neck and tried to pull him into the car. The autopsy showed no signs of struggle on mikes body including his neck. Plus it’s impossible for someone sitting in a car to reach up to a 6’4″ person neck unless their arms are rubber.

    Where was the support last month when a black cop was relieved from his duties in Miami Florida because he pulled over an “internal Affairs” in unmarked car for speeding. The IA fought with the black officer that recorded it all…and was in the right….but he lost his job.

    Where was the support for black Christopher Dorner who dedicated his life to serving and protecting and the very force he was part of turned against him…and FORCED him to go renegade.

    I would live to see activist for the black community not support everyone that’s black, just cause their black, but support the black people that deserve it. Mike Brown does not deserve it.

  11. Mark Close says:

    For someone who uses the word “fact” a lot .. It is a “fact” that there is No video of the actual shooting!

    The video is a video taken “after” the shooting!


  12. agkistrodon says:

    One fact for sure, the big bully won’t be beating up on anymore tiny little store clerks!

  13. Cap says:

    I don’t buy it.

    Say what you want, until the case is tried (if a grand jury even decides to indict) we cannot rush to judgement.

    I am saying this while trying to ignore all the pictures of the young man roughing up a shop owner for cigars. Pathetic. 300lbs vs 130lbs. Gentle giant? I don’t think so…..

  14. Apollo Dogg says:

    Fact: There are airplanes and ships leaving for Africa on a daily basis.

    Fact: We will take up a collection or get the politicians to buy you a one-way ticket and some nice clothes.

    Fact: I will lobby congress to give you each a quarter of a million dollars in exchange for your US citizenship. As “reparations” even though no one living was a slave. Have a nice trip.

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